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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/22/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At Brookeís house, Brooke and Rick discuss him moving back to Paris. He says wherever he goes, he canít outrun what happened. Phoebe is still dead and he was driving the car. Brooke feels this is why he should give Ridge some space. She reminds Rick itís not forever. Rick asks what heís supposed to do if Ridge canít come to grip with his loss. Is he supposed to cut himself off from his family for the rest of his life?

Ridge looks at the Christmas tree, which was just delivered to his parentsí house. Stephanie tells him she has a standing order every year. Ridge suggests they donate it to the shelter. Stephanie likes the idea, but they decide Phoebe would want them to all be together for the holidays. Stephanie says itíll be for the family only. Ridge agrees itíll be nice for her and Eric to be together. Stephanie says even the times they havenít been married, theyíve always been there for the kids. They both look happy and say itíll be great this year.

Donna and Eric lie together in the afterglow of making love. Donna giggles, as she and Eric intertwine fingers. He tells her that with all the sadness and loss in his life, he comes to her and she just fills his life with joy. He doesnít know how she does it. Donna smiles with pleasure. Eric apologizes again for what happened. Donna says, understandingly, he thought she betrayed him. She thought he stopped loving her. Eric says he tried, but he couldnít. Donna kisses him with passion, and Eric returns the kiss.

Rick paces angrily and asks if being exiled from his family is supposed to be a good thing. Brooke tells him it isnít punishment. She says itís a chance for him to get away and think about what he did wrong. Rick was only trying to protect her, but he knows he went too far. Brooke says if her relationship with Ridge is too painful to be around, then maybe he shouldnít be. Brooke knows Rick was hurting from his relationship with Taylor and concerned about her. He just lost his way. Now, he has to go half way around the world to find it. He looks hurt. Heíll go. He says he wonít be there as a constant reminder to everyone. He wonít have to be reminded of what happened to Phoebe, either. He doesnít belong here anymore or anywhere. Wherever he goes, the memory of Phoebe will be there. Brooke looks sad.

Eric has put on his clothing and straightens up the cabin. Donna comes in wearing a skimpy little bra and skirt. She wears stilettos. Sheís put on a pilotís hat and tie. She playfully tells Eric heís aboard ďHoney Bear AirlinesĒ, his oasis in the sky. Eric laughs. Donna puts the cap on Eric and pushes him in his seat. She puts on a sexy little show and tells him his stewardess is there to take his mind off all his troubles. Eric loves every minute of it. He tries to grab Donna, but she holds him off and tells him to stay seated. Eric watches with amazement. Donna sits and puts her legs in his lap. She tells him his pleasure is their business at ďHoney Bear AirlinesĒ. She puts his buckle on and tells him to get ready to earn his wings. Eric laughs and rubs Donnaís legs, taking her heels off.

Ridge says they all need a break from their grief. The get-together will be good and a sense of normalcy. Stephanie wonders if everyone is ready to move on. She asks about Brooke. Ridge says sheíll be there. Stephanie questions her coming without Rick. Stephanie looks skeptical when Ridge says Rick is going to Paris. Just because Brooke talked to him about it doesnít mean heíll do it. Ridge says he has to go since he canít be around him. Ridge wants him gone as soon as he can and as far away as he can.

Rick paces around his motherís, as Brooke continues trying to convince him to go back to International. She says she canít force him to go. Rick says sheís not giving him much choice. He doesnít feel welcome around the house. Brooke says heís her son, of course heís welcome. Rick says just not when Ridge is around. He tries to walk away to pack, but Brooke grabs his arm. She tells him heís misinterpreting this. Rick says heís not. He canít blame anyone for what they feel. Itís his fault Phoebe is dead. He breaks down and tearfully says it should have been him. Brooke looks heartbroken. He puts his head in his hands and says Phoebe was innocent. She didnít deserve to die. Brooke grabs his shoulders, earnestly telling him itís not his fault. She tells him that he didnít mean to hurt Phoebe. Rick tells her if she really believes that, then why does he have to go? Brooke starts crying and says he doesnít have to go. She canít do this. She grabs Rick and holds him, while tears stream down her face.

Brooke and Rick break apart, but she continues to hold his shoulders. She says Rick is staying right there. Rick asks about Ridge. Brooke hesitates. She knows Ridge is hurting, but so is Rick. Rick doesnít know what to say. Brooke says she should have listened when he said he didnít want to go. She apologizes. Sheíll talk to Eric and Ridge. Theyíll work something out. She holds his face and tells him she loves him. Rick, relieved, smiles and tells his mother he loves her, too. They hug again as Brooke says no one should be alone on the holidays. Christmas is a time for giving and forgiving. She thinks Ridge will come around.

Stephanie is looking at Christmas decorations, when Thorne comes in. She asks if he wants to help. She tells him Ridge thinks it would be a good idea to go ahead and celebrate Christmas. Thorne is silent as he remembers the conversation with Eric, who told him to have the decency to leave Stephanie out of his mess. Stephanie realizes Thorne isnít listening. She asks if something is wrong.

Donna sits in Ericís lap, as they continue to kiss each other. Eric says itís time for them to come down to earth again, as he smoothes Donnaís hair. She frowns and says not yet. Eric says they canít keep their heads up in the clouds forever. Donna knows heís worried about his family. Eric says heís not sure how theyíll take another loss. Donna says thatís how theyíll see this. He tells her Thorne wasnít to say anything to Stephanie. Heíll have to tell Stephanie himself. Donna sadly says its right before Christmas. Donna tells Eric she thinks itís important for him to be with his family. She really wants to be with him. However, she knows heís mourning the loss of his granddaughter. This is her first Christmas with her son. They both have a lot to be grateful for. They have the rest of their lives together. Eric looks surprised at Donnaís understanding. They kiss, as she runs her fingers through his hair.

Ridge shows up at Brookeís. They kiss, and he asks if theyíre alone. She tells him they are. He tells her about Stephanie having the Christmas tree and everyone going ahead with the celebration of the holiday. Brooke tells him it can be a lonely time. Ridge wants to know if she spoke to Rick. Brooke is hesitant but tells him she did speak to Rick. Rick understands why Ridge needs him to go. He agreed to leave. Ridge is relieved. Brooke tells him Rick hates himself. Heís depressed. Heís questioning what kind of man he is. Ridge says he wouldnít be any kind of man if he didnít. He thanks Brooke for speaking to Rick. Brooke tells him she doesnít want Rick to go. Ridge says heís sorry but he just canít see Rick. Every time he does, he sees Phoebeís body lying in the ditch. Brooke has tears in her eyes. She understands but tells Ridge this wonít change by sending Rick away. Ridge thinks it will be harder to see Rick. Brooke tells him itís hard on Rick, too. She just canít exile her son to another country. Ridge looks confused and asks what sheís trying to tell him. Brooke tells him she canít do it. She canít just send her son away. Ridge looks surprised.

Thorne doesnít know what to say to his mother. He paces around nervously. Stephanie tells him she knows him well enough to know heís worried. Thorne hedges by telling her he doesnít want her to get her hopes up. He knows his mother likes Christmas miracles. Stephanie says they have to do it for the family. She and Eric are back together. The family is stronger and tighter than ever. They wonít let anything happen. Thorne looks doubtful.

Eric lovingly puts his coat around Donnaís shoulders. He thanks her for being so understanding. She tells him she knows how it is to lose someone you love. Eric says he and Stephanie pledge to help Taylor and Ridge get the family through this. Eric emphasizes it wontí be as a couple. He went back to Stephanie based on a lie. Heíll tell her the truth. He tells Donna he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Donna is ecstatic. They look at each other with love and kiss tenderly. It turns more heated, as Donna caresses Ericís head.

Brooke tells Ridge all he sees in Rick is the man who killed his daughter. She sees her son, whoís very fragile right now. Heís been through a tragedy. She just canít send him off to Paris. He needs to be with family. Something terrible could happen. Ridge is starting to get angry and says something terrible already happened. Brooke pleads with him to listen to her. She thought it was a good idea and thatís why she agreed to speak to Rick. His guilt is eating him alive. She tells Ridge she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Brooke is torn. She feels she has to be there for Rick. She canít ignore his pain. Ridge flat out asks what sheís trying to say. Brooke says she just canít send Rick away. He wonít come by there or work. Ridge wonít have to see him. Brooke says Ridge canít live with him and she canít live without him. Itís her son. She pleads with Ridge to say he understands. Ridge looks at her and says he canít. Brooke is surprised and says maybe itís too soon. Brooke says she knows Ridge has a big heart. Their love will prevail is what he always tells her. She believes that. She is teary eyed, as she begs Ridge to tell her theyíll survive this. Ridge is silent. She sobs as Ridge reaches out to hold her.

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