B&B Friday Update 12/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/19/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke and Ridge cuddle on the couch at her house. She talks about how difficult the holidays will be for everyone. She wants to be there like he’s been for everyone, during this ordeal with Phoebe. He’s even been helpful as far as Rick is concerned. After Ridge finds out Rick is coming home tonight, he prepares to leave. Brooke asks him to stay. She tells him she plans to ask Rick to step down from the presidency. She’s sure Rick wants no parts of that right now. Ridge looks slightly surprised. He tells Brooke he really didn’t want to get into this tonight, but he doesn’t want Rick around. He doesn’t want to see him and feels he should move back to Paris. Now Brooke looks surprised.

Stephanie opens the door at Eric’s to find Rick there. She quickly lets him know he’s not wanted there. Rick steps past her and let’s her know it is his father’s house. He tells Stephanie he heard she wants him in jail. She tears into him, blaming him for killing Phoebe. Rick says he’s scum, but who is she to try to put him in jail. He tells her to look at her level of abuse over the years to his mother. Rick says he will not take on the lie that he killed Phoebe.

Donna sadly sits on the Forrester jet, waiting to go to San Francisco. The stewardess awkwardly asks if she needs anything, but is unsure of what to call Donna. Donna responds by telling her she doesn’t know who she is either.

Owen is in Eric’s office, where they discuss Donna. Owen is angry to learn Eric had his office under surveillance video. Eric still insists something happened between Owen and Donna. Owen angrily tells Eric, nothing happened. He tells Eric he was frustrated by how he treated Donna, especially moving Stephanie in to live with the. He says Donna has remained committed to him this whole time. Someone paid some actors that look like them to make Eric think they had sex. Eric is shocked and wants to know who would do something like that. Owen walks towards the door. As he opens it, he says if he’s right that person is listening right now. There stands Thorne with a dumbfounded look on his face. Eric is even more shocked to see Thorne.

Thorne angrily tells his father he knows why he wants Donna. He lost his head over her before himself, but his family rallied around him. He was doing the same thing for his father. Eric is mad and can’t believe Thorne would do this. Thorne is worried about Eric throwing Stephanie out. Eric tells him to leave his mother out of all of this, because he’ll deal with it. He picks up the phone to see if the jet has left yet. He grabs his keys and prepares to rush out, but he stops to tell Owen thanks.

Donna sits on the plane looking lonely and dejected. She slowly puts her seatbelt on.

Stephanie and Rick continue to argue about Phoebe. Stephanie feels Rick continues to make excuses and won’t accept any responsibility. Rick tells her she just won’t listen. Stephanie tells him she hopes Brooke is raising her other children differently than she raised him. Rick finally has had enough and heads for the door. He tells Stephanie she never changes her mind about anything. As a parting shot, Stephanie tells Rick for the rest of his life he has to wake up and realize he’ll never see Phoebe again and it’s his fault she’ll never wake up again.

Brooke looks tearful, as she asks Ridge if he really wants to send Rick back to Forrester International. Ridge says it’s not like its Outer Mongolia. Rick was happy in Paris. Brooke says it’s so close to the holiday. Ridge reminds her it will be hard for all of them. He realizes it’s her son, but look at the impact Rick has had on their lives. He’s caused them to break up twice, Rick has his job, and his daughter is dead because of Rick. He just wants his life back. Brooke understands. They both agree things can’t go on the way they have. Ridge tells her she has to tell Rick, since he won’t accept an ultimatum from him. It has to come from her.

The jet is in the air. The stewardess brings Donna tea with a bottle of honey shaped like a bear. Donna sees it and asks her to please take it away. The stewardess looks at her questioningly. Donna says the honey bear. Eric steps out and asks if someone called his name. Donna looks surprised.

Thorne is mad and calls Owen a stupid bastard. He could have had Donna, if he had kept his mouth shut. Owen says Donna didn’t want him. Thorne says she didn’t want him either. Thorne continues to bad mouth Donna, but Owens cuts him off and says he’s tired of them persecuting Donna. She loves Eric and he hopes Eric gets there in time.

Eric tells Donna he’s done something he’s ashamed of. She tries to interrupt, but he continues. He explains how after his heart attack, he felt vulnerable and old. He didn’t trust her, so he installed the camera in Owen’s office to see if anything happened. Donna looks shocked and says if that’s the case, he knows nothing did occur. Eric relays the story of how he saw what appeared to be her and Owen making out. Donna looks confused. Eric lets her know he found out it was models that looked like them. They were paid. Donna looks dumbfounded; until she comes to the realization it was one of Eric’s children. She guesses it was Thorne. Eric apologizes. He rubs Donna’s arms and says he lost faith in them. He wonders if she can ever forgive him.

Stephanie picks up Phoebe’s picture and sadly looks at it. Ridge walks in. She lets him know if he had been a bit earlier, he would have run into Rick. She still can’t believe he won’t press charges. Ridge tells her Brooke is taking care of matters. Stephanie looks skeptical.

Rick arrives at his mother’s, where she’s waiting to speak with him. He tells her Stephanie has stopped with trying to have him arrested for now, basically because of Ridge. Brooke tells him she and Ridge have talked about what’s best for them right now. She has to be there for Ridge. She asks Rick to step down from his job. Rick laughs and says he’ll talk to his father about it. Brooke tells him he could get his old job back at International. Rick looks surprised at the suggestion.

Eric tells Donna he knows forgiveness won’t come overnight. Donna says there’s nothing to forgive. Eric looks a bit surprised by her attitude. He says he knows she never lied to him. He should have believed in her. He walks over to the monitor and tells the stewardess he and his wife won’t be needing cabin service. Donna looks astonished at being called his wife. Eric says he was so happy with her. He wants her to love him again. Donna is teary eyed and says of course. They kiss each other passionately.

Rick is angry with his mother and says she must view him like Stephanie, as a murderer. Brooke says of course not. Rick can’t understand why she would want him to leave the country, especially at the holidays. Brooke tells him he was antagonizing Ridge even before now. Rick agrees. She says Ridge is grieving and Rick should be able to respect that and give him room. Rick says he’s grieving too. Brooke suggests they both need time away from each other. Rick says his mother is faced with a choice between him and Ridge and once again she chooses Ridge. He wonders did she even negotiate for him at all. Brooke says it’s what she wants, at least for now. She asks if it’s wrong for her to try to salvage a relationship with the man she loves. She has tears streaming as she asks Rick to do this for her. She again emphasizes it’s just for now. Rick looks at her a bit hurt, but thoughtful.

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