B&B Monday Update 11/24/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/24/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

In Eric’s office, Eric and Thorne anxiously watch Donna and Owen on camera. Thorne is sure Donna is going to give in. Owen has Donna by the arms and tells her he knows she cares about him. Donna admits she does but tells him she thought he wasn’t going to keep pushing things. He knows she wants Eric.

Donna says he has to stop doing this since nothing is going to happen. She breaks away from him. Owen walks up behind her again and tells her Eric doesn’t deserve her and he’s had his chance. Owen seductively tells Donna not to push him away again. Eric tells Thorne he wishes he had made it audio surveillance, too. Thorne tells him he already knows what they’re saying. “Let’s get naked.” Eric isn’t happy, but doesn’t comment. Owen tells Donna to let it happen before it’s too late for them. Donna just looks at him with a frustrated expression.

Rick has Steffy by the wrists and drags her in his office. She tells him to get away from her and tries to break free. He says he just wants to talk to her. She says she has nothing to say to him. Rick tries to apologize for kissing her. She yells at him that she’s dating Marcus. He dated her sister and was engaged to her mother. She said besides the fact Ridge would rip his head off if he knew what happened. Rick tells her since Taylor dumped him, he’s been lonely. He says Steffy reminds him of her mother. She looks astounded.

Eric talks to the monitor, telling Donna to look at how Owen is groping her. Thorne tells his dad it could get “ugly”. Owen tells Donna they could be so happy together. He moves in to kiss Donna. Eric and Thorne are glued to the screen. Donna tells Owen he’s not listening to what she’s saying. Her heart is with Eric. She won’t betray him. She tells Owen nothing is going to happen with them. She’d like to work with him but there has to be some boundaries. He has to respect that. Owen says fine. They’ll do things her way. Donna tells him goodnight. Owen is disappointed as he watches her leave. Eric jumps up excitedly and tells Thorne nothing happened. Donna pushed him away. Thorne isn’t convinced and says Donna almost crossed the line. Eric says it proves her love for him. She passed the test. He’s glad they did this and he’ll never question her love for him again. Thorne isn’t happy.

Steffy is disgusted by Rick, saying she reminds him of her mother. Rick says she’s smart and strong like her mother. She’s feisty. Steffy says he’s just working her. Rick sincerely says no he’s not. He’s still trying to get over Taylor. No one knows how much he loved Taylor and misses her in his life. Steffy is unsure of whether to believe him. Her cell rings. It’s Marcus. He’s excited to be in Paris, but is not sure what he’s there to do. It’s a great opportunity; almost too good to be true. They say goodbye as Steffy thinks about it what he said. She accuses Rick of using her and Marcus is part of his plan too. She says he must really hate her family. Rick doesn’t answer.

At Eric’s, Donna relaxes in a bubble bath with her eyes covered. The door opens, and she assumes it’s Eric and tells “honey bear” to come on in. It’s Stephanie, who doesn’t say anything. She comes over and rubs Donna’s shoulders. Donna purrs about how good it feels and she loves his strong hands. Stephanie is enjoying fooling Donna. When Donna asks for a big kiss, Stephanie pushes Donna under the water. Donna comes up sputtering and realizes it was Stephanie. She looks indignant. Stephanie shakes her head and tells Donna she’s such a dodo bird. Donna throws her wet eye mask at her.

Thorne insists Donna hasn’t proved anything. The fact Eric even had to test her speaks volumes. He’s never had to test Stephanie or her loyalty. Eric is pleased that Donna passed his test and says even if she was interested in Owen, she isn’t any longer. Thorne says Eric and Stephanie have a profound history and could have a great future together. Eric says he loves and respects Stephanie and always will. Donna has brought something wonderful to his life. Thorne disgustedly says why - because he has a piece of eye candy on his arm? Eric tells him not to do that. Eric calls to tell his secretary to get his attorney to stop the divorce proceedings. Thorne looks surprised. Eric tells him he and Donna will spend the rest of their lives together.

Thorne looks at sketches at his dad’s desk. Eric comes back to get them and says he’s got to get home. Thorne sarcastically says he guesses so, with two women waiting on him. Eric says he’s going to resolve that situation tonight. Thorne gets upset and asks if Eric just plans to throw Stephanie out? Eric says he wouldn’t put it exactly like that. Thorne says he’s making a big mistake. Eric has made up his mind. He heads home.

Steffy says it makes sense. Rick is using her to get to Ridge. Steffy says Rick may have had feelings for Taylor. However, what he has in his twisted mind now she doesn’t want to be a part of. Rick says when Taylor dumped him, something inside him died. He was devastated. It would have never happened if not for Ridge. He hates Ridge for taking Taylor away. He hates Ridge for messing with his family when he was a kid. He hates Ridge for hurting his mother over the years. Steffy knows he’s had it rough lately. She feels bad for him, but blaming her dad is a cop out. Kissing her was just plain wrong. Rick tells her she’s right and he apologizes. Steffy ask what happened since Rick used to be such a good guy.

Donna wants to know what Stephanie is doing there. Stephanie says she was looking for Eric, but found her. Donna has gotten out and put on a towel. They continue to argue about who’s going and who’s staying. Stephanie is pretty certain Donna will be out. Stephanie tries to rile Donna and accuses her of having a “boob job”. Stephanie tells her sex isn’t everything. At some point Eric is going to want to talk and they can’t be in bed all day. Donna tells her they have more to their relationship. Eric makes her feel beautiful and loves her body. Stephanie keeps throwing barbs at Donna. They are still arguing, when Eric walks in. He wants to know what he walked in on. Stephanie says he has to make a decision, since they can’t go on this way. Eric agrees it’s time for a change. Both women’s ears perk up as they wait to see what Eric has to say.

Stephanie tells Eric this is silliness with the way they’re living. Donna eagerly asks Eric if he’s made up his mind. Stephanie tells Donna to go put some clothes on. She says fine and leaves. Eric asks Stephanie what was going on. Stephanie again says they just can’t continue this way. Both of them give him something different. She can appreciate that. She says she thinks she knows how he feels about both of them. She reminds him she does love him. He says he knows.

Steffy reminds Rick of the day at the cabana when she talked to him about wanting to make love to Marcus. Rick has a flashback and remembers. Steffy says he was so nice and understanding. She took his advice and she understood what her mother saw in him. She lightly throws in; he still didn’t hold a candle to her father. He sarcastically says so he’s been told. At that time, she was happy her mother had him. Now he’s being a power hungry jerk. She urges him not to lose the good guy. He says her mother really did a number on him and he blames her father. She says she knows he’s mad but he shouldn’t let it take over his life. Rick says he wants to make a powerful play to make his dad proud but he feels he doesn’t haven’t anyone to share it with. Steffy tells him he could have a friend. He looks at her sideways and asks who, her? She says it could be with some ground rules. Rick wants to know what the catch is. Steffy tells him he better never use her again. She tells him this rage he has is going to destroy him. Rick looks thoughtful over what she’s saying.

Stephanie sits on the stool as Donna prances back in, wearing lingerie and a robe. As she brushes her hair, she asks if she’s presentable. Eric says lovely. Stephanie repeats ‘lovely” in a dry tone. The phone rings and no one moves. Donna says someone should get that but it’s not for her. She takes her calls on her cell phone. Eric asks Stephanie if she would mind getting it. She’s hesitant, but agrees. As soon as she leaves, Donna tells Eric how strange Stephanie is getting. She tells him about Stephanie pretending to be him and rubbing her shoulders. Eric smiles and says he’s sorry he missed that. Donna tells him it’s not funny. She thinks she belongs there and wants Eric to say so. She gets close to Eric and says she can see how much he loves her. Eric cups her face with his hands. She begs Eric to tell her and not make her wait any longer. Eric holds her face again as he kisses her. They start hungrily kissing as Stephanie returns. She looks stricken. She slowly turns to leave.

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