B&B Friday Update 1/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/9/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Stephanie is in Rick’s office at Forrester, taunting him. Rick tells her everyone loved Phoebe and is trying to get over what happened. She is using it to her advantage to gain leverage. Rick tells her he’s not going to listen to her anymore. She can pack her desk and get the hell out of there.

In Eric’s office at Forrester, Donna hugs her husband around the neck and kisses him. Eric tries to sketch. Donna tells him he was masterful, in giving his CEO role to Ridge. It gave him some power over Rick, but satisfied both men. Eric says he just wants to help everyone to heal. Donna wonders if Ridge will be overprotective of Steffy now. Eric assures her Ridge likes Marcus. Eric says Ridge is a different man. Marcus is just what Ridge would want for his daughter.

Up at Big Bear, Marcus kneels in front of Steffy. He has proposed to her and awaits her answer. Steffy is honored, but says they are still learning about each other. Marcus tells her she may think he’s being old fashioned about it. The sex thing will work, when they get to it. Steffy says it’s not that. Marcus is persistent and says he is the definition of marriage material. He asks Steffy to let him prove it by marrying him. Steffy looks torn.

Ridge and Brooke steam it up in the sauna, deeming it as “product testing”. Brooke is wearing one of Pam’s bikinis. She teases Ridge about shrinkage. He unties her top and says he’ll need to do a little investigation. Brooke tells him seductively she thinks he should.

Stephanie asks Rick if he thinks he can just fire her with a wave of his hand. Rick tells her no one wants her there. His father had already fired her. She has no workable knowledge and isn’t needed. Stephanie is a bit irate and tells Rick she was keeping the business afloat before he was born. She bankrolled Eric and got him on his feet. She tells Rick to watch his tone with her. She angrily tells him she’s not his mother. She knows how to put a misbehaving child in his place; and trust her she will do it.

In the sauna, Ridge holds Brooke’s bikini in his hands. She asks what the verdict about the suit is. Ridge tells her she makes him feel like a fourteen year old boy, looking at her naked. She teases him about what he’d seen as a fourteen year old boy. They cozy up and kiss. Ridge tells her he’s her husband and CEO, so she has to do what he tells her. She smiles as his towel drops and he picks her up.

Marcus is a bit hurt by Steffy’s response to his proposal. He tells her to forget it. He just gets excited and rushes into things sometimes. Steffy tells him she can’t forget the first man that loved her, offered her the world. He fingers the ring box. Steffy tells him what he said was beautiful. Marcus says he can wait as long as she needs. Steffy tells him things have changed. Marcus agrees, saying of course with her sister’s death. Steffy says it should have brought them closer. Marcus thinks it did, but says obviously some issues came up he wasn’t aware of. Steffy stumbles over her words as she says there were some things. Marcus says the timing wasn’t right. He says they have this great day and dinner, so why not enjoy it. Steffy tells Marcus she doesn’t want him to wait. It wouldn’t be fair to him, since she doesn’t think it will ever work. Marcus looks stricken.

Eric’s office floor is littered with balled up sketches. Donna comments about them. Eric says they’re like pancakes, sometimes you have to throw out the first few. He looks at the magazine lying on the desk, which contains the article about Rick. Donna sees what has him preoccupied and reminds him they weren’t going to let this get to them. Eric is mad. He says with all the stuff going on including his heart attack, Stephanie shouldn’t air things to the press. She made their president, who happens to be his son Rick, look like a killer. Donna asks why Stephanie is still around. She has no job title and just gets in everyone’s face. Eric says she’s always been there and it’s assurance to the buyers, workers, and customers. Donna says in other words she’s “mom”. Eric says she’s the matriarch. Donna says he’s been so good to Marcus. Why can’t Stephanie do the same for Rick? He could sue for the article. Eric says his hands are tired. Donna insists if Stephanie had no job, she couldn’t stir the pot. Eric tells her they started the company with money from her miserable father. Stephanie has been there since day one. If Stephanie hadn’t been such a great business woman, they wouldn’t be standing there. Ethically he just can’t kick her out.

Rick is cocky and tells Stephanie she better think long and hard about stepping up to him. Stephanie fires back at him that his reputation around there is scandalous. He dated Phoebe and slept with her mom. He’s also responsible for Phoebe’s death. Rick is angry and tells her to get out. Stephanie laughs and tells him just because his name is on the door means nothing. Daddy put him there and he’s no power player. Rick says he made an executive decision, which was his to make. He can’t work with her. She says then he’s fired. Rick tells her she has no authority to fire him. She tells him she had more authority in the second grade than he’ll ever have. She tells him to start packing and walks out. Rick stands there fuming.

Marcus tells Steffy it’s an emotional time for her. He shouldn’t have rushed things. She’s just overreacting. Steffy says she’s not. Marcus says they don’t have to talk about marriage, but why is she trying to call off everything. Steffy says she just thinks they’re in different places in their relationship. Marcus doesn’t understand and wants to know if she’s been keeping this from him. Steffy spills the fact that she doesn’t feel the same way. She says she’d be lying if she didn’t tell him. Marcus looks hurt.

In the sauna, Brooke and Ridge relax after having made love. He has his head in Brooke’s lap as she plays with his hair. Ridge says he just realized the door doesn’t lock. Anyone could have walked in. They continue to nuzzle and kiss each other. Brooke says everyone is too busy to be worried about them or steam. Ridge says unless it’s coming out of their ears, after reading Jared’s article in “Eye on Fashion”. Brooke looks serious and says she better get back or there could be blood shed. She and Ridge kiss.

In his office, Eric assures Donna he’ll talk to Stephanie. Donna tells him she just asked a question. She wasn’t trying to tell him what to do. Eric wants to know if she thinks he’s letting Stephanie walk all over him again. She rubs his face and tells him he’s so loving and forgiving. Stephanie knows she has a safety net in him. Rick comes angrily bursting in the office. Donna and Eric look surprised. Rick demands to know if his job is in title only, or will he back his decisions. Eric wants to know what he’s referring to. Stephanie walks in unannounced through the other door, accusing Rick of “running to daddy”. Eric is angry and tells Stephanie he can’t believe she accused his son and the president of the company of being a killer to the press. Stephanie nonchalantly says she merely said there should be consequences to be faced. Rick is standing there scot free, so it hasn’t hurt him. Rick says they have to respond to this now. Stephanie says she gave Rick his walking papers. Eric is stunned and says she did what? Rick says that was her answer to him firing her. The two continue to bicker as Eric stands between them. Stephanie says they can’t afford to give her a severance check. Rick threatens that if she doesn’t go, he’ll walk. Eric turns around to look at his son and Stephanie raises her eyebrows at the threat.

Steffy says she’s sorry. Marcus says not as sorry as him. Steffy says she doesn’t want him to think she hadn’t fantasized about a future with him. Marcus doesn’t understand what changed. Steffy shakes her head, but doesn’t answer. Marcus says he blames Rick for this. Steffy looks shocked at the mention of Rick’s name. Marcus rants about how Rick gave him the phony promotion to Forrester International. This took him out of the country. Rick just sat home manipulating everyone like chess. Marcus says he was really dumb, but he knows Steffy isn’t that gullible. Marcus says everything was good, until he left for Paris. Steffy is tearful. She tells him her girlfriends never had a boyfriend as wonderful as him. Marcus is sarcastic as he thanks her. He sincerely tells her she could be making a mistake, since no one will love her like he does. Steffy looks sad. Marcus grabs their coats and says it’s a long way back, so they better get started. Steffy tells him to go ahead. Her dad has a car there. She thinks it would be easier on them. Marcus nods and heads for the door. Steffy tells him she’ll understand if he’s done with her. She’d like to be his friend. Marcus says he’d like to have her in his life, so if that’s how it has to be. He thanks her for being honest with him. He pauses before opening the door. He turns and in a questioning manner asks if she is being honest with him. Steffy looks anxious, but doesn’t answer.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie and Rick continue to argue. Brooke walks in. Eric yells at Stephanie he can’t believe she would serve Rick up to the press. Stephanie says with the Logan sisters he can’t think about his other family. Rick says that’s the whole problem. He’ll never belong to the “official family”. Eric tells Stephanie, Rick is a Forrester. He’s important to the family and the business. She stands with her arms crossed. She says Rick was mildly useful in Europe. Here, he’s marginal at best. Rick is steamed. She wants to know why Ridge is forced to share his job. Brooke speaks up and says Ridge is trying to do what’s right. Stephanie cuts her off and says she has Ridge so bamboozled, he thinks he has no choice. Donna tells Stephanie if she came there for a decision, why doesn’t she pipe down and let Eric give one. Stephanie sarcastically tells Donna thanks for her words of wisdom. She tells Eric ultimatum style either Rick goes or her. She’s serious. She says his granddaughter’s death cries out for justice. Brooke tells her no crime was committed. Stephanie is angry and says nothing that would stand up in Court. However, everyone knows if Phoebe hadn’t gotten in the car with Rick, she would still be alive. She yells at Eric she knows Rick is his son, but he can’t reward him for Phoebe’s death. Rick says he’s not asking for a reward or punishment. He knows he did something wrong, but he wants to work hard and contribute to the company. Eric has been silent, but speaks up and says he’s wanted to bring the company and family together. He sadly sees this isn’t going to happen. He turns to Stephanie and says he gives her credit for being the cofounder and creator of this company. He won’t let anyone forget that, but she’s created a new crusade for herself with Rick’s involvement in Phoebe death. He throws the magazine and Stephanie winces. He yells she went to the press with her issues. She took a family tragedy to the media. He demands to know what’s wrong with her. He turns his anger to Rick. He can’t believe his conflict with Stephanie takes precedence over the company. He yells the two of them want him to make a choice. Brooke tries to step in and says she wants to talk to him alone. Eric says he’s already made a decision. Brooke wants to know who’s leaving Forrester, their son or Stephanie. Everyone looks at Eric.

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