B&B Friday Update 12/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/12/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke slowly comes down the stairs at the mansion. She’s teary eyed thinking about her conversation with Stephanie the day before. Stephanie blamed her for the way Rick acted, saying she made him into the man he is today. Stephanie said Brooke was responsible for Phoebe’s death. Ridge walks in and Brooke moves into his arms for a hug. They hold each other tightly. Ridge wants to know if she told Hope and RJ about Phoebe. She tells him no. Hope was up and already dressed in her bridesmaid’s dress. She made up a story saying it was too windy. She couldn’t tell her about Phoebe’s death. Ridge says how do you tell a child about a senseless death. He asks if Rick is upstairs as he starts up the stairs. He says it’s time he finds out what really happened.

Rick knocks and walks in Taylor’s house calling her name. He finds her sitting quietly in a chair in the living room. Rick tells her how sorry he is. Taylor looks at him tearfully, but doesn’t respond.

Lt. Baker is at the Forrester mansion speaking with Stephanie. He says there’s no evidence to show the driver was impaired. He can’t do much at this point. Stephanie wants to know about Rick driving twice the speed limit. Lt. Baker says Stephanie is looking for something, but sometimes accidents just happen. He encourages her to just take care of her family and grieve naturally. He asks her to trust him to do his job. Stephanie tells him, she trust him to do his job. As he heads for the door, he tells Stephanie he’ll keep her apprised and he’s sorry for her loss. Steffy walks in and hugs her grandmother. She emotionally tells her grandmother it was her fault Phoebe died. Stephanie tells her no.

Back at Brooke’s, she tells Ridge her son left before she got up. Ridge wants to know if Rick told her anything. Brooke starts by telling him the kids were on the way to the rehearsal dinner. Ridge doesn’t understand. Phoebe had nothing to do with Rick, since his relationship with Taylor. Brooke tells him Phoebe jumped in the car with Rick at the last minute. She wanted to talk to him. They hadn’t seen each other, since Taylor and Rick broke up. She needed to vent her anger. Ridge quizzes her more about whether they argued. Brooke says Phoebe went a little beserk and laid into Rick. Ridge wants to know what she’s trying to say to him.

Rick gets down in front of Taylor and again says he’s sorry. Taylor tells him she’s just glad he’s okay, since she could have lost him too. She takes his hands and tearfully tells him Phoebe would have done so many great things. She wants to know how Phoebe died. Rick takes a deep breath.

Stephanie tells Steffy not to blame herself. Steffy says if it wasn’t for her, Phoebe would have never gone to see Rick. Stephanie says Phoebe was upset about Taylor and Rick, but hadn’t had a chance to talk about it. Steffy tells her, that’s not it. She thinks Phoebe would have avoided Rick, but she told her about Rick kissing her. Stephanie is shocked and confused about why Rick would pull a stunt like that. Steffy tells her Rick wanted to get at Ridge. She saw right through him and slapped him. Stephanie understands now why Phoebe went after him. She gets angry and calls Rick a bastard. Steffy cries and says if she had kept it to herself, Phoebe would still be alive.

Brooke tells Ridge how Phoebe felt humiliated. The two were arguing and things got heated. Ridge interjects that’s why Rick wasn’t paying attention and was driving recklessly. Brooke describes how Rick said Phoebe was scratching him and grabbing the wheel. Ridge cuts her off. He can’t believe what she’s saying. Brooke goes on to say Phoebe’s foot slipped on the accelerator. Rick tried all he could to keep the car on the road. He tried to brake, but they skidded off the road into the ditch. Ridge angrily asks if she’s saying it was Phoebe’s fault. Brooke grabs her head in frustration. She tells Ridge she knows this isn’t easy to hear. Ridge asks with amazement, if she thinks this was Phoebe’s fault. He angrily says her son crashes the car and kills his daughter, but she’s to blame?

Stephanie tells her granddaughter how she can understand her feeling this way. She tells Steffy she didn’t do anything wrong. Steffy says she should have just kept her mouth shut. Stephanie says Phoebe was upset and would have confronted Rick at some point. Steffy wonders if Rick even knew what he did with the stupid kiss. She cries as Stephanie tries to comfort her. She tells her Rick is to blame and she shouldn’t feel guilty for telling the truth.

Rick tells Taylor how Phoebe died in Ridge’s arms. She was singing the song she wrote for him. He wipes a tear from him eye as he tells the story. Taylor wants to know what happened in the car. She wants to know if Phoebe said anything about her, since she was very upset with her yesterday. Rick sighs, but doesn’t answer right away. Taylor says Phoebe was holding in a lot of anger about the two of them. Rick tries to avoid the question, but Taylor persists.

Ridge can’t believe Brooke accepts Rick’s story about Phoebe being responsible for the wreck. Brooke tells him it was an accident. No one was at fault. He can’t believe the logistics of what Rick said happened. Brooke again grabs her head in aggravation. She can’t get through to Ridge. She says she doesn’t know. Ridge says if this is all according to Rick, he can’t take Rick’s word for anything these days. Brooke tells him they’re all grieving and may never know the truth. Brooke says she’s not saying Phoebe caused it. There was a fight and it ended in a tragedy. She doesn’t want to argue with him. She loves him. She puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him she loves him. They can work through this. Ridge says he loves her and yes, they can work through this. He says that’s why he’s worried, that she’s letting Rick manipulate her. Brooke is tearful and exasperated at Ridge’s attitude. She tells him they should just focus on their family right now. They can tell Hope and RJ together. Stephanie walks in and overhears the conversation. She says she’s tired of this being called an accident. She tells Ridge not to let Brooke get away with this. They both turn and look at Stephanie in surprise.

Rick tells Taylor that Phoebe didn’t die hating her. Taylor says she made things worse. She shouldn’t have gotten involved with him. Rick tells her she can’t believe that. Taylor insists Phoebe didn’t want to be around her and that’s why she left. Rick takes most of the responsibility and says he didn’t let Taylor get rid of him. They loved each other too much. It just wasn’t enough. He couldn’t see what it was doing to her or Phoebe. He convinced Taylor to stay with him. Taylor says she made the choice and that doesn’t make it okay. Taylor gets very emotional and says she hurt her daughter. She doesn’t know how she can live with it. She drops her head in her hands in a defeated manner. Rick watches helplessly.

Brooke turns on Stephanie and angrily tells her she’s tired of her barging in with her insane accusations. Ridge is surprised that Stephanie has been there already. Brooke lets him know that Stephanie was there yesterday, trying to drag her or Rick off to jail. Ridge looks surprised and wants an explanation from Stephanie. Stephanie taunts Brooke with how she wished she could have put her in jail years ago for the way she raised her children. She says it’s too late for that. However, it’s not too late for Rick to be brought to justice for taking Phoebe’s life. Ridge turns to Brooke in confusion. Stephanie wants to know if Brooke told him why Phoebe was in Rick’s car. Ridge relays what Brooke told him. Stephanie tells him that’s not the full story and lets him know about Rick kissing Steffy. Ridge is outraged. He turns to Brooke for confirmation. She drops her head with tears in her eyes. Stephanie tells him this is why Steffy feels so guilty. She told Phoebe what happened. Brooke cuts in and says Rick made a stupid mistake, which was all to get at Ridge. Ridge is angry and can’t believe Brooke knew about all of this, but didn’t say anything. Brooke tells him she just found out. Stephanie interrupts and says she can’t believe Brooke is calling this basically a stupid prank. She goes on to tell Ridge how Rick was able to walk, when he got out of the hospital. That was a silly prank, she demands of Brooke. Brooke doesn’t say anything. Stephanie goes on and mentions the internet tampering. Ridge doesn’t understand. Stephanie fills him in on how Rick edited the podcast, to make it seem like Brooke was talking about him. All these things were done to break up the two of them. Stephanie angrily says these are not silly pranks and no one was supposed to get hurt. Ridge turns to look at Brooke in stunned silence.

Brooke is in tears and tells Ridge she was going to tell him everything. Stephanie gets in Brooke’s face and tells her no one was supposed to get hurt, but Ridge’s daughter is dead. Brooke yells at her to stop it as she moves to Ridge. She grabs his jacket and tells him Rick didn’t mean to hurt Phoebe. He loved her. It was just a horrible accident. Stephanie shakes her head in disagreement and tells Ridge he has to call the police. He needs to have this prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Stephanie says if there’s evidence to support this, then Rick has to be put away in jail. Ridge turns to Brooke and holds her shoulders with a questioning look. Brooke's face registers shock that Stephanie would even suggest such a thing.

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