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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/14/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick and Brooke are at her house. Rick hugs his mother to comfort her about the situation with Ridge. Brooke is confused as to why Ridge is so upset and disillusioned. It doesn’t make sense. Rick is silent.

Ridge rides along the California coast on his motorcycle. He stops along the beach and looks at the place he and Brooke were married many years ago. He has flashbacks of the ceremony.

Brooke is tearful and looks out the window. Katie calls to see when they should bring Jack over. Brooke tells her it might be better for her to keep Jack for a while longer. Katie asks what’s wrong and Brooke tells her Ridge is gone. Katie doesn’t understand at first, but realizes Brooke means he’s gone possibly for good. Rick stands by and listens. Katie is stunned.

Rick tells Brooke she really needs to get out of the house. She agrees. She calls for her horse to be brought down to the beach. Rick asks if she wants company horseback riding. Brooke says she needs to have time alone to think. She thanks him for the support. Brooke heads upstairs, while Rick watches.

Katie has a worried look on her face, when Nick comes in the den. He asks if she’s ready to take Jack back to Brooke’s. Katie tells him Brooke wants them to keep Jack a while longer. She says something is going on and it’s not good. Nick looks confused.

Rick looks at a picture of his mother and Ridge. The doorbell rings. Rick grabs his crutches and heads for the door. It’s Stephanie. She’s looking for Brooke. Rick says she’s not there. Stephanie barges in and asks how Brooke is doing. She senses something is going on. Rick says yes something is going on, with a slight smile. His mother is upset he says, but he tells Stephanie to leave it alone. Stephanie says she knows it has something to do with the podcast. Ridge mentioned it had something to do with what Brooke said. Rick tells her it’s what she’s wanted. Stephanie suspiciously asks Rick what he’s done. Rick says don’t worry about it. Stephanie says she’ll find out what it is. Rick says he’s put a wedge between Brooke and Ridge. He takes his crutches and throws them on the couch. Stephanie watches in shocked amazement. Rick announces Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is on its final legs. Stephanie says, “You little son of a bitch.” She accuses him of conning everyone including his father. Rick doesn’t respond.

Ridge is at the top of the cliff overlooking the water. Brooke rides up the coastline on her horse. Neither is aware of the other, deep in thought.

Stephanie tells Rick he’s been faking all this time. Rick denies it and says he’s still in an incredible amount of pain, both emotionally and physically. It’s all because of Ridge. Stephanie angrily says he wasn’t paralyzed. Rick says he was up until he left the hospital. Stephanie is confused as to why Rick would do this. Rick says it was to buy some time. He wanted to separate Brooke and Ridge once and for all. Stephanie can’t believe what Rick has done. Rick says this is what they both wanted. Rick says he’s watched his mother pine away for years over Ridge. The final straw was Taylor. No one can fathom how much he loved her and it’s because of Ridge they’re not together. Stephanie wants to know what else he’s done. Rick picks up his crutches and tells Stephanie he wishes he could tell her, but he’s really busy with being president of the company. Stephanie wags her finger and tells him if he tries to leave she’ll go to Eric and tell him everything. Rick says he’ll tell her, but if she breathes a word Brooke and Ridge will have another one of their reunions. Impatiently, Stephanie demands to know what Rick has done. Rick tells her about editing the podcast. Stephanie thought Jake did the work. Stephanie figures out Rick deleted all the positive things Brooke said about Ridge. Rick tells Stephanie to stop judging, since she’s pulled a lot of sneaky tricks over the years to keep the two apart. Now it’s his turn. Stephanie still looks baffled and angry.

Katie wrings her hands with her face showing concern. Nick says he’s sure it’s nothing. Katie says Ridge walked out on Brooke. Nick wonders if it’s because of Taylor. Katie says she doesn’t think so. The two had been so happy lately. She says they’ve endured so much. They have to stay together. Nick looks concerned about the urgency in her voice.

Ridge has flashbacks of him and Brooke’s wedding on the beach. The sound of the water is in the background. Brooke rides along the beach. Her eyes are hidden by sunglasses, but tears still stain her face.

Katie worriedly says Ridge and Brooke belong together. They can’t be over. Nick wants to know what’s really going on. Katie tells him about Rick living with Brooke and forcing Ridge to move out. Now, Rick is president of Forrester Creations. Katie says this can’t be easy for the two of them. Nick says yes and repeats Forrester moved out. His face shows his concern. Katie muses about how they could plan a wedding with Brooke being so consumed with all Rick’s problems. Katie says they’ve gotten through worst, so this is a speed bump. Nick says Brooke is a mother first and foremost. If Ridge challenges this, he forces her to choose. Katie says Nick doesn’t thinks they’ll make it this time. Nick doesn’t answer, but is deep in thought.

Stephanie tells Rick he’s his mother’s child. Rick says he’ll take this as a compliment. Stephanie tells him everyone will figure it out. Rick says they won’t and he’s erased the evidence. Ridge heard what he heard and there’s no changing that. Rick tells Stephanie to just accept it. He says he hates Ridge and she hates his mother. Together they’re a train wreck. He tells Stephanie they agree on this point. Stephanie asks what if Ridge and Taylor get back together. Will he break them up too? Rick struggles to his feet from the couch and says if Taylor is that foolish, that’s her problem. Rick says he has a memory of his mother and Ridge getting married on the beach, when he was a child. It was great and he thought it would be forever. It never is with them. He doesn’t want his mother to go through that again. Rick says if this works they’ll be free of each other. How exciting is that Rick asks Stephanie.

Brooke gets off her horse and sits on the sand, watching the water. She takes a handful of sand and lets it run through her fingers. She flashes back to her and Ridge saying their vows on the beach. Ridge continues to stare at the water, high on the rocks. There are lots of flashbacks.

Katie asks Nick if he really believes Ridge and Brooke can’t work through their problems. Nick kisses her on the cheek and says he’s sure she’s right. They’ll work it out, but he hopes Brooke will be alright. Katie says she does too. Katie continues to ponder out loud that the two of them love each other. Ridge and Broke are in love just like the two of them. Nick agrees as he tosses around a mini basketball.

Stephanie tells Rick he’s built a house of cards. She’s not sure she can keep his dirty, mean secret. Rick says if she wants to talk about mean look at how her son has treated everyone. He then names several people using his fingers to count them off. Stephanie tells him to get over it. She knows he has issues with Ridge, but that doesn’t give him the right to lie and manipulate. She says she’ll have no part of it. Rick tells her she can be out, but if she busts him her pipe dream is out the window. She wants Ridge and Taylor together, this is the chance. Stephanie says it’s still wrong. Rick is getting frustrated and tells her she’s almost there, but his mom has to be out of the picture. Stephanie contemplates what Rick is saying.

Brooke and Ridge are both lost in their own thoughts. Suddenly, Brooke jumps up and gets on her horse. As she rides away, Ridge spots her and calls out her name. She stops and spots him on the cliff. They both stare at each other in the distance.

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