B&B Monday Update 11/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/3/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Taylor’s, she and Ridge continuing discussing his situation with Brooke asking him to move out. The kids and Stephanie stand by. He tells her he’s not prepared to have this discussion right now. Taylor asks how bad do things have to get. She tells him he’s basically homeless, living out of his car. He says he’s not living out of his car. She reminds him they want him there with them and never wanted him to leave. Home doesn’t feel like home without him. Why not come home?

Katie is home with Nick. She’s just put Jack down for a nap. They play a bit of basketball with the miniature set he gave her. She’s teases him about having no staying power, no stamina. He playfully grabs her as she shoots the ball in the makeshift goal. She giggles and he shushes her. She turns around in his arms and kisses him. He playfully pushes her away and tosses her the ball.

Rick is in bed at Brooke’s eating the sandwich she prepared. His phone indicates a text and he manages to get up and get it from the side of the bed. He’s texting back, when Brooke comes in and sees him sitting on the side of the bed. She’s surprised and asks what he’s doing. He looks up surprised to see her.

Ridge asks Stephanie if she orchestrated all of this. She says no, but she would have if she’d thought of it. Thomas vouches for her. Steffy tells him this wasn’t planned. They were all just talking and realized they wanted the same thing. She reminds him she told him this before. She wasn’t trying to relive her childhood, but wished to have her family back together. Steffy says each family has their own ideals about their family. Everyone thinks they have the most beautiful mother and smartest, handsomest father. Stephanie says each family has its own dynamics. Steffy says she can understand Brooke wanting him with RJ and Hope. Stephanie says Brooke has kids by four different fathers, but they’re all tied to her. They have her. It’s a different situation. Ridge tells Steffy he does remember their family. Steffy asks if he ever misses it.

Katie and Nick take a breather as she teases him about needing oxygen “grandpa”. He stretches out on the couch. She sits beside him. She tells him if he didn’t smoke the little cigars, he asks like she doesn’t see, he wouldn’t be so winded. She grabs the bowl of pistachios. He tells her not to touch his nuts. She says she thought winner takes all. He jokes that he shelled them and protected them from the elements, so winner be damned. She says she’ll feed them to him then. She proceeds to do so and asks if they’ll always be this happy. He responds by kissing her.

Brooke asks Rick again what he was trying to do, since it’s too soon for him to try to be moving around. She carefully moves his leg back up on the bed and tells him he’ll reinjure himself. He says she makes this sound like it’s self inflicted, but it’s not. She tells him to let her take care of him. He wants to do the same for her. She says that’s sweet, but there’s nothing wrong. She tells him not to try getting out of bed again without her and leaves him alone.

Ridge tells his family it’s wrong to try to try to hold onto past moments of happiness. Things happen in their own season. You have to let it go. Stephanie asks isn’t that what he’s trying to do with Brooke. No one can see him jumping for joy with that relationship. Rick has always been a pain she says, but Nick is like a revolving door for Brooke. Now with Jack, it won’t go away. When is it happily every after with her? Ridge looks like he could get upset. Stephanie quickly says she’s not criticizing Brooke. They just want to understand the dynamic of his relationship with her. Taylor says it’s because he loves Brooke, which is why she had to let him go. Ridge looks surprised at the comment. Taylor says you can’t argue with love, but the connection with love and happiness doesn’t always guarantee it. She was in love after they broke up, but she still had unhappiness. She asks Ridge if this sounds familiar.

Nick comes back with a tray of wings. Katie is getting off her cell, where she’s been talking to her mother. She tells him about Ridge moving out. Nick says not happily he’s sure, but Brooke probably kicked him out. Katie says since Rick is recuperating there and they don’t get along. Nick jokes about who does Ridge get along with over the age of ten. Nick says he probably went kicking and screaming. Katie agrees he probably wasn’t happy. Nick says he’s never seen him happy. Katie says it should just be temporary. Nick says it’s probably good. Katie wants to know why he’d think it would be good for Brooke to be single. Nick says Brooke thinks she’s supposed to live happily every after with Ridge, but look at all the drama. She must have a guardian angel watching over her and saving her. Katie wants to know who Brooke is being “saved” for. Nick tells her it’s not their business. Jack is their business. He sits down next to her and says they’ll do well with their business. He kisses her and asks if they can “do” some business. They kiss again more passionately.

Brooke comes back in to ask Rick if he enjoyed his lunch. Rick tells her it was great. Brooke reminds Rick the house is hers with Ridge and he will be back once Rick recovers. She tells Rick it’s not a competition about who she loves more. He used to goad her into that, but they’re all adults. She tells him she and Ridge are raising children together. She doesn’t want to make the same mistakes she did with him and Bridget. He says maybe she should go. Brooke says she’s not asking him to care for Ridge, but know they will have a life together. Rick listens without expression or comment.

Taylor tells Ridge she used to be afraid. Ridge says he didn’t think she was afraid of much. Taylor laughs and says not normal things, but she was afraid of Brooke before. They reminisce about their time in St. Thomas. Taylor says she was afraid of Brooke always waiting in the wings, because she knew Ridge had some type of love for her. Taylor says she’s different now and even though he loves Brooke, it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s not afraid to fight back. She coyly tells Ridge she can be more sexy than Brooke and she’s not afraid to prove it. He has a slight smile on his face. Thomas breaks in and says he and Steffy are going to play tennis. Steffy teases him about being better than him. He lets her know he’s been practicing. Taylor proposes they play doubles. Thomas teases Ridge about being ancient. Ridge acts offended and says he doesn’t have clothing or he’d take the challenge. Stephanie reminds him he always keeps clothes in his trunk. The kids leave to change and Taylor and Ridge look at each other thoughtfully. Stephanie watches with a pleased look.

Katie and Nick snuggle together on the rug after making love. Katie asks if they’ll always be this happy. Nick tells her if she’ll allow him to love her exactly the way he does in his own way. Can she do this? She says yes. He kisses her and asks if she promises. She says yes and they continue kissing very softly.

Ridge comes in with his clothing. Stephanie greets him and says it’s a pleasant way to spend the day. Ridge tells her don’t look at him like that, because he has no idea where all this is going. Stephanie agrees, but says to go with his feelings. If it feels good, how can it be wrong? He says he’s going to dress in the den. As he walks away, his phone buzzes. Stephanie goes to stop him, but sees its Brooke. She let’s it go. Brooke leaves a message wondering where Ridge is at, but hopes he isn’t looking for a hotel. She says she talked to Rick, who was being unfair. She has no reason, but to love Ridge even more and forever. She says, “I love you. Ciao.”

Taylor bounces in wearing a sexy little tennis outfit. Stephanie tells her she got Ridge’s attention. Taylor says because she’s right about what he’s feeling. Taylor asks Stephanie doesn’t she have something to do. Stephanie laughs and says yes, but just because Brooke kicked him out doesn’t mean she’s not on red alert knowing Taylor is sniffing around. Taylor lets her know she understands how Brooke operates. Ridge comes in and asks where the rug rats are. Steffy and Thomas come bounding in and Thomas wants to know why Steffy’s stuff is in his room. She tells him Phoebe and her hair take up too much room, so she moved into his room. They continue the banter as Ridge and Taylor watch with slight smiles. Taylor shakes her head. Ridge lets her know the kids aren’t serious. Taylor says she’s happy and doesn’t remember the last time she’s been this happy. Stephanie watches from the couch with pleasure. Taylor asks Ridge to please say it isn’t just her. Ridge smiles, but doesn’t answer.

Brooke sits on Rick’s bed as he sleeps. She smoothes his hair and looks at him. Taylor and Ridge watch the kids play tennis from the balcony. They smile with parental pride. They hug each other and Taylor wears a big smile as she hugs Ridge tight.

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