B&B Friday Update 11/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/21/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick stands in the mirror in his office at Forrester trying out different ways of introducing himself. Steffy walks in and jokes that it’s a little late for an identity crisis. Rick thinks his name sounds like a kid. He’s been getting mail with “Richard” on it. Steffy tells him, he is a child. She tells him he doesn’t have to go around scratching his name on everything in the building. He tries to compare himself to Ridge at his age, but Steffy says her dad had class. Rick says Ridge could have stayed. It was his choice to leave. Steffy quips maybe he’ll be back. She also throws it in Rick’s face that her dad moved out of Brooke’s for Rick’s sake. However, he’ll be back with her, if he isn’t already. Rick gives a nervous laugh.

At Brooke’s, she has the bedroom decorated oriental style. She and Ridge are lying in bed, where they’ve made love. She tells him how yesterday at the beach she thought it was the end of the world. Then she saw him. He plays with her hair. She tells him he’s her “happily ever after”, so what are they waiting for. They don’t need anyone’s permission to be married. Brooke says they’ve earned it. They kiss each other hungrily.

Donna is with Eric in his office. She tells him she’s really happy for Marcus, but she’s going to miss him. Eric is proud of Rick and thinks he’ll be fine in his choices. He has his own mind. Donna says she used to know Eric’s. She quickly apologizes and says it’s hard for her. She feels like she’s in competition with Stephanie. She tells Eric he should know all he needs to about her. Eric says he just needs time, since he doesn’t want to make the wrong choice. Stephanie knocks and enters. She says she can come back, but Donna says she was leaving. Stephanie has pictures from Halloween for Eric to see. They laugh together as Donna watches from outside the door.

Brooke and Ridge get up and put their robes on. Ridge says they took a step back, when he moved out. She says she knows, but she had to do it for Rick. She says no one broke off their engagement, like Sidney. Ridge says not this time. She says last time it involved his daughter and that won’t happen again. She wonders why they’re even talking about it. She says they know what they have this time. Ridge kisses her hand as he holds it in his.

Rick tells Steffy he can’t concern himself with what her father does or doesn’t do. Steffy tells him she doesn’t have a problem with him. She appreciates what he did for Marcus and he was the first one to befriend him when he first came to town. She has a problem with him having a problem with her father. She turns to leave, but Rick asks her to wait. He’d like to see her on the executive floor and feels she has talent. He tells her he’d like to see her advance. She asks what if she’s happy where she’s at. Rick says he wants her where he wants her. He pauses with innuendo and says and he does want her. Steffy looks at him suspiciously.

The camera Eric has on Owen’s office is activated as Donna enters the room. She’s surprised Owen is still there. He says he was trying to find a gift for her, that one of the models was talking about. Even though he knows there’s nothing he can do to impress her. He says it wouldn’t matter, since she’s made her intentions known. Donna tells him that’s not true. Owen says he just has to get it through his thick skull that she’d rather be with Eric, even if his family makes her life hell. Donna doesn’t answer.

Thorne comes in his dad’s office and comments that he and Stephanie seem to be spending a lot of time together. He asks Eric why he keeps putting off what he really wants to do? Is he wanting to punish Stephanie? Thorne glances at the monitor and sees Donna with Owen. He wonders what he’s still doing at work at this hour. He says Donna must have gone straight there from Eric’s office. Eric tells Thorne he’s going to have to curb this impulse to always jump to conclusions where Donna is concerned. Thorne says Eric put in a surveillance camera to prove he could trust Donna, when in reality he never will.

Donna tells Owen she thought he wasn’t going to push and understood her position. Eric has been nice to both of them and they can’t jeopardize that. Owen says Eric hired him back, but for what. Thorne and Felicia don’t give him anything to do. Owen says he made excuses for Eric, until he found out he moved both women in his house. He says what kind of man would do that. Donna quickly defends Eric and says he didn’t move Stephanie in, she moved herself in. Eric doesn’t want to kick her out. Owens says it’s insane. No one would put up with that except Donna. It’s insulting to her. He tells Donna she has a choice and she knows it, since she’s looking right at it.

Ridge tells Brooke every time they’ve talked about getting married, something has come up. Why is that? Brooke says everyone is always telling them how wrong they are for each other. She says the dangerous thing would be if they started to believe it. They have to believe in each other. Ridge says those are wise words. They look lovingly at each other and lean in to kiss.

Rick has dinner for two set up in his office. Steffy prepares to leave, but Rick tells her to stop. She says it’s obvious he has plans. He tells her it’s to lure her into his executive plans for her. He tells her besides her dad ditched her for dinner. Steffy gets defensive and says it’s only dinner and he had a better offer. Rick asks how that makes her feel, since it’s not the only time. Ridge has missed other dinners, birthdays, etc. He asks her how was it growing up with their parents sacrificing time with their kids to spend with each other. Steffy again says it was only dinner. Ridge already had plans to be with Brooke. Rick says they have more in common than she thinks. He pulls out the chair and offers the seat to her. Steffy looks rather defiant, but sits down. Rick takes his seat too as they stare at each other.

Owen stands close to Donna and asks if she doesn’t see what she’s missing. Donna says what if she does. Owen walks over and locks the door. Eric wonders what he’s doing. Thorne asks how much more does Eric have to see. He should be able to figure it out. Donna tells Owen he doesn’t have to do that. Owens says she trust him doesn’t she. He says he’s never tried to undermine her to Eric. He never said a word even though he knew she was attracted to him. He’s never lied to her, even when it wasn’t to his advantage. He tells Donna just think of all the things they could do in this office. He grabs Donna by the arms. Thorne urges Donna to go for it. “You know you want to.” Eric anxiously watches. Owen begs Donna to let him show her what they could have. He won’t say a word to anyone. Donna looks confused, but doesn’t move.

Steffy and Rick continue dinner. Steffy talks to Rick about some ideas she has. She gets up to look for something on her dad’s desk, which Rick lets her know is now his desk. He gets up and is face to face with Steffy in an intimate manner. Steffy reminds him he’s on the rebound from her mother and he dated her sister. She looks rather repulsed as Rick grabs her and plants a kiss on her. Steffy is shocked.

Ridge tells Brooke he is concerned about Rick. He’s been ragging on forever about keeping them apart and he almost succeeded. Brooke says it won’t happen and she’s talked to Rick. Ridge says she talked, but Rick will tell her what she wants to hear and then do what he wants. Brooke says she hates to admit it about her own child, but Rick has to “best” Ridge at something. He has with becoming president of Forrester. She says he’s satisfied now.

Steffy breaks away and slaps Rick. She tells him don’t ever put his hands on her again. Rick grabs his cheek and tells her he’s sorry he thought-she cuts him off. She says she doesn’t care what he thought. She hurriedly leaves he room as Rick sits and has a glass of water. He muses to himself, “Hmm, a challenge”. He likes that.

Brooke tells Ridge she’s happy Rick is running Forrester. He has what he wants, so now he can leave them alone. She sits down behind Ridge and kisses his neck. She urges him to marry her. She gets up and moves in front of him and puts her arms around his neck. He promises her the most romantic wedding she’s ever seen. She rains kisses on him and says she loves him. She says this will be forever and nothing will ever come between them again. She falls on top of him and they playfully wrestles on the bed as they kiss. Brooke giggles happily.

Rick sits behind his desk, with a magazine featuring Ridge and Brooke on the cover. He stabs Ridge’s picture with a letter opener. He rubs his head and says Ridge will not have his mother. He’ll do whatever it takes to see that doesn’t happen. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Frustrated, he rubs his neck and repeats, whatever it takes.

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