B&B Friday Update 1/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/2/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Forrester’s show room is brimming with reporters and family, as everyone gets ready for the new showing. Ridge and Brooke arrive looking excited. Ridge tells her a showing and a wedding in one day, what could be better. Eric and Donna are back stage, where Eric wonders why Donna is so nervous. They hug and kiss, excited about the show. Eric assures Donna, she’s done this before. Donna tells him not in a ball and string. She’s worried about the show stopper. She wants to talk to Eric about it, but Katie interrupts to say they have 20 minutes and they go live.

Jared shows up and spots Rick. He quizzes Rick about the new line in front of Steffy and Rick, who are helping to prep. Jared wants to know about Forrester’s part in the V8 campaign. Rick gives him a quick summary and hurriedly exits. Jared wanders back stage and says, “Mrs. Forrester”. Both Donna and Stephanie turn around.

Donna tells Stephanie she’s sure Jared was speaking to her. Eric walks up and says Jared should be addressing him. Jared asks Eric several questions about the show and how radical this is for them. Stephanie has a sour look on her face, which Jared notices. He asks Stephanie if she disapproves. Stephanie hedges, by saying Eric is very talented. Eric says he’s invigorated and excited. Jared provocatively asks if this includes his personal life; out with the old and in with the new. Stephanie looks a bit perturbed. Eric makes no comment and makes a quick exit. Stephanie tells Jared maybe he should make his way out front, before he loses his front row seat. Jared gets the message and leaves.

Jackie shows up backstage, where Katie shows off her ring. Jackie jokes about whether it’s big enough or not. She hugs Katie and tells her she’s happy for her.

Eric is pumped and makes a speech to all the models and his family. He encourages everyone to have a great time.

Eric sees Stephanie and tries to apologize for Jared’s comments. He tells her she’s not being discarded. He’s glad she’s there, but would understand if she chose to leave. Stephanie laughs and says she wouldn’t miss Donna’s surf line. She tells him she’s just happy he’s back in his element and alive. He thanks her for staying and kisses her cheek.

Eric takes the stage amidst cameras flashes. He thanks everyone for coming out to see their new venture. He introduces Rick as the new President of Forrester. Steffy is with her mom and grandmother in the background. She has a huge smile on her face as she flashes back to her last kiss with Rick. Rick talks about how proud they are to show their new line. Bridget sits with Jackie and looks proud of her brother. Pam is there, where she has brought her crocheting.

There are several scenes of models in colorful bikinis, scarves, and boots. Male models are hot in shorts and beach wear. Ridge and Brooke watch the crowd intently. Donna, Eric, and Rick watch from the side of the stage. Donna says they’re clapping, but they don’t seem overly excited. Eric says they haven’t “wowed” them yet. He leaves as the other two continue to watch.

Donna sees Katie in the back and tells her something is wrong. She watches Eric speaking to staff. She thinks Eric is just being polite for Rick’s sake, since he needs this right now. Katie tells Donna not to panic. It’s early yet. Steffy sees her grandfather and asks what’s wrong. Eric tells her the buyers are a bit concerned about their new venture.

Owen is backstage, when Donna approaches him in a panic. She says she can’t wear “crazy Pam’s” bikini. Owen looks surprised.

Marcus is helping with the filming. Stephanie watches the crowds’ reaction with a concerned look. She tells Taylor she’s worried about Eric. Taylor encourages her to go check on him, even if she’s not his wife. Stephanie heads back stage.

Back stage, Steffy walks around preoccupied. She and Rick literally bump into each other. She tells him his speech was good. He jokingly says he hopes it’s not the high point of the day. She says they have their parents’ marriage today to look forward to. Rick looks at her with a slight frown. Steffy asks what she can do to help him.

Ridge and Brooke make their way back stage, where they talk about the show. Brooke looks troubled and says they should try to speak to Rick. Ridge says Rick is a big boy and will have more showings. He has other family to support him. They will only have one wedding, so why not do it now. Brooke looks at him surprised, but agrees to ditch the showing and get married. They hurry out.

More beachwear scenes are shown. Donna is back stage frantically looking for something to wear. She tells Owen, Pam’s bikini is not the show stopper. Owen tells her not to freak out. He looks exasperated as Donna rushes off.

Stephanie finds Eric backstage. She tells him every show can’t be a hit. Eric tells her he’s not throwing in the towel. Owen approaches with Pam’s suit. Eric looks surprised and wants to know why he has it. Owen tells him Donna has refused to wear it. Eric tells Owen to find Donna. Owen takes off as Thorne comes up to tell his dad they need Donna. Eric tells him to stall. Stephanie teases Eric about the rush and excitement. He jokingly tells her to get away from him.

Owen finds Donna and tells her Eric wants her to wear the suit. She tells him Eric doesn’t know Pam made the suit. Owen says it doesn’t matter. Her husband needs her. Donna looks hesitant, but takes the suit.

Everyone expects the show stopper. Bridget looks anxious as does Stephanie. Eric goes out and works the crowd. He talks about how Forrester pays attention to detail and this line is different than any other. His wife’s creative mind is responsible for this line. Rick nervously asks Thorne what Eric is doing. Thorne tells him not to worry. Eric has it under control. Stephanie basically tells Taylor the same thing. The music keys up and Eric introduces Donna. The screen shows a beach with big waves. Surfers ride the waves with sound effects. All of a sudden, Donna comes crashing through the canvas on a board. She has Pam’s creation on. She really has the crowds’ attention, as she pretends to ride the board. Marcus smiles from his camera. Pam’s mouth drops, when she sees the suit. She jumps up and says out loud this wasn’t Donna’s idea, it was hers. Eric and Rick beam as they realize the crowd loves it. They both take the stage. Donna turns to hug and kiss Eric. Stephanie looks a bit hurt. Donna then turns to give Rick a congratulatory kiss. Donna exits and leaves Rick and Eric to take their bows. Pam is waiting for Donna back stage. She tears into her for passing off her creation as her idea to Eric. Donna looks surprised to see her and is speechless.

Ridge and Brooke have changed into their wedding gear. They stand on the cliff over looking the beach, where they plan to have the wedding. On the beach, there’s a huge heart drawn in the sand with their names. Brooke looks happy and surprised to see it. She and Ridge kiss deeply in anticipation of their wedding.

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