B&B Friday Update 1/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/16/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In the Forrester parking lot, Ridge races out to catch Steffy. She is in the car with Rick. As Ridge calls her name, Brooke and Stephanie look over the railing to see what the commotion is. Rick slams to a halt after almost hitting Ridge as Steffy screams for him to stop. Ridge hurries to the door and grabs Steffy in his arms. He calls her Phoebe. She corrects him. Rick looks shocked at Ridge’s actions and wants to know what’s going on.

In his father’s office, Thorne is very short with his dad. Eric asks if he’s still upset. Thorne asks if it matters. Eric wants to know what he’d like him to do. Fire Rick, like Stephanie wants? Thorne says it’s his company and he can do what he likes. Thorne sarcastically jokes about Rick trading him jobs. Eric tells Thorne he’s vital to the company and always has been. Thorne says bitterly, not as vital as Rick.

At the boutique, Jackie and Nick look at the mysterious emails Nick received on his computer. They are all of Forrester designs from the new collection. Jackie goes on about how fabulous they are. She calls them windfalls. Nick thinks Katie did it, since she knows they’re in a desperate spot financially. Jackie disagrees about Katie stealing the sketches. As they talk, Katie knocks on the door and comes in. Nick greets her with a kiss. Katie comments on the changes they’ve made. Jackie said they merged the design house and boutique. Jackie hurriedly leaves telling Katie it was nice to see her. Nick kisses Katie again and asks how things are going for her. Katie says it’s been crazy busy. She rushed right over, since he said he needed to see her. Katie teases about whether they should lock the door. Nick jokingly says he likes people to watch. Katie laughs and says she’s game if he is. Nick tells her that can wait. He gets serious and tells Katie he needs to talk to her. Katie looks curious.

Steffy pulls away from her dad’s death grip and asks what’s wrong. She explains they were just going to get a shipment. Ridge says he knows, but he doesn’t want her riding with Rick. Stephanie and Brooke rush downstairs to make sure Ridge is okay. Brooke frantically calls his name. Stephanie can see Ridge is fired up. She tells him to calm down. Rick watches the whole thing with a stunned look on his face. Brooke asks Ridge to tell them what happened. Ridge says Felicia told him Rick and Steffy were going to Long Beach. Stephanie breaks in and says he didn’t want her in the car with Rick. Ridge holds Steffy tight. She assures her dad she’s alright. Ridge says he knows, but he didn’t want to take a chance. Brooke says they can get someone else to go get the order. Stephanie asks Steffy to help get her dad upstairs. Ridge apologizes for getting so worked up. They all look at each other before Ridge, Stephanie, and Steffy walk away. Rick remains silent.

Eric tells Thorne he’d like for them to all pull together. They need to function as a team. Thorne says he feels like the water boy. The “team”, as it exists now, isn’t what got them the reputation they had in the business world. Eric says it’ll work itself out. Thorne says we’ll see about that and walks out of the office. Eric shakes his head in annoyance.

Nick talks to Katie about his financial situation. Katie says she told him she would do anything to help. Nick repeats her words, emphasizing she’d do anything to help. Katie looks a bit confused and asks if Nick has something in mind. Nick asks if she has something in mind. Katie says she really hadn’t thought about it. She’s been really busy with the Forrester collection. Nick asks how the new line is going. Katie says it’s beautiful. They hope it’ll be a big hit, but she doesn’t want to brag. Nick tells her she’s allowed to brag. She’s a loyal employee with a good heart. He hopes they appreciate her. Katie says she thinks they do. Nick says she better get back to work. Katie is even more confused, since she thought he needed her help. Nick says just seeing her was enough. He hugs her with a wondering look on his face.

Rick returns to his office, with Brooke behind him. He tells his mother he can’t believe what just happened. Brooke says he can understand how Ridge feels. Rick says he understands. Brooke tells him it’ll take time for Ridge to be comfortable with Steffy in anyone’s car. Rick says it’s just that Stephanie will have a field day with this.

In Ridge’s office, Steffy hugs her dad and tells him he doesn’t have to worry about her. Stephanie looks on. Ridge says he’s having a rough time. He can’t help thinking about Phoebe and the wreck. Steffy assures him that won’t happen to her. Stephanie tells her especially if she stays away from Rick, since he’s nothing but trouble. Ridge says he can’t lose her. He holds Steffy’s head in his hands and appeals to her to help him. He begs her to stay away from Rick. She hugs her dad again and looks torn. Stephanie watches the two.

Katie is back at Forrester, where she meets with Eric. He wants to talk to her about Jackie’s hard times. Eric says he has his doubts that Jackie can survive this economic crunch. Katie says Nick is a fighter. Eric agrees. Eric says Nick is her fiancé and a direct competitor of theirs. Katie asks what he’s trying to say. Eric says he just wants to stress how important confidentiality is at this time. Katie says she understands. Eric says then nothing more needs to be said. He thanks Katie for coming. Katie looks a bit bewildered by the conversation as she exits the office.

Jackie heads back to see Nick, after Katie leaves. She wants to know how their talk went.

Nick says Katie didn’t do it. Jackie says she’s relieved, since this won’t impact Katie. They have to take advantage of the gift they’ve been given. It could save them from disaster. Nick says they can’t make a move, until they find out who sent this information to them. It could be a trap and he doesn’t want to go to jail.

Rick gazes out the window in his office. He remembers kissing Steffy and her saying this couldn’t happen again. He hears Steffy’s voice screaming for him to stop as he almost hit Ridge with his car today. He’s jolted out of his daydream, when Stephanie walks in and calls his name. Stephanie wants to know what he didn’t understand about staying away from Steffy. Rick tells her to stop, since he’s tired of her warning him. Nothing has happened and he’s still running the company. Stephanie says not for long. Rick asks if she’s got something up her sleeve to bring it on. Stephanie says she doesn’t have to bring it on. He’ll do that himself. In a threatening tone, she tells him if he doesn’t stay away from Steffy, losing this office will be the least of his problems. She walks out leaving Rick looking skeptical.

Brooke goes to Ridge’s office, where he’s lost in reflection. She tells him it was a pretty scary day for him. Ridge rubs his forehead, but doesn’t answer. She says Rick was just trying to be helpful. Ridge cuts her off and asks her not to make excuses for Rick. Brooke says she understand and so does Rick. He won’t go anywhere near Steffy. Ridge angrily says he damn well better not. Brooke looks nervous.

Rick sips from a coffee cup in his office. Steffy walks in. Rick asks how Ridge is doing. Steffy tearfully tells him she’s never seen her dad like this before. Rick can’t believe how Ridge’s face looked, when he saw Steffy in the car. Steffy breaks down and says she can’t even think about it. She says she can’t do this to her dad. It would kill him, if he found out about them. They have to end it. Rick looks unhappy.

Ridge sits down and puts his head in his hands. Brooke comes over and sits next to him. She rubs his back and says Eric wants them to put their differences aside and work together. Ridge says Eric has to understand this is a different situation. He says Steffy and Rick can’t be anywhere near each other. He tells Brooke if that happens he swears….his words trail off. Brooke looks at him and rests her head on his shoulder.

Rick drops to his knees in front of Steffy. He caresses her head and tells her to look at him. He says everything will be okay. Steffy stands up and says she can’t do this to her father. Rick says he understands what Ridge is going through. Them not being together won’t take away the pain. It won’t bring Phoebe back. Rick says he can’t stop seeing her or loving her. Right now it’s all they have he says. He softly kisses her lips. Steffy responds and hungrily kisses him back.

Jackie comes back in Nick’s office and tells him to help solve the mystery. Who’s the angel sending the emails of Eric’s designs? She flashes Owen’s picture, who is unfamiliar to Nick. She goes on with Felicia, Donna, and Thorne. They all have reasons to be unhappy. Nick calls Thorne “the forgotten son”.

Thorne is in his office, where he’s too frustrated to work. He complains to himself that Rick gets all the glory, while he does his grunge work. Second to Ridge and now third to Rick, it never ends.

Jackie continues her photo parade. She has Rick and Steffy’s pictures. Nick says they can’t stand each other. Jackie says anything is possible right now. There’s a power struggle going on at Forrester.

Rick comforts Steffy with a hug. He again tells her its okay. Over her shoulder, Rick looks at a copy of a Forrester sketch on his desk.

Jackie has Katie’s picture included in the bunch. Nick adamantly says no way Katie is involved. Jackie says Katie would have motivation, even if Nick thinks she’s not involved. Nick looks confused and Jackie says he would be Katie’s motivation.

Katie is at Forrester working. She remembers what Eric said about confidentiality being paramount. She doesn’t understand why Eric would say that to her. She looks puzzled.

Jackie pulls out Brooke and Ridge’s pictures. Nick says they just got married. Jackie says precisely. Maybe they want the company to themselves. After all these years, they may think they deserve it. Nick looks thoughtful. Jackie holds up Stephanie’s picture. She describes her as the matriarch and founder of the company. Now she’s been rejected by Eric and her kids legacies are at stake. Nick says she’s extremely loyal to her children. Jackie says she wouldn’t put it past her, especially considering all the Logan influence at the company.

Stephanie is in Eric’s office ranting about Rick not following directives to stay away from Steffy. Eric says it was company business. Stephanie is aggravated and shakes her head at Eric’s attitude. She says Rick doesn’t respect the rules or anybody. She says this is so typical. Eric has a younger wife and family and he doesn’t seem to remember who helped make this company what it is today. She thinks if he coddles Rick, he’ll be sorry. It’ll be disastrous for Forrester Creations. Eric looks serious, but makes no comment.

Jackie spreads all the photos out and tells Nick it’s one of these people. One of these people is their salvation and Forrester’s demise. Nick says maybe they’ve seen the last of the emails. Jackie says she hopes not. Gloved hands type on a computer. There’s a message alert on Nick’s laptop. Jackie rushes over to see the message. Nick is right behind her. They find another Forrester Original. (It looks like the dress Rick had on his desk.) Jackie says whoever is sending the pictures, is their bailout package. It’s going to rescue them. Nick says it’ll destroy Forrester in the process. Jackie glances at the pictures and wonders who could be doing this.

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