B&B Monday Update 11/17/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/17/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke is on the beach, where she’s been riding. Ridge is on the cliff above, overlooking the beach. As she gets up to ride off, Ridge spots her and calls her name. She turns and sees him. They stare at each other in the distance.

Nick is in the den waiting for Katie to get back from checking on Jack. When she returns, he restlessly tosses the basketball around. He says he’s not going to worry about Brooke and Ridge. They may or may not work things out. Katie wears a slight frown.

Thorne is with his father in the office. Thorne lets his dad know Brooke and Ridge are fighting. Eric is confused and asks if Stephanie is involved. Thorne defends his mother and says she’s confused too. Eric says Ridge should be happy with the pod cast, since it was almost a tribute from Brooke. He’s still not convinced Stephanie isn’t involved.

Stephanie and Rick are still at Brooke’s, discussing his plan. Rick can’t believe Stephanie is taking the moral high road. Stephanie says Rick has lied and manipulated his father to get the presidency. She says he’s a Forrester and she can’t believe he’d treat his family this way. These are his brothers and sisters. He throws it in her face that Ridge is her bastard son with Massimo. Stephanie gets angry and tells Rick that’s not the way to get her alliance. Rick tells her he’s learned that if you and your enemy have a common goal, work together. Stephanie warns him things may not turn out the way he wants.

Ridge comes down the cliff as Brooke rides up to meet him. They look at each with smiles.

Ridge and Brooke continue to gaze at each other. Back at Forrester, Eric tells Thorne anyone can see the two of them belong together from the way they look at each other. Eric says they are meant to be together. Thorne wonders if the problem has something to do with Rick again. Eric looks thoughtful.

Rick tells Stephanie he can’t believe she’s willing to blow this opportunity. If his mom finds out what he did, she’ll be devastated. This could make her closer to Ridge, plus she’d never speak to him again. He says this would probably make Stephanie happy. She looks slightly offended and tells him he’s so smart. Why does he continue to fight with Ridge? He could do so much more for himself. She knows he’s always sought approval from his mother, which she blames Brooke for this attitude. Rick admits he’s needy where his parents are concerned, but he blames Ridge. Ridge has always been the “golden boy.” Stephanie tells him at some point he has to grow up and get over it. Rick angrily tells her he’s grown up and as president of Forrester; he’ll make sure Ridge is no more than a footnote.

Ridge helps Brooke off her horse. They continue to stare at each other intently. Brooke says he came to the same place. How could it not be right?

Katie watches Nick shoot baskets. He sits in front of her on the couch. She puts her hands on his legs. He tells her to stop obsessing about Brooke and Ridge. Katie says they have so much history and have gone through so much. Nick says maybe the passion is waning. His concern is it might filter down to Jack. Katie agrees and says Brooke was such a wreck. They should wait a while before taking Jack back. She thought they could survive anything, but Rick’s situation has been a drain. Nick tells her if Forrester makes her choose between him and her children, he may not come out on top. He hugs Katie, while she looks worried.

Rick begs Stephanie to go along with his plan. Stephanie is anxious about Eric finding out. He just told her today he wants Brooke and Ridge together. Rick says his dad is wrong. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to take the chance of losing Eric again. Rick tries to use Eric’s health to win her over; by saying it could kill Eric if he found out what Rick has done. He assures her no one can know but them. Stephanie is still skeptical, but agrees. She presses the fact, no one can find out. Rick tells her they have to be allies.

Brooke tells Ridge this is the place where their love has been the strongest, but it’s even stronger now. She still doesn’t understand why they were fighting. For them to be at this point on the beach has to mean something. Ridge says its destiny. He says to Brooke how could he ever not love her? They kiss passionately. Ridge picks her up as she straddles his legs. They continue to kiss.

Nick tells Katie it’s too serious in there. He picks up the basketball and tosses it to her. She shoots and misses. They laugh as Nick shoots and makes it. He grabs Katie in his arms and tells her even with her distracting him he made it. They kiss lightly at first. She tells him she loves him and their family. She asks him to say it doesn’t’ have to change. He does so between kisses.

Thorne is still in his dad's office, where he introduces himself to the interviewees for the spring line. As they leave, Thorne grabs one guys arm. He thinks its Owen. He apologizes. Eric comes back and comments on the line. As Thorne speaks, Eric is lost in thought looking at a picture of him and Ridge. Eric apologizes to Thorne and says he may be part of the problem with Ridge and Brooke. He felt he had to make Rick president for himself and the company. He’s had a hard way to go with the breakup and his accident. Thorne says sarcastically this should have really been a boost. Eric thinks the responsibility should help. He wonders why Ridge has to be so arrogant. Thorne laughs and says that’s the question of the century. Eric says he wishes all his children would cut each other some slack. Thorne tells his dad Rick has always been a divisive force. He warns Eric to look out for a hidden agenda.

Stephanie tells Rick nothing has been accomplished at this point. Rick disagrees and says he’s accomplished what she’s tried to do for years. Brooke and Ridge are no more he say confidently.

Brooke and Ridge walk hand in hand along the beach. They sit in the sand, with Ride’s arm around Brooke’s shoulders. They talk about being together. Brooke tells Ridge she’ll be his “Logan” forever. They kiss deeply. Ridge lays Brooke back on the sand as they continue to passionately kiss.

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