B&B Friday Update 12/26/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/26/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Eric sits and relaxes at Brooke’s house. She beats around the bush, talking about the party the night before. Eric knows that’s not why she asked him over. She tells him she wants to talk about Rick. They discuss what it will take to pull Rick out of this situation. They think Ridge was great in how he handled the party and having Rick with the family. They agree they have to be sensitive to Ridge’s needs, but Rick needs them too. Eric is surprised to hear Ridge wanted Rick to move back to Paris. Eric says this is emotional for Rick too. He doesn’t want to see Rick go back to Paris. Eric agrees Rick needs to be with his family. Brooke says it’ll be hard, since Stephanie has been putting pressure on Ridge to have something done.

Steffy shows up at Rick’s beach house. He’s surprised to see her. He thinks she came to lay into him. Steffy tells him she believes what Bridget said about Phoebe attacking him in the car. Bridget took scraping from under Phoebe’s nails and DNA proves it was Rick. Rick explains how angry Phoebe was that night. He’s not surprised, after everything he did to her. He feels he doesn’t belong here anymore. He’s a horrible reminder to everyone. He thanks her for her understanding, but he’s decided he’s moving to Paris. Steffy looks shocked at Rick’s attitude and announcement.

Donna looks at herself in the mirror as she applies lip gloss. She’s wearing a sexy little lingerie outfit. She tells herself she’s preparing the best homecoming ever for her honey bear. She looks up to the heavens and says, “Thank You”.

Steffy can’t believe Rick is serious about moving to Paris. Rick thinks its best for everyone’s sake. Steffy asks if it’s best for him. Rick says it doesn’t matter after the mistakes he made. He just hopes everyone else can get past this. Steffy tells him he just can’t leave. She passionately says she doesn’t want him to go. Rick looks astonished at her response.

Eric tells Brooke he doesn’t believe Rick is responsible for the accident. He did do some bad things before though. Brooke agrees. Eric says Rick has some deep seated problems, which need to be addressed. He needs to be there with them. Brooke says its put such a strain on her relationship with Ridge. She loves Ridge and wants to be his wife. However, she can’t turn her back on her son who needs her so desperately. Eric says just be honest with Ridge. Eric says she and Ridge love each other and can get past this. He softly kisses her cheek as Brooke smiles.

Donna pours herself some tea and sits on the bed with a book. Her phone rings and its Eric. He’s on the patio at his house. He tells Donna he missed her at Christmas. She missed him too. She asks how the gathering went. Eric says it went well and he plans to talk to Stephanie now that it’s over. They both say I love you. Donna says she’ll be waiting on him. Eric looks happy as he hangs up. He walks inside and Stephanie warmly greets him. She tells him he just missed Ridge. He asks how Ridge is holding up. She says it’s hard to lose a child, especially this time of year. She looks concerned. Stephanie says he really needs Rick to go to Paris. Eric says he’s not going to exile Rick to Paris. Rick needs his family too. Stephanie argues the point, saying Ridge can’t recover with Rick around as a reminder. Eric says Ridge is strong. Eric says their family is not short of support and both men need their families. Stephanie says Brooke must not want to marry Ridge. There’s no way he can do it with Rick around. He’s responsible for Phoebe’s death. Ridge won’t forgive that. Eric looks unhappy and slightly angry with Stephanie’s comments.

Rick is surprised by Steffy not wanting him to leave and questions her. She says he’s a mess. She can’t imagine what he’d be like in Paris. He tells her that’s really not her concern. She turns away and says she shouldn’t have told Phoebe he kissed her. Rick passionately tells her not to dare blame herself. He says it was his fault. Phoebe was a victim of his arrogance and insensitivity. He doesn’t want anyone to suffer more. Steffy says even her mother doesn’t hold him responsible for Phoebe’s death. Yes, he made mistakes. In his heart, she knows he didn’t mean to hurt Phoebe. She says look at what he’s putting himself through. Rick is stunned at how Steffy’s attitude has changed. He can’t believe she came there to tell him these things. She says she just wanted to set the record straight. It was an accident. It could have been prevented by all of them. They all have to take some blame and learn from it. Steffy gets very emotional. She says she knew her sister better than anyone. She knows Phoebe is in pain at how they’re treating each other and especially him. Rick is touched and tells Steffy to come here, as he reaches out to comfort her with a hug. They both hold on to each other tightly.

Brooke is home looking at her wedding invitations. She looks deep in thought, when Ridge walks in. He tells her he’s laid some ground work for Rick to go back to Paris. She looks taken aback at the suggestion of Rick leaving again. Ridge tells her he knows it’s not what she wants to hear. He hopes she understands this is what he needs. Brooke gets up and paces around with no comment. Ridge says it’s what he needs to move on. He doesn’t think it’s possible with Rick in LA. Brooke says she doesn’t think Rick will survive in Paris. Ridge says of course he will. Rick loved Paris. Brooke says things have changed. Everything changed the night Phoebe died. Ridge may not believe it, but a part of Rick died that night too. Brooke tells Ridge can’t ask this of her. Ridge says every time he sees Rick, he feels like he’s going to lose it. He doesn’t want his kids to see him like that. He thinks Rick is out to destroy him, like he did his daughter. Ridge harshly says he hates Rick. Brooke looks hurt and is speechless at the vehemence in Ridge’s voice.

Eric and Stephanie continue discussing Ridge and Brooke. Eric says they’ll get through this ordeal. Stephanie doesn’t see how with Rick around. Eric says every marriage has its difficulties. He pauses and then let’s Stephanie know he needs to tell her about something Thorne did. Stephanie looks questioningly at him. Eric tells her the reason he broke up with Donna, is because he thought she was messing around with Owen. Thorne hired two actors, who looked like them. Thorne set it up for it to be captured on the camera he set up in Owen’s office. He made sure Eric saw it. Stephanie looks shocked. She says it’s preposterous. Eric lets her know Thorne didn’t confess, but Owen found out the truth and exposed it. Stephanie wants to know where this is going. Eric tells her all his assumptions about Donna were false. Stephanie looks dumfounded and asks if he’s giving up on them. Eric says he loves her and just a month ago said they’d be together forever. Stephanie says she took him at his word. Now, he’s going back to Donna?

Donna puts perfume between her breasts as a slight smile plays on her face. She thinks about how this will be the night of Eric’s life. The waiting and tears are all behind them. He is hers forever this time. A knock on the door shows a black gloved hand. Donna says Eric must be early. The gloved hand reaches into a small bag on the porch and pulls an item out. Donna opens the door to find its Pam with a knife! Donna lets out a blood curdling scream.

Brooke can’t believe Ridge said he hates her son. Ridge says look at what he’s done to him. Brooke thought he was working through this. Ridge is angry and says he can’t help it. He’s trying to be honest. Brooke repeats you hate my son. What are they going to do, she asks. Ridge says that’s why Rick has to leave. Brooke again says Rick can’t go away. He needs her too. She tells Ridge he needs to be stronger. Ridge says he needs her to be the same way. She says she can’t when it comes to her children. Ridge can’t stop thinking about what he did to Phoebe. Brooke says they can’t just stop their lives. Ridge doesn’t want to pretend. Brooke says they’ll lean on each other like they did before. Ridge doesn’t think he can do it. Brooke says he will, if he wants them to be together. Ridge wants that, but says he has a huge gaping hole in his heart that won’t go away. Brooke puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him to just try to fill it with his memories of Phoebe. Ridge sadly says he just wants to touch Phoebe. Brooke is tearful. She says Phoebe is there with him always, but his heart is so filled with hatred. She begs Ridge not to do this to them or they’ll lose each other. Ridge breaks away from her and is in deep thought. He says he doesn’t want to lose her. He believes in them. Right now, it’s the only thing he believes in. She tells him he believes in Phoebe and her love. That will never die. They hold on tight to each other and kiss deeply.

Rick thanks Steffy for believing him and forgiving him. He doesn’t deserve it. Rick still looks incredulous at Steffy’s attitude. Steffy forcefully tells him he does deserve it. He’s beat himself up enough and needs to let go. Rick can’t believe she’s saying these things to him. Steffy says how could she not say these things. She feels his pain like her own. It’s not her pain or his. It’s their pain she says with tears. Rick leans in and kisses her forehead softly. They look at each other intensely. Rick initiates a kiss, but Steffy responds. It turns more passionate as the kiss continues.

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