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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/10/08


Written by Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Brooke is in Rick’s room, where she’s astounded that he’s able to stand. She confusedly asks him how this can be. Rick is speechless, searching for an answer.

Steffy and Taylor fold clothes in Taylor’s bedroom at the house. They discuss Ridge being with them, but not to get their hopes up about where this could lead. Steffy tells her mother she hopes Ridge comes back as much as she does. Taylor quietly tells her sometimes it’s a mistake to hope for too much.

Ridge and Eric step into Brooke’s bedroom to talk privately. Ridge tells Eric how much of a mistake it is to try and have two presidents at Forrester. Eric says his decision is final. If Ridge can’t do it, then it’s his decision if he chooses to resign. Ridge says the way Rick feels about him the company will tank in a few days. Eric doesn’t see it that way. Ridge says if this is a test, his father has his loyalty. Eric asks if he really does. He then lets Ridge know he is aware he pulled the plug on him in the hospital. Ridge looks surprised. Eric asks how long he waited- two weeks? three weeks? Ridge asks if Rick told him this. Eric asks if it’s true. Ridge says he didn’t want him to die but he couldn’t even breathe on his own. The doctors couldn’t do anymore. Eric looks shocked at the admission. Ridge says he knew he was suffering and couldn’t let him lie there like that. Ridge tells his father even if he doesn’t believe him, he thought he heard his voice asking him to let him go. Eric doesn’t believe it. Ridge says everyone was overwhelmed, but he clearly heard Eric’s voice speaking to him. Eric says he did not ask him to end his life. He angrily says Ridge just gave up on him. He would never give up on Ridge. Ridge says that’s what it feels like, with him choosing Rick over him. Eric looks stunned at the accusation. Eric tells him he was flat on his back and helpless, just like Rick is in that room next door.

Rick says it’s a miracle he’s got feeling back in his legs. It must be the power of positive thinking. It’s the great conversation he had with his father. He felt like he could do anything. He excitedly tells Brooke he swung his legs over the bed and was surprised himself that he could stand. Brooke doesn’t know what to say but is happy.

Steffy tells her mother last night was great, but she realizes it’s only one night. They talk about Stephanie pulling for their family. Taylor says Stephanie always felt like she and Ridge belonged together. Steffy says her grandmother really came through for them. Ridge listens to his mother. Taylor says she really missed Stephanie. Even though she’s bossy and pushy, she’s a good person to have in your corner. Steffy tells her mom she wants their family together and hopes Taylor listens to Stephanie. Steffy says she hopes her father listens too. Taylor says she’ll do whatever she can to make sure he knows they want him back. She hugs Steffy.

Ridge says he’s earned his place at Forrester. Eric says so has Rick, but he feels his contributions have been overlooked. Ridge grunts and says, “According to him.” Eric says he can see how Rick feels. Ridge tells his father Rick is just trying to pull the sympathy card and make him feel guilty. Eric says he wants all his children to know they all have an equal place in his heart and the business. Ridge says Rick is just playing him. He’s using his accident as leverage, just like he’s doing to Brooke. Ridge pleads with his father not to let Rick use him. Eric gives Ridge a quizzical look.

Rick takes several steps and tells Brooke maybe the swelling has gone down like Bridget said it would. He really feels it’s the talk he had with Eric and all the support he gave him. Brooke still looks shocked at Rick’s progress. Rick walks back towards the bed but has a twinge of pain. Brooke grabs him and says to let her help. Rick says he’s okay. Eric and Ridge come in and see Rick standing. Brooke tells them to help her. Eric is happily surprised, while Ridge says sarcastically, “Well look at you.” Brooke continues to support Rick’s arm. Brooke tells Rick to get into bed, but he says no he wants to show his dad. Eric is amazed. Ridge says Rick looks fine to him. Rick gives Eric all the credit for his progress, due to his faith in him. Ridge says with a smirk that it’s a miracle. Rick cheerfully tells his dad it’s all because of him. The three of them share a laugh of relief, while Ridge looks on with his suspicions.

Steffy tells her mother she loves hearing her sound so positive. She says when Taylor first came back, she felt like everything was possible. Things didn’t go back to normal. Steffy gets emotional and says she was so young and her memories feel like fairy tales. Taylor rubs her arm in comfort. Steffy says everyday with Taylor was perfect and everyone was so happy. When Ridge left, the fantasy exploded. Steffy says she couldn’t stand to see Taylor so unhappy. She left because she couldn’t stand it. She tearfully tells her mother she’s so sorry. She could have come back with Phoebe and helped her. Taylor says that wasn’t her responsibility. Steffy says she can’t help getting her hopes up and if Ridge comes back it’s because of Taylor. She tells her mom she’ll have kids. Taylor raises her eyebrows, and Steffy laughs and says, “Some day”. She’ll want to bring them back to see their grandparents living happily ever after. Taylor says she’s doing everything she can to make that happen but Brooke has a strong hold on Ridge. Steffy says she knows. She grew up with them. Things were okay for a while, but it never lasts. There’s always some crisis. It’s not their fault, it’s just bad luck. Rick’s accident is a prime example. Taylor says Ridge doesn’t see it like that. Steffy says the more time he spends with them he will. Steffy says she’s going to call her father. Taylor tells her not to. Steffy says Ridge said he would be there. Taylor says he will if he can. Steffy says she needs to make sure, since he’s going through a rough time. He needs to know they’ll be there for him. Taylor looks unsure.

Ridge is suspicious of Rick’s sudden recovery. Eric and Brooke hold Rick’s arms to help support him. Ridge says with Eric’s pat on the back, he’s able to walk. Rick says look at him, while he tries to take a step. He has a twinge of pain. Eric and Brooke help Rick to the bed and tell him not to push himself. They settle him on the bed and ask if he’s comfortable, while Ridge watches with a mistrustful eye. Brooke wants to know if he needs anything. Rick asks for water, which Brooke asks Ridge to get. Ridge reluctantly does so. Eric excitedly asks Rick how this all came about. Rick says he was on such a high from their conversation, he thought he could do anything. Ridge hands him the water, and he thanks him.

Brooke stands by Rick’s side with her hands on his shoulder, wearing a smile. Rick says his entire life he’s felt like he’s been in Ridge’s shadow. He never felt like he could measure up, but today he does. Eric says he always has measured up. He sits at Rick’s side. Rick says he was thinking about his first day as president of Forrester and coming in the office, getting off the elevator with his father, and sitting behind his desk. In the vision he was walking, so he thought how hard could it be? This is when he discovered he could walk. He goes to demonstrate, but Brooke and Eric tell him that’s enough for one day. Ridge watches with his arms folded across his chest. He asks if someone shouldn’t call the doctor to have all this checked out. Brooke thinks that’s a good idea. Rick protests and says he doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he can feel his legs and why. Rick says just yesterday he was depressed, resentful, and cursing his fate. After the conversation with Eric, he felt on top of the world. He wants to make his father proud. He reaches over and pats Eric’s shoulder. Eric returns the gesture and says he already does. Brooke hugs Rick and kisses him with joy. The three share another close moment, while Ridge watches. He and Rick eye each other; Ridge with a look of skepticism and Rick with one of victory.

Ridge gets a phone call from Steffy but can't talk to her long.  She is shocked to hear that Rick can walk now.

Later, Rick and Ridge get into a big argument over Rick's promotion at Forrester.  Rick tells Ridge that it's his company now.  He warns that he will destroy Ridge if he gets in his way.  Ridge looks at him, smiling like he can't take him seriously.

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