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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/15/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At Brooke’s, Stephanie tells Ridge he can’t let Phoebe’s death be in vain. He has to do something about Rick. Ridge looks at Brooke with a questioning gaze. Brooke says he has to know this was a horrible accident.

Rick is with Bridget in her office at the hospital. She tells him how sorry she is about what happened. He tells her Phoebe was so angry. He tells the story of how she was grabbing the wheel and fighting him in the car. He says Phoebe scratched his face and wedged her foot on the accelerator. Bridget tells him there was nothing he could have done. He can’t keep blaming himself. He says he wished Taylor felt that way. Bridget asks if Taylor was blaming him since it really wasn’t anyone’s fault. He just came from Taylor’s, and she blames herself. Taylor blames herself for getting involved with her daughter’s first love. Bridget looks sympathetic.

At Taylor’s, Bridget is walking around in a daze. She remembers the day Steffy walked in on her and Rick making out in Taylor’s room. Steffy brings in tea for her mother and watches Taylor for a minute. Taylor breaks down and says how much she misses Phoebe. Steffy says she does, too. Taylor, with agony in her voice, says it’s her fault for getting involved with Rick. Steffy tells her to stop it. She hugs her mother. Steffy is crying and begs her mother to stop blaming herself. Phoebe and Rick were over. Taylor says that’s no excuse. Steffy says she’s only human. Taylor says, with irony, that she’s the psychiatrist. Steffy tells her mother they all could have done things differently but the only person to blame is Rick.

Still at Brooke’s, Stephanie continues trying to convince Ridge to have Rick prosecuted. She tells him Rick has gone after him in so many ways and now his daughter is dead. Ridge doesn’t understand why Brooke didn’t tell him the whole story, especially about Rick kissing Steffy. Brooke says she was going to tell him everything before Stephanie came. She agrees Rick has done some terrible things. However, he loved Phoebe and never would have hurt her intentionally. She goes on to say how upset Phoebe was by her mother and Rick’s relationship. Stephanie cuts her off and says surely she’s not trying to blame Taylor for what’s happened. Brooke says she wasn’t blaming Taylor but Rick isn’t to blame, either. It was just an unfortunate accident. Rick will have to live with this for the rest of his life. Stephanie is angry and says like the rest of them don’t have to go through this hell for the rest of their lives. Ridge is quiet. His cell phone rings, and its Steffy. She tells him Taylor needs him. He says he’s on his way.

After Ridge leaves, Stephanie tells Brooke she should be ashamed of herself for trying to put the blame on Taylor. She says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rick pulling a move on Steffy to get at Ridge was a page right out of Brooke’s own book. Brooke says that’s not what caused the accident. Stephanie can’t believe Brooke continues trying to deny Rick’s part in all of this. She can’t believe Brooke would defend him to a man that just lost his daughter. Brooke says Rick is innocent. Stephanie starts berating Brooke for her poor actions as a mother and how she raised Rick. Stephanie says maybe none of this would have happened. Brooke asks her when she became a moral compass, especially considering some of the things she’s done in the name of love for her children. She doesn’t like Stephanie calling Rick a criminal. Brooke angrily tells Stephanie she won’t let her convince everyone Rick is guilty.

Steffy kneels on the floor next to Taylor’s chair. She tearfully tells her she has to stop blaming herself. It’s not what Phoebe would have wanted. Taylor feels she failed Phoebe. Steffy very emotionally tells her she’s a wonderful mom. Phoebe wouldn’t want her to go on blaming herself. Taylor is crying and says she hopes Phoebe is happy. Ridge walks in. Steffy runs to him, happy to see him. They hug tightly. Ridge says he’s glad she called him. He suggests he and Taylor have some time alone. Steffy hugs her mom. She tells Taylor if she needs her, she’ll be upstairs. She lovingly touches her mother’s arm and says she loves her. After she leaves, Ridge asks her how she’s coping. Taylor says she’s not. She’s still trying to figure out how this happened. She breaks down crying and says it doesn’t make sense. Ridge says a tragedy like this never makes sense. Taylor says Rick stopped by and she asked him about what happened in the car. She says Phoebe was so angry because of her. Ridge says it’s not her fault and he’s not going to let Rick put this all on Phoebe. Ridge says Phoebe was mad at Rick and not at her. Taylor is almost out of control and waves her arms about saying she might as well have been driving the car. Ridge says he doesn’t like where this is going. She continues to yell that it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Phoebe is still dead. Ridge walks over and, very gently, holds her to try and comfort her.

Bridget and Rick sit in her office. She tells him he has to let go of this guilt. He stands and paces, saying he can’t. Bridget says he has to, plus it won’t bring Phoebe back. Rick says he took Phoebe away from her family and friends. Bridget tells him he’s not a bad person. He says no, he’s just done some bad things. Bridget says it’s awful but he has to stop beating himself up. He tells Bridget when he lost Taylor, he lost himself. He doesn’t even recognize himself. He’s going to do what he can to earn back the love and respect of his family. Bridget gets teary and comes up behind her brother and hugs him.

Brooke tells Stephanie instead of stirring up trouble, she should be trying to help everyone to heal. Stephanie says that process will start when Phoebe gets justice.

Brooke says everyone is devastated, including Rick. Stephanie says with disbelief that Rick is devastated. She angrily says Phoebe’s mother, father, brother and sister are the ones who are devastated. She tells Brooke if she wants to do right by Ridge, she needs to turn Rick into the police. Brooke just looks at her.

At the hospital, a worker from the morgue asks Bridget if she was related to the deceased. Bridget says yes. They’re ready to release her body, but Bridget says she needs to see her.

Taylor sits and hangs her head as she cries. Ridge agrees nothing can fix this. He says he made mistakes, too. Getting the kids’ hopes up about them getting back together was wrong. He knew Phoebe wanted that. He starts blaming himself. He could have done things differently. Taylor tells him not to beat himself up. She rubs his head in comfort. She tells him it’s not his fault, either. They both breakdown and hold each other. Taylor cries Phoebe is never coming back. They’ll never see her again. They hold each other tightly.

In the morgue, Bridget is given a moment alone with Phoebe’s body. She gloves up and moves the sheet. She starts crying as she takes Phoebe’s hand. She tells Phoebe how Rick never meant this to happen to her.

Ridge tells Taylor he doesn’t blame her for Phoebe’s death. It was a horrible tragedy. Taylor says she wishes she could believe that. Ridge stoops down in front of her and says it’s true. Phoebe depended on her. He relays a story from Phoebe’s past. He says Phoebe always listened to her and idolized her. Taylor sniffs and says she’ll never get to see her grow up. Ridge says Phoebe loved Taylor with all of her heart. He also knows Taylor loved Phoebe with every ounce of her being. He caresses her face. He reminds her Phoebe told her she loved her before she died. Taylor agrees it was the last thing she did. Ridge tells her to hold on to that. Phoebe wouldn’t want her to blame herself. Taylor paces and asks if he really thinks Phoebe was happy. Ridge thinks Phoebe was a happy person. They both talk about how she was living her dream with travelling and singing. Taylor shakes her head and talks about how beautiful Phoebe’s voice was. Ridge rubs her shoulders and tells her they should hold on to that in their hearts. That’s where she is now. He holds Taylor tightly against his chest, as she continues to grieve.

Stephanie tells Brooke she needs to convince Rick to turn himself in and accept the responsibility of what he’s done. Brooke says her son isn’t going to jail. She hopes neither Ridge nor Taylor would want that. Stephanie continues to say Rick was reckless and irresponsible. She says she could press charges herself since she’s part of the family. Stephanie forcefully tells Brooke she doesn’t want to see Rick anywhere. She says he’s out of Forrester and she doesn’t want him near any of Ridge’s family. Brooke looks stunned. Stephanie goes on to say he shouldn’t come to the funeral, either. Brooke finally speaks and says Rick will want to pay his respects. Stephanie says sarcastically that she’s sure he wants to pay respects to a girl he killed. She demands Brooke keep him away or charges will be pressed. Brooke says Stephanie is using this tragedy as a vendetta against her and Rick. She wants to know if Eric is aware of what she’s doing.  She asks how he would feel if he knew what Stephanie was doing. Stephanie warns Brooke again. She says if Rick shows up at the funeral, she won’t be responsible for what she does. She grits her teeth and says there will be consequences. Brooke stands shocked and speechless. Stephanie leaves, slamming the door.

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