B&B Monday Update 1/5/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/5/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke stand on the cliff overlooking the beach, where the beach is set for their wedding. Ridge had it arranged to have a big heart drawn in the sand with their names. There’s also an arch of flowers near the water. They talk about how great the day will be with just the two of them exchanging vows. Brooke doesn’t know why they waited so long, especially for her to marry the most romantic man on earth. Ridge agrees it feels great. They lovingly kiss.

Pam is backstage at Forrester, where she berates Donna for passing off her gift as a part of her collection. Donna is frustrated and tells Pam she doesn’t have time for this. It wasn’t her idea to wear it in the first place. Pam wants to know whose idea it was. Donna tells her it doesn’t matter. She’s wonders where her husband has gotten to. Pam says you mean my sister’s husband. She loudly tells Donna she stole him, just like she stole her idea. Donna looks exasperated.

In Eric’s office at Forrester, the phones are going crazy. Owen, Stephanie, and Eric are fielding calls. Everyone wants the crocheted bikini. Stephanie looks happy at Eric’s enthusiasm. Eric says they will kick in more money for the V8 campaign.

Ridge and Brooke make their way to the beach. They joke about Stephanie hiding out in the cliffs, since they’ve managed to have this wedding without any guests. They discuss how perfect the beach is, which holds so many memories for them. They can celebrate who they are, since no one does it better than them. Ridge has a crown made of flowers for Brooke, which he places on her head. They walk hand and hand to the flower arch.

Pam follows Donna adamantly telling her she has an addiction problem. Donna wants to know what she’s addicted to. Pam tells her thievery, since she stole her bikini idea and Eric. Pam says Donna boldly accepted her gift knowing she was back with Eric. She wants her suit back and demands Donna take it off. Donna looks at her incredulously. She then says my pleasure. She puts on a robe and steps out of the bikini and hands it to Pam. Donna tells Pam if she happens to see her husband, tell him she’s looking for him. She leaves Pam holding the bikini, with a smirk on her face.

In Eric’s office, Owen wants to know how he knew the bikini would be such a hit. Eric says he just had a feeling. Stephanie says they’ve never done anything like that before. Eric says anything to enhance a woman’s beauty, he’s all for. Donna comes bursting in. Eric embraces her and tells her she was wonderful. She thanks him. She wants to know if they can come go home now. Eric says they can’t celebrate yet, the phones are ringing off the hook. Everyone is placing orders for her bikini. Stephanie says he’s exaggerating a bit. She heads down to the showroom. Eric says he needs to speak to Katie. On the way out, he kisses Donna’s cheek and says they’ll celebrate later. Donna is a bit disappointed, but agrees. The phones continue to ring. Donna complains to Owen it’s all about Pam’s bikini. Owen says so what. It could turn into a major trend. He wants to know where it’s at, so they can get it to the pattern shop. Donna says she gave it back, since Pam was furious they used it. Owen groans and says oh well they can pattern it. Donna says she didn’t even like it. Owen tells her the public did and it’s a big break for them. They’re a hit! Its crochet and they brought it back. He elatedly hugs Donna, who looks a bit skeptical.

Stephanie is met by Jared in the showroom. He wants to know what she thought of the show. She tells him the show stopper caused quite a stir. Jared says it was fabulous, but what about everything on the whole. Stephanie says it was unique. Jared agrees it was quite a departure from the usual. Jared tries to dig deeper and wants to know whose idea was it for the surf line. She tells him he knows it was Rick’s, as the new president. Jared hints around that Stephanie doesn’t agree with his decisions. Stephanie tells him it was Eric’s judgment call. Rick is his son after all. Jared continues to quiz Stephanie about her differences with Rick. She tells him her issues with Rick are personal. Jared jumps right on it and wants to know if this would be related to Phoebe’s death. Stephanie quickly tells him some parents are quick to forgive their children’s actions and make excuses. She feels this is what Eric did for Rick. Rick is responsible for her granddaughter’s death and should be held accountable. She abruptly tells Jared that’s all and leaves him standing looking dumbfounded.

On the beach, Ridge and Brooke stand face to face. They hold hands under the arch. They repeat vows of recommitment to each other. He promises Brooke she will always have his love. Brooke accepts his love and promises him her passion and love. She says they should meet every year to repeat their vows and commitment to each other. She wants Ridge to know she’s his forever. The sound of the waves is the background for the ceremony.

Stephanie arrives at the guesthouse at the Forrester mansion, where Pam is waiting for her. Pam asks what she thought of the last bikini. Stephanie pours tea and asks if she means the showstopper. Stephanie says she would have loved it on anyone but Donna. Pam pulls it out of a bag and says she won’t be wearing it anymore. Stephanie looks shocked. She wants to know where Pam got it. Pam tells her Donna gave it too her. Stephanie raises her eyebrows and wants to know if Pam took it. Pam looks a bit offended and says no. The suit belongs to her, since she made it. Stephanie is surprised. Pam says she gave it to Donna as a peace offering; pretty darn tacky for Donna to have worn it. Stephanie says it was the best piece in the line. Pam can’t believe it. Stephanie tells her it’s all the buyers wanted. Pam says great. Now, Eric will really be drooling all over Donna.

Donna and Eric return to his office, where she can’t believe all the places ordering the suit. Eric says it’s a sensation all over the resort world. Donna wants to know about the rest of the collection. Eric says it’ll take awhile for them to come around. It’s not unusual for a new line, but they have a hit with the bikini. Eric is excited and says it’s a trend setter. He hugs Donna and tells her he’s so proud of her. She gets serious and tells him she has something to tell him about the bikini.

On the beach, Ridge and Brooke exchange rings. Ridge talks about the significance of the ring. It signals something never ending. He tells Brooke she’ll never be alone in life or death. He will be with her always. He kisses the ring, after he places it on her finger. She says he completes her. He’s the constant in her life. The ring has no beginning or end, like them. Her love will surround him always, like the circle of the ring. She smiles with happiness as she puts his ring on. Ridge says this is the part where they say you can kiss your bride. They kiss deeply as the waves roll in.

Pam is apologetic and tells Stephanie she’s not helping her cause. Stephanie tells Pam her bikini saved the whole collection. She’ll make sure Pam gets credit. Pam wants to know if she means she’ll get paid. Stephanie is excited and tells Pam she’ll see that she gets a job. Pam is ecstatic and wants to know if she can work at Forrester again. Stephanie tells her of course. Pam is not sure after what she did. Donna will never agree. Stephanie assures her she has nothing to worry about. Her bikini saved the day and she should get the credit. Donna will have a partner, Pam. Pam claps her hands with pleasure.

Eric tells Donna he knows the bikini wasn’t her favorite piece. Donna tries to break in to tell him the truth. Eric won’t let her get it out. He tells her he loves a true fashionista, especially if it’s her. He wants to see the bikini. Donna tells him she doesn’t have it on anymore. Eric says even better and takes Donna’s robe off her shoulders. He says oh my God and kisses Donna passionately. The robe drops to the ground.

Ridge and Brooke walk to a spot on the beach he had prepared. It’s draped with sheer white drapes and has a bed on the sand. They both talk about how it feels like the first time. Ridge says he could never want more than her. They lie on the bed and hungrily kiss each other.

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