B&B Friday Update 11/7/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/7/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne


Eric is at Brooke’s talking with Rick, who just revealed to him that Ridge pulled the plug on his ventilator.

Taylor stops by Eric’s house to see Stephanie and let her know how well the evening went with Ridge. Stephanie tells her indirectly Rick may be responsible for her getting back together with Ridge. Taylor blames herself for what’s taken place. She feels if she had fought harder for Ridge, when she came back, events would have not taken place. Stephanie tells her she can’t take responsibility for everything. She knows Taylor loves Rick in her own way, but had the unresolved feelings for Ridge. Rick has all this anger for Ridge for his own reasons. Stephanie thinks the relationship between Brooke and Ridge would have imploded anyway, with Rick’s feelings towards Ridge. Taylor is afraid to get hurt if things don’t work out.

Brooke and Ridge lie in bed together at her house after making love. Brooke’s mind is on Rick. Ridge tells her Rick will be fine, since he already had some feelings in his legs before he left the hospital. Brooke doesn’t think he’s made much progress, since he got home. Ridge says because he’s not focused. All Rick wants to do is slander him to whoever will listen. Ridge says he’s getting really tired of Rick blaming him for his situation.

Eric can’t believe Ridge would pull the plug on him. Eric tries to justify it. Rick tells him Ridge was well aware of what he was doing. He told everyone about it and made a conscious choice. Rick says it was greed, since Ridge wants to run the company. Rick tries to get Eric to focus on happier times, like when he was with Brooke. Eric says those times were great. Rick tells Eric not to cave in to Ridge, but maintain the company himself.

Stephanie tells Taylor she can get her life back with Ridge. Taylor’s not sure. Stephanie continues to assure her it can happen. Taylor hugs Stephanie and tells her how grateful she is to have her back in her life. Stephanie hugs her back and agrees.

Brooke rubs Ridge’s arm with her fingertips and tells him he has to give Rick the benefit of the doubt. Ridge says he has tried. Brooke says he sees Ridge as taking everyone away from him including her and Taylor. Ridge says Rick needs to see a therapist. He tells Brooke to look at all the women Rick has seen recently that were older than him. Brooke explains how Rick feels she wasn’t there for him. Ridge thinks that’s a crock and says Rick needs to be a man. Brooke should treat him as such. Brooke says she just wants peace. Ridge says things will be back to normal soon. He hopes once Rick is back to work they can have a talk. Ridge expects Eric will be turning the business over to him in a few days. Brooke coyly asks Ridge since he’ll be Rick’s boss if he’d fire him if he doesn’t want to listen. Ridge says not if she doesn’t want him to. He says he’s not going to put up with much more from Rick and neither should she. Brooke doesn’t answer. Ridge grabs her head and kisses her face. She snuggles up close to him with a smile.

Eric tells Rick how Ridge expects to run the company one day. Rick asks his father why he caters to Ridge. What has Ridge done for him as a son? Eric is surprised by Rick’s questions. Rick goes on to say Ridge doesn’t approve of Eric’s relationships or how he runs the company. Eric says Ridge loves him. Rick throws it in his face that Ridge is Massimo’s son and may be trying to show him up. Rick hates how Ridge treats Eric like he needs to be put out to pasture. Eric doesn’t answer. Rick tells his father he’s loyal and loving, but he doesn’t get half the validation Ridge does. He bitterly tells his dad if he got half the treatment Ridge does, he’d love to see where he could be. Eric looks at him stunned by the attitude.

Stephanie and Taylor continue to discuss how good it is to be friends again. Taylor says she really missed their relationship. Taylor apologizes and said she just needed to lash out at someone. It was just more of the self destructive behavior she let herself get into. Stephanie says it won’t happen again because she needs her too. Taylor says they have their battles against the Logan sisters. Stephanie says the “slut sisters”. They both laugh and say they are the bane of their existence. Stephanie says they’re going to win.

Brooke lays back and lets Ridge continue to caress her face. She has her eyes closed. Ridge tells her to look at him. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him. Ridge tells her this will be over one day and they’ll laugh about it, including Rick. Brooke says he sounds so confident about it. He tells her because he’ll finally have everything he’s always wanted. He’ll have her, the kids, the company, and nothing will stop him. He rubs Brooke’s face and then kisses and hugs her. He repeats that nothing is going to stop him.

Eric tells Rick he needs to understand there is no competition for his love and attention amongst his children. Rick says he doesn’t believe that. Eric sits on the bed next to him and asks why Rick would think this. Rick angrily tells him he’s always tried to be the good son. He went to Paris and did a good job. When he came back, he didn’t expect to run the company. Ridge acts like he’s entitled even though Rick is the number one son of Eric and Brooke. Rick says he feels like the bastard son, since Stephanie isn’t his mother. He says that’s how Ridge makes it seem, since he ruined Eric and Brooke’s relationship. He bitterly tells Eric that’s how his favorite son treats the people he loves. He’s not going to let him use and dump his mother again.

Brooke slowly puts her robe on and Ridge asks if she’s still worried about Rick. Brooke apologizes, but Ridge says she’s still his mother. It’s okay. Ridge says he’ll have a little peace talk with Rick. Brooke wonders if that’s a good idea. Ridge says trust him. She puts her arms around his neck and says he’ll do anything for her won’t he? Ridge says anything that’ll make her happy or her dreams come true. That’s what he lives for. She smiles. He hungrily kisses her. She holds his face and kisses him back.

Eric tells Rick he doesn’t have a favorite son. He loves all his children. Rick says he knows Ridge is his favorite, so he can admit it. Rick says everyone knows it’s true. Eric is speechless. Rick says he’s been keeping this inside for a long time, because he didn’t want to admit it to himself. Talking today, he felt like he had to say something. Eric grabs Rick by the face and tells him to listen to him. He passionately says he loves him and has since the day he was born. He hears what he’s saying and he understands. He says he’ll be there for him and from this day forward he doesn’t want him to ever feel second best to Ridge. Ridge walks up and catches the tail end of the conversation. He walks in and says, “Well, well, well.” Ridge tells Rick he’s playing their father like he played Brooke. Rick looks petulant. Ridge tells him he tried to come there and make peace. Ridge says all this has got to stop now. Eric jumps up in surprise at Ridge’s entrance. The two sons eye each other as competitors.

Stephanie and Taylor sip tea. Stephanie tells Taylor she knows she’s going to win. Taylor says she feels like it’s more in Ridge’s hands. Stephanie tells her she has to feel like she’s going to win. She has to take advantage of the situation. Taylor says it sounds like that’s being manipulative. Stephanie says it is what it is. She has to fight and not walk away from the man she loves. Taylor looks thoughtful at the suggestion.

Eric tells Ridge he’s interrupting his conversation with Rick. Ridge says talk or guilt trip. Ridge asks Eric if he can’t see what’s going on. Ridge says Rick is trying to play on his father’s sympathy. It was Rick’s own fault for attacking him, that he was injured. Rick laughs and says he can’t believe Ridge is trying to make this his fault. He says Ridge kissed his fiancée, lead her on, destroyed his wedding plans to her, threw him off the building and it’s not his fault? He tells Eric that’s exactly what he’s been trying to tell him. It’s never Ridge’s fault. Ridge says it’s ridiculous. He tells his father they should leave and have a real talk about the future of Forrester. Eric says Rick is a part of the company. Ridge says what he wants to talk to his father about doesn’t involve Rick. Eric says Rick is his son just as much as Ridge. Ridge says Rick is a kid. Eric stands by Rick’s bed and says he doesn’t look at it that way.

Rick sits with his arms folded across his chest with almost a pout on his face. Brooke walks up and hears the conversation. She walks in and wants to know what’s going on. Eric tells her he’s glad she’s there. He says take a good look at their son, the new president of Forrester Creations. Rick looks surprised. Brooke and Ridge look at each other with questions on their faces. Ridge says no way. He’s president and Eric is CEO. Eric says right. Both Rick and Ridge will share duties as the president. It’s his final decision. Ridge says no way, he’ll resign first. Eric says that’s his choice. Eric turns to Rick and congratulates him with a handshake. Rick says thanks. He’ll make him proud. Ridge says this is all ridiculous, with a slight smile. He tells Eric he can’t mean this. Eric assures him he does. Brooke still looks shocked. Eric again says his decision is final. Rick asks his mother if she’s going to congratulate him. She moves to the bed rather unsurely and kisses him. She says congratulations. Ridge watches without comment. She leaves the room. Ridge tells Eric he’ll wait to talk to him about this and he leaves. Eric turns to Rick, who sits in disbelief at what just took place. He thanks his father. They shake hands and Eric says he’ll see him at the office.

After Eric leaves, Rick draws a deep breath. He thinks about what his father has done in making him president of Forrester Creations. He repeats it several times to himself. He stands and repeats it incredulously. Brooke walks in and is stunned to see him standing. Rick gets flustered and tells her he can explain. Brooke looks at him with confusion all over her face.

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