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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Ridge’s party continues. Everyone is having fun dancing. Brooke is worried about what’s keeping Ridge. She speaks to Katie about it. Steffy stops dancing with Marcus and doubles over clutching her stomach. Marcus helps her to sit and asks what’s wrong. Eric rushes over to see what’s going on. He calls Bridget’s name as Ridge wanders in looking dazed. Everyone stops and looks at him. He breaks down crying and drops to his knees. Everyone rushes over. Brooke holds him and asks what’s going on. Thomas looks at his dad and then at Steffy with a frightened look. Steffy’s face reflects the fact she knows something is wrong.

Over at Taylor’s house, Steffy thanks Stephanie for keeping her company. She knew this night would be difficult and this kept her from giving in to temptation. Stephanie tells her she never thought of it that way. She recognizes she’s an alcoholic and fights that battle everyday. She knows she hurt a lot of people, including Phoebe. Getting involved with Rick was especially hard for Phoebe. Stephanie tells Taylor she and Phoebe can work through their problems together. The two of them hug, and Taylor tells her to go. Stephanie is in no hurry, but Taylor tells her Phoebe is going to sing. Stephanie is pleasantly surprised. She says she wishes Taylor could be there. Taylor is okay with it and says Phoebe downloaded it for her. She plays it for Stephanie. The two women smile and talk about how sweet Phoebe is as they show Phoebe’s photo on the mantle.

Ridge is almost incoherent. Steffy goes to him, and he grabs her hand. Thomas and Steffy both hold their dad as he tells them all about Phoebe. Brooke holds Bridget, who is crying. Thorne looks stricken. Felicia cries on Eric’s shoulder. Katie turns to Nick, who holds her. Marcus looks shaken, as Stephen holds Beth in his arms. Jackie closes her eyes and drops her head. Ridge holds his two children tight as they all continuing crying.

Taylor holds her family portrait and tells Stephanie if she had only realized earlier. She stops herself and says she’s not going to do that since you can’t change someone’s heart. Stephanie lets her know she did everything she could. Stephanie says she’s going to call Eric and let him know she’s going to stay. Taylor tells her that isn’t necessary and to go and enjoy herself. Taylor says it’s okay. She and the kids had all planned to do something later. It’ll give her and Phoebe a chance to rebuild their relationship.

Back at the party, everyone continues to console each other. Thomas runs out. Ridge calls his name. Thorne says he has to let him go and have some time to himself. As they look towards the door, Rick comes through slowly. He still has blood drying on his face from his head injury. Everyone watches him. Eric says his name. Rick goes up to Ridge and says he’s sorry. He’ll never know how sorry he is. Ridge is slow to react. He finally says, “You’re sorry?” He looks at Rick incredulously. He again repeats to Rick that he’s sorry. He was driving the car that swerved off the road into a ditch, and now Phoebe is dead. Everyone looks on in horror as Ridge lunges towards Rick and takes him to the ground. He punches Rick as Thorne and Nick pull Ridge off. Brooke rushes to her son’s aid. Ridge yells to get Rick out of his sight. Bridget calls her mom’s name as she leads Rick out of the room. Felicia can’t believe Rick was driving the car. Eric sits and grabs his face with his hands at this announcement. Thorne and Nick basically drag Ridge to a seat. Steffy and Thomas rush over to hug their father as he again breaks out in heart wrenching sobs. Thomas asks what about mom. How do they tell her? Ridge asks how you tell a mother that her child is gone. All three look anguished by the thought and cry harder.

On the patio, Bridget looks at her brother’s injuries and tells him he needs to go to the hospital and get stitches. He insists he’s fine. He limps away and starts crying, asking what he did. Bridget goes to him and says she loves him. She leaves him with Brooke. He cries to his mother he never meant to hurt Phoebe. Brooke says she knows. Rick explains how angry Phoebe was - like he’d never seen her before. Brooke doesn’t understand what was going on. Rick explains how Phoebe came to his office and started arguing about the whole situation with Taylor and everything. He said it was like a dam broke - she wouldn’t let up. He didn’t want to argue, so he left and went to the parking lot. Phoebe followed him and jumped in the car. She was yelling at him and clawing at his face. She grabbed for the wheel and tried to get him to pull over. She had her foot on what she thought was the brake, but they accelerated and hit the ditch. Brooke listens, her face reflecting horror. Rick cries he never should have left the parking lot. Brooke grabs his shoulders and tells him to stop it. He’s not to blame. It was a horrible accident. Rick says she has to be kidding. Did she see people’s faces? They were horrified to learn he was driving. She says everyone is in shock, including Ridge. He just lost his baby girl. She tries to console him, but Rick says it never would have happened if he realized how angry she was. Brooke again tells him he’s not to blame. She tells him he didn’t do this. She said they can talk to Ridge. She knows he loved Phoebe and would never have done anything to hurt her. She tells him he’s not responsible for this. Rick looks at her with pain in his face, and they both have tears in their eyes.

Eric is on the phone, when Stephanie rushes in. She tells him she’s sorry and wonders where everyone has gone. Eric grabs her and hugs her tightly. She asks what’s wrong. Eric doesn’t respond right away. He chokes out Phoebe’s name. He tells her there was a terrible car accident and Phoebe was killed. Stephanie looks shocked. She repeats Phoebe was killed and says no. She and Eric hold each other as she continues to absorb the gravity of what’s happened.

Taylor is home alone and again looks at the family pictures. She pulls off the necklace Phoebe gave her. She laughs about how in the past the family could have used this special necklace that wards off evil spirits. She thinks about how she can make up for lost time with Phoebe.

Eric explains in more detail to Stephanie what happened and how Phoebe died in Ridge’s arms. Stephanie is confused and wants to know if Ridge was driving. Eric tells her it was Rick. Stephanie is confused. Eric tells her Ridge is on the way over to tell Taylor. Stephanie’s face registers the pain she knows will hit Taylor. Eric says Steffy and Thomas are upstairs and he should go check on them. He doesn’t want to leave Stephanie alone. She tells him to go ahead. He kisses her on the lips and heads upstairs. Stephanie is still in shock. She takes a slow, deep breath and moves over to the photos on the desk, where she looks at Phoebe’s picture. She has tears in her eyes. She hears Rick’s voice talking about how he should have been more sensitive to Phoebe. He never meant to hurt her. She follows the voice to the patio, where she sees Brooke and Rick. Brooke is rubbing Rick’s back in a consoling fashion. Stephanie says, “Well, no one will ever hurt Phoebe again, will they?” Brooke and Rick turn in surprise. Stephanie says she doesn’t understand why he’s alive and Phoebe is dead. Can he help her understand? They both just look at Stephanie in astonishment.

Taylor is sitting on the floor in front of the fire, looking at scrap books. Ridge says her name. She looks up in shock and says he scared her. She tells him she was just looking at Phoebe’s old scrap book. She asks if something happened with Brooke since the dinner shouldn’t be over already. He tells her something happened, but it’s not Brooke. He touches the book and says so many beautiful memories. He closes it. Taylor sees how distraught he looks and says he’s scaring her. What’s going on? Ridge gets up and walks away. Taylor gets up and asks him to tell her what’s going on. Ridge looks at her and slowly says Phoebe was killed tonight. Taylor looks like she could pass out. Her knees buckle and she drops the necklace Phoebe gave her.

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