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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/12/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In Eric’s office at Forrester, Stephanie and Rick await Eric’s decision as to who will leave the company. Donna and Brooke are also present. Rick doesn’t think his father will fire him, but Stephanie thinks she has leverage to stay. Eric doesn’t answer right away.

At Big Bear, Marcus wants to know if Steffy is being honest with him about why she doesn’t want to marry him. Steffy beats around the bush, saying she’s just been so messed up with Phoebe’s death. Marcus feels there’s more. He point blank asks Steffy if she’s met someone else. Steffy is tense and doesn’t answer.

Ridge is in his office, where he looks at a picture of him and Phoebe. Phoebe’s friend, Madison comes by and sees Ridge looking sad. She tells Ridge she feels the same way. She misses Phoebe. Ridge wants to know what he can do for her. Madison tells him about Stephanie and Rick barging into his dad’s office, where she heard a lot of yelling. Ridge wants to know if she knows what it’s all about. She tells him Stephanie wants Rick out of the company. Ridge twirls a pencil, looking pensive.

Rick feels Eric is looking at him strangely. Eric says he may have made a mistake making him president. It requires leadership and he reminds Rick how he manipulated and lied to everyone. Eric says he didn’t deserve to be treated that way. Eric is tired of the turf war between Rick and Stephanie. Rick tells his father to just cut to the chase and let them know who’s out.

Marcus believes he’s right about Steffy meeting someone, since she doesn’t answer. Steffy says she’s just not ready for a commitment. Marcus doesn’t understand the change all of a sudden. Marcus persists and Steffy gets more anxious. She says she just wouldn’t be honest in marrying him. Marcus asks if they’re going to be friends. Steffy says it’s all she can handle right now. Marcus says maybe later it can be more. Steffy shakes her head and says she doesn’t want to be unfair to him. Marcus prepares to leave and Steffy tells him to be careful. He moves in to hug her, softly kissing her cheek. Steffy quickly ends the embrace. Marcus looks hurt. He kisses her forehead and tells her he still loves her. As soon as he’s out the door, Steffy rushes to her cell phone.

In Eric’s office, Rick tells his dad to just end the suspense. Is he fired? Eric says he just wants him to acknowledge what he’s done. Rick tells his dad he’s tried to do that, since Phoebe’s death. Stephanie butts in and says there’s acknowledgment and there’s consequences. She doesn’t feel Rick has had any. Brooke defends her son and says he doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Stephanie says he shouldn’t be the president either. Eric says he just needs to know Rick can work with Stephanie and Ridge. He expects more from him. Stephanie again speaks up and says Eric doesn’t act like he’s worried about the bottom line, with the directions he’s taken the company. Donna says what about her and the magazine article. She made them all look like fools. Stephanie takes a dig at Donna and says she doesn’t have to make her look like a fool. She does that all by herself. Eric tells Stephanie that’s enough. He can’t believe she’s standing by this article that demonizes his son. Stephanie wants to know what about their son. Eric says Ridge has tried to rise above all this. He gets angry and tells Stephanie he has warned her about this type of stuff many times. He says she’s forcing him to make a choice. Stephanie wants to know what he means. Eric grits his teeth and says he will not be intimidated by her. If she forces an ultimatum, she will be gone. Donna looks on with a slightly surprised, but pleased look. Eric tells Stephanie she has to work with Rick. He doesn’t want the two of them turning this into a competition. He angrily says he hopes he makes himself clear. Rick realizes Eric isn’t firing anyone. Stephanie says she’s been around the block too many times. Rick is a user like his mother and Donna. Stephanie continues to sling mud at the Logan girls. She asks if Eric remembers what this company actually stood for. She says Rick will bring them down and she can’t believe Eric puts so much trust in his ability. She walks out. Eric gets in Rick’s face and tells him he stands by him. He tells Rick to make sure he knows as long as Ridge is CEO; he will work effectively with him. Rick thanks him and says he understands. Rick walks towards the door. Brooke asks where he’s going. He says he has no idea. Brooke turns to Eric and they look at each other. Eric shakes his head in a frustrated manner.

Stephanie runs to Ridge’s office to relay what happened. Ridge tells her he doesn’t want to get involved in her squabble. He’s just trying to cope. She tells him Rick is plotting to get her out of the company. Ridge says Eric will never let that happen. She says he didn’t think Eric would make Rick president either. She says Eric feels guilty; due to feeling he abandoned his kids after divorcing Brooke. Rick plays on that. She wants Ridge to help her think of a way to get Rick out of the company, before he brings everyone down. Ridge looks uninterested.

Steffy calls Rick from Big Bear and frantically leaves a message. She begs him to come.

She needs to see him.

Only Donna and Eric are left in his office. She comes over to sit beside him and takes his arm. She gushes, saying he was incredible. She loved the way he stood up to Stephanie. Eric says he hated it. He did raise a family with her. Donna smoothes his hair and says she knows he’ll always care for Stephanie. Stephanie went too far. Eric agrees. He doesn’t know why she has to be so negative. Donna says there was a time she would have gotten away with it. Eric says no longer. Donna tells him she hopes the new strength he’s found is partially because of her. She kisses him. Eric hugs her, looking worn but satisfied.

Ridge tells Stephanie he doesn’t want to deal with Rick or think about him. He’s spent the last hour just thinking about Phoebe. Stephanie says she wishes she could do something to help him through this. Ridge says she can not mention Rick to him. Brooke comes walking in Ridge’s office, where she tells Stephanie she hopes she learned something. Stephanie laughs and says she learned that son of a bitch, Rick, has his father wrapped around his finger. Brooke says apparently she didn’t learn a thing. Ridge says if they’re gong to argue, take it somewhere else. Brooke asks Stephanie to let her have some privacy with Ridge. Stephanie says that’s what she always tries to do, isolate the Forrester men and work her magic. Brooke says Stephanie slandered her son and the president in the media and aired their personal tragedy in public. Ridge holds his head in aggravation in the background. Brooke says Stephanie is just trying to use her anger at her for marrying Ridge and Donna for marrying Eric, against Rick. Brooke grabs her head in annoyance. Rick breaks in and tells them he’s tired of hearing Phoebe’s name as a point of contention. He walks to the door and tells both women if they want to argue then take it outside. Both women stare hard at each other.

Steffy prepares to leave Big Bear, as Rick walks up the path. She thinks he got her message, but he says no. He couldn’t bear the thought of her up there with Marcus. He asks where Marcus is at. He walks in the cabin and Steffy follows. She tells him Marcus left. Rick looks confused. He inquires in a round about fashion as to whether the two slept together. Steffy tells him nothing happened. She then recants and tells him about Marcus proposing. Rick looks shocked.

Eric tells Donna he has so much work to do. Donna says maybe he should take a break first. Eric says he’s behind and needs to get beyond this disastrous day. He puts on his glasses and prepares to work. Donna goes in a drawer and pulls out some honey. She tries to seductively get his attention, by unbuttoning her top and removing it. She pours honey on her shoulder. Eric weakly asks her not to do that. Eric protests are weak as he watches intently. She licks the honey from her finger, as Eric tells her not to do that either. Eric says it’s not what he should be doing. She leans down, where he sucks honey from her shoulder. They start kissing and Donna moves to Eric’s lap, where it gets more passionate.

Brooke is now alone with Ridge in his office. He sits in his chair, where she runs her finger through his hair. She apologizes for tangling with Stephanie. Ridge says it’s been a rough day. Brooke kisses his forehead and wants to know if she can do anything for him. He says just don’t mention Rick’s name. He says he’s trying not to hate her son. He says when he thinks of him, he thinks of Phoebe. It’s worse when he thinks of Steffy and how Rick used her. It makes him want to lose it. Brooke looks worried.

Rick can’t believe Marcus proposed. Steffy tells him he had a ring and everything. It wasn’t just out of the blue, but she wasn’t prepared for it. Marcus was so sweet and respectful. She says Marcus is so classy. Rick tells her that’s what she deserves, someone to appreciate her. Steffy asks if he wants her to marry Marcus. Rick says it’s not his call. Marcus loves her, but what guy wouldn’t. He asks Steffy if it’s what she wants. It’s not what he wants. Steffy quietly says it isn’t. Rick says don’t marry him, because I love you. The two look at each other intently. Rick holds her face and kisses her. She kisses him back, with tears in her eyes. The two continue kissing more passionately.

Brooke is still in Ridge’s office, holding Phoebe and Ridge’s picture. Stephanie comes in looking for him. Brooke tells her Ridge left, but she thought they should finish their conversation. Brooke comments about the bad day Stephanie had. Stephanie says she’s had worse. Brooke feels she has her prize and has nothing to worry about now. Stephanie tells her not to be so sure. Brooke tells Stephanie she can dream, since that’s all she has now. Stephanie says that’s all Brooke had before she married Ridge. Brooke says her dreams are based on love, while Stephanie’s are about hate. Stephanie says her dreams are about family. Stephanie says Brooke tries to base everything on sex, but in a marriage other things arise. Some problems can’t be settled in the bedroom. She says that’s what’s happened here, a husband that detests her son. Brooke looks annoyed and says Ridge has accepted her son. Stephanie smugly says she always thought she and Ridge would self destruct. She calmly says she was wrong. Rick will do it for her. She walks out leaving Brooke looking troubled.

At Big Bear, a fire burns in the fireplace. Rick and Steffy lie in front of it. They hungrily kiss each other, while snow falls outside the windows.

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