B&B Friday Update 12/5/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/5/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Phoebe is laying flat on her back, lifeless among some brush. Rick’s car is lodged in some trees, where the lights are the only thing visible in the dark. Rick is no where in site.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke continue to dance the night away with their guests. Brooke’s parents come up to congratulate the couple Stephen teases about not giving advice, since Ridge has heard it all before. Brooke laughs it’s only twice. She says it’s the best night of her life. Ridge says tomorrow night will be the best night of her life. Beth and Stephen laugh as the couple kisses lightly. Nick is having another glass of champagne and spots Bridget. She seemed to be avoiding him, but he approaches her to tell her how great she’s done with the party. She thanks him. He tells her she looks wonderful. She again thanks him, but doesn’t offer any other conversation. Nick asks if she’d like to have a friendly dance. Bridget tells him she doesn’t think so and walks away. Jackie walks up and says Bridget looks absolutely stunning. Nick says she always does. Jackie asks if he has any regrets. Nick says his only regret is hurting her. Jackie asks if that’s all, nothing more. Nick doesn’t answer and walks away. Katie watches with a concerned look on her face. Eric walks up to Katie to say how nice the party is going. He asks how Donna is. Katie flippantly asks how he thinks she is. Eric says to give her his best. Katie asks if he thinks that will make her feel better. Eric says Donna is with Owen. Katie says Donna has never been with Owen, so why would she be with him now. She leaves Eric as he looks confused. Out on the patio, Felicia finds Thorne, as she steps out for some fresh air from dancing. They tease each other about teaching each other dance moves. Felicia wishes her mother would hurry up and get there. They talk about how hard this is for Taylor and Stephanie, since neither was too excited about this wedding. Thorne says that’s an understatement.

Over at Taylor’s house, Stephanie has made them tea. Taylor says she doesn’t have to stay with her. Stephanie says she’s not that excited about getting to the party. Taylor says her absence will be noted. Taylor says Ridge will expect her there. Stephanie says he’ll get over it. She’d rather be there with Taylor. Taylor says what’s strange is there’s still a small part of her that thinks Ridge will walk up to the door and say he still wants to be

with them as a family. Back at the party, everyone continues to dance and mingle. Steffy and Marcus enjoy each other, but Steffy has a weird feeling.

Rick is knocked out in his front seat. He comes too with blood all over his face. He starts calling Phoebe’s name. He tries to move and sees his leg has been injured. He manages to get out of the car. He walks around the car and spots Phoebe a few feet from the car. He moves to where she’s at and kneels down calling her name. There’s no response. He feels for a pulse.

Ridge and Brooke dance and talk about his new attitude regarding Rick. Ridge says nothing is going to stop their wedding tomorrow. Marcus and Steffy dance closely and watch. Marcus comments about how happy they look. Steffy agrees, but says she really wanted her parents to end up together. Marcus says it could have been a happy night for them, except the news she gave him about Rick. She apologizes. Marcus says no, he needed to know. Here he was thinking he was getting a promotion going to Paris and all Rick wanted was to make a move on his girl. He asks if Phoebe knows about it. Steffy says she told her, since she didn’t want her to find out some other way. Steffy says Phoebe is so down on Rick. She’s really starting to worry about her and hopes she gets there soon. She rests her head on Marcus’ shoulder will a troubled look on her face. Meanwhile, Rick continues to try and rouse Phoebe. He says Phoebe you have to be alive.

Katie is on the phone with the babysitter, when Nick walks up. He inquires about Jack. They talk about how they’ll have Jack for a couple of weeks, while Brooke is on her honeymoon. Katie wishes it could be longer. Nick says Brooke will be so tired of that stiff after two weeks. Katie playfully hits him. He asks her to dance. Eric makes his way over to Brooke’s parents and says they seem to be enjoying the party. Beth gushes about how happy Brooke and Ridge seem. Stephen throws in a dig that it’s too bad his other daughter isn’t there to enjoy it too. Eric says he’s sorry too. The two men look at each other sternly. Beth intervenes and reminds them it’s a party. She holds up her glass to propose a toast. The two men agree it’s not the time or place. One of the waitresses approaches Bridget to ask her to let them know when she’ ready for dinner. Bridget says it’s getting late, but everyone hasn’t arrived yet. Back at the crash, Rick frantically tries to get a response from Phoebe with no luck. He begs her not to die on him. He listens and excitedly finds a heartbeat.

Taylor asks Stephanie if what she had was a pipedream. She feels like she lost Ridge twice, since she really thought they could get back together. Stephanie says she still has the children. She should enjoy them while she can. They grow up so fast. Taylor agrees and says they still need her, especially Phoebe. “God knows, she needs Phoebe too.” Rick continues to try and get a response from Phoebe. He uses his jacket to cover her up. He begs her not to die on him and says he’s going to try and make it to his dad’s house, since it’s not too far away. He hobbles off in pain.

Taylor looks at a family portrait. Stephanie wants to know what Phoebe says about her relationship with Rick. Taylor lets her know Phoebe was very bitter and even suggested Taylor used Rick to make Ridge jealous. Stephanie is surprised by this and hopes Taylor straightened her out on that. Taylor says she tried. Stephanie says it sounds like Phoebe’s issues are with Rick. Taylor says she thinks Phoebe is starting to realize this and she even apologized to her. She shows Stephanie the Indian necklace Phoebe gave her that’s to ward off evil spirits. She laughs and tells Stephanie how sweet Phoebe is. She reminisces about how precocious Phoebe was as a child. Phoebe continues to lie still on the ground near the wrecked car. Rick is slowly making his way to the mansion, on his hurt leg. He has flashes of him and Phoebe in happier times. He remembers her walking in on him and Taylor and how angry she was.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne makes a toast to Ridge and Brooke. He talks about how their saga has gone on and they will continue to make new memories. Everyone cheerfully drinks to the toast. Eric tells Ridge and Brooke how happy he is for them. Ridge thanks Eric for all he’s done for this perfect evening. Ridge tells Eric he hopes to work out their issues, when he returns from his honeymoon. Eric says he looks forward to it. They hug as Brooke looks on with a smile. Ridge breaks away for one more dance with Brooke before dinner. Brooke notices Ridge seems preoccupied. He says he’s worried about Phoebe. Brooke suggests maybe she stayed with her mother tonight. Ridge tells her Phoebe planned to sing a song she wrote for him at the dinner. He decides to go call her. Brooke says fine, but she’ll probably walk up the driveway as he calls. Phoebe continues to lay motionless. As Ridge dials, Rick comes up screaming his name. Ridge sees the blood and asks what happened. He wants to get Rick inside. Rick tells him it’s Phoebe; she’s been hurt really bad. The men take off running.

Taylor tells Stephanie she hopes Phoebe stays away from Rick. Stephanie laughs and says in her opinion; everyone should stay away from Rick. Taylor says Phoebe is too hurt and humiliated to be around Rick. Stephanie is glad Phoebe is home, which gives the two of them a chance to clear up all the confusion. Taylor agrees and says she can give Phoebe a little TLC. Stephanie says they both need it. Taylor tells Stephanie she’s glad she’s there too. It gives her a different perspective and she’s not alone. Taylor says she may have lost Ridge, but she hasn’t lost her children. They’re her life.

Katie asks Brooke where Ridge went. Brooke tells her he’s concerned about Phoebe and went to call her. Katie wonders where she’s at too. Brooke says she’ll be there, since she’s written a song for Ridge. Steffy and Marcus are dancing, when Steffy gets a strange look. Marcus asks if she’s okay. Steffy says no, she has this really bad feeling. Marcus feels her forehead. She says it just feels like something is wrong.

Ridge and Rick make it to the crash site. He shows Ridge where Phoebe lies still. Ridge rushes to her and says, “Oh, sweetie. It’s daddy.” Ridge is in tears as he cradles Phoebe in his arms. He yells, “Where’s the ambulance?” Phoebe opens her eyes and says daddy. Ridge tells her she’s going to be okay. Phoebe tells him he needs to hear her song. Ridge cries and tells her he’ll hear it as soon as they get her to the hospital. He caresses her face as he holds her. Phoebe speaks low and tells him he has to hear the song now. She sings a few words, “You’ll always be there…” She drifts off and then closes her eyes. Her head rolls to the side. Ridge is distraught and holds her face. He cries out, “No!” Rick watches from the distance as Ridge cries in agony, “My sweet girl”.

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