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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/29/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke and Ridge are at her house. They’re discussing his hatred of Rick. Brooke encourages Ridge to let her know what he needs. They’ve come too far to let this situation with Phoebe turn them against each other. Ridge says he needs her. Brooke assures him that she’s there for him. They look lovingly at each other as Ridge caresses her face.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie and Eric discuss him going back to Donna. Eric explains what he saw as Donna and Owen making out was false. He’s calling the divorce off. Stephanie wants to know why he would believe something like that anyway. He must not trust Donna. Eric says that’s not true. Stephanie asks if he’s willing to spend the rest of his life always wondering. She throws in his face, Donna could be happier with a younger man, as long as he could take care of her in the same manner she’s accustomed to. Eric looks wryly at Stephanie with no comment.

Donna is at her apartment waiting on Eric. When she opens the door, Pam is there holding what she thinks is a knife. Donna lets out a blood curdling scream. Pam walks past her and casually asks if Donna has ever seen a crochet hook. Donna heads for the phone, threatening to call the police. Pam walks over and sits on the bed, where she starts to crochet. Donna looks at her in disbelief and asks why she’s there. Pam rambles on about how addictive crocheting is and she’s making things for people that are nice to her. Donna puts on her robe to cover her lingerie. Pam tells Donna she feels terrific. She came to apologize to Donna for all the terrible things she did to her. Donna is skeptical and tells Pam not to get too close to her.

At the beach house, Steffy and Rick are in a passionate lip lock. Rick breaks away and says they can’t do this. Steffy tells him she’s okay, since she knows he’s not using her like before. She and Rick hungrily tear each other’s clothes off, where they end up moving to the floor. They continue to passionately kiss.

Ridge tells Brooke he needs Rick to keep his distance from him and his family. He especially wants him far away from Steffy, after the kissing incident. He asks Brooke to see Rick, when he’s not around. Brooke says Rick feels terrible about the episode with Steffy. Ridge hopes this means Rick will stay far away.

Ridge knows Eric will probably want to keep Rick on at Forrester. Brooke asks if that will be an issue for him. She suggests Rick could take a leave. Ridge says no. He knows Rick is her son and she’ll need to see him. Brooke says she doesn’t have to see him at work. Ridge says Rick doesn’t need to sit around and contemplate things. Work should be good for him, however, not in his office. Brooke says they can try to do something about that. He thanks her, but she says she should be thanking him. He’s been so understanding and generous. Ridge says even though it’s not how he’s been feeling, he’s trying. She puts her arms around his neck and promises he won’t regret it. Ridge looks unconvinced.

Donna looks at Pam with caution and disbelief. She tells Pam she was under the impression she didn’t remember all the things she did. Pam talks about the wonders of medicine and how still so much is unknown about memory. She explains she has little flashes. She kind of recalls putting the snake in the basket that was previously sent to Donna. Donna still wants to know why Pam is there. Did the therapist suggest it? Pam says actually he thought it was a bad idea. Donna nervously asks again why she’s there. She says she know she did something wrong and so she stepping up to make amends. She thrust an item at Donna, she made for her. Donna opens it up and looks at what appears to be a bikini. Pam gushes that she wasn’t sure about size. She holds the bra up to Donna’s chest and says she made a trip to the produce department for comparison. Donna looks at her in amazement.

Stephanie continues to badger Eric about Donna. She wants to know if he pretended to care about her, since Donna wanted nothing to do with him. Eric is slightly irritated and tells Stephanie he thought they could have an adult conversation. Stephanie says she’s so tired. She thought Eric was someone he wasn’t. Someone with values and goals; not someone only concerned with pleasure. Eric says that is such a dirty word for her. Building their business was pleasurable, but he recognizes it’s not all there is to happiness. Stephanie asks about substance. Just because her hair is white and she lost her figure, Eric decided to make goo goo eyes at someone else for the rest of his life. Where were all these women, when he was in the hospital? Eric says Stephanie loves telling him no one cares about him, but her. Stephanie looks a bit shamefaced and says Eric’s right. Just don’t come back she says, when he finds himself alone again. She’s finally done. She walks away as Eric looks rather pensive.

Back at Rick’s, he and Steffy lie on pillows on the floor half dressed. They continue to kiss and make out. Steffy tells Rick to wait. Before he can find out what's wrong, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Brooke and Ridge! Brooke calls through the door to Rick, saying they need to have a word with him. He and Steffy both look stunned.

Donna takes the bikini and asks Pam if it’ll burst into flames when she puts it on. Pam says she was just hoping Donna could let bygones be bygones. Donna is shocked at the suggestion they could be friends. Pam says not right away. Donna runs down a list of the things Pam has done to her and her family. Pam says that wasn’t her, it was the scar tissue in her brain. She really feels sorry for what happened. Donna is still not convinced; Pam wanted to drop off a peace offering. She asks if Pam is there for a checkup and then leaving for Chicago. Donna doesn’t want her around. Pam wants to know if Donna is accepting her apology. Donna tells her to focus. Pam really wants to be able to come back to LA. She talks about how bad the winter is in Chicago and how large LA is. Donna gets where she’s going and forcefully says no way. Pam looks taken aback.

Stephanie stands and looks out over the city from the veranda. Eric walks up beside her.

Stephanie asks how much humiliation one person is supposed to take. Eric tells her she claims to despise her father, for all the abuse he heaped upon her. However, besides Ridge, he’s the only example of masculinity that seems to be acceptable to her. Stephanie looks exasperated. She shakes her head and says she’s known several kind men in her life. She names Massimo. Eric wants to know why she didn’t marry him. Stephanie says she’s asked herself the same thing. Eric brings up the fact she was pregnant with Massimo’s child, yet married him. Eric says she’s spent most of their life together telling him he was spineless and weak. If that were the case, he wouldn’t have married her. Eric says she got what she wanted. Eric says he was cheated. Stephanie trapped him into marriage, even though she accuses Donna of such things. Donna has given herself freely. Stephanie demanded everything from him, including his dignity, his future, and his first born. Eric says his debt is paid. He’s not paying anymore. Stephanie raises her eyebrows at Eric’s words.

Rick dons his shirt and rushes to open the door for his mother and Ridge. Steffy is out of site. He apologizes for not being as presentable as usual. He nervously buttons his shirt and asks if they need anything. Steffy hurriedly dresses in the bedroom. Brooke says she and Ridge wanted Rick to know they want him to stay. Ridge cuts her off saying that’s not exactly true. Brooke goes on to say they recognize it’s not the right time. He needs to be with family to help him recover too. Rick says he thought they agreed it might be better for him to go to Paris. Brooke says it wont’ be easy for Ridge, but he needs to get over the grief and animosity. Steffy quietly eavesdrops on the conversation. Brooke tells Rick he has to step up too. He agrees. Brooke tells him he has to respect Ridge’s boundaries. This includes staying away from him and his family. Rick looks questioningly at them. Ridge clarifies by saying he has the history with Taylor, so he’s not laying down the law there. He asks Rick to just be considerate of her. Brooke elaborates by saying Thomas won’t be around much, so that just leaves Steffy. Brooke says Rick needs to keep his distance from Steffy. Rick bites his lip and nods his head, but makes no comment. Steffy looks stunned at the request.

Pam tries to convince Donna she won’t even know she’s there. Donna reminds her she agreed not to press charges, with the understanding she wouldn’t be around. Pam pleads with her and says she’s taking her medication now. Donna inquires what the medications are for. Pam hedges and brings up the fact Donna didn’t mean to kill her dog Tiny. Donna has had enough. She grabs Pam by the arm and pulls her to the door. Pam says one day Donna will realize she’s not the enemy. Donna roughly tells her to get out and slams the door. Donna holds her head in exasperation and relief.

Stephanie tells Eric he’s walking away the winner. He gets the house and the business. He also gets the bride, a woman who wasn’t even born, when their children were in grade school. Eric has a rueful smile at the dig. Stephanie crosses her arms and asks how Eric can expect her to say he’s right about everything. Eric says of course not. Stephanie asks for one little fig leaf of dignity. She wants to be the one to walk out on him and she won’t be back. Eric takes his own dig, by saying woe to the bookie who’d take best on that. Stephanie turns to give him a glare. Stephanie wants to know if she’s fired from Forrester. Eric tells her he didn’t remember hiring her back. Stephanie persists. Eric says he didn’t want this to turn into an argument. Stephanie reminded him they have a show coming up. He’d never get things done without her. Eric remembers they have a meeting in the morning. Stephanie heads up the stairs, as she tells Eric she’ll see him then. Eric reminds her she said she was walking out of his life forever. Stephanie has a slightly amused look and lets him know he’ll never be rid of her. Eric jokes with her, she’s the one with six guns registered in her name. Stephanie jokes back that with all the abuse he’s heaped on her, it says something that she hasn’t shot him. Eric has a half smile, as Stephanie goes upstairs.

Rick paces and tells Ridge he can’t believe he doesn’t want him behind bars or dead. Ridge looks at him in a scornful manner. Rick says he looks at himself, like that’s what he deserves. He loved Phoebe and would have never intentionally hurt her. He knows she’s gone because of him. It may sound hollow, but Ridge will never know how sorry he is. He wants to make things right. Ridge says he doesn’t want to feel the way he does about Rick, but right now he can’t help it. It’ll take time. Rick agrees. Ridge thinks the less they see of each other the better. He tells Rick how Thomas always looked up to him. He doesn’t want Rick to feel obligated to say anything to him. He says Steffy just lost her twin; let her believe he doesn’t exist for a while. Steffy looks tearful. Ridge asks if Rick can stay away from his family. Rick says he won’t disagree with anything Ridge has asked. Brooke thanks Rick and kisses his cheek. Brooke tells Ridge thank you as she rubs his arm. Steffy looks sad at what her dad is asking; unbeknownst to him she’s there.

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