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Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Ridge and Brooke are at their home, making up a bed for Rick. Ridge notices Brooke canít even look at him. She tells him she doesnít want him to move out but she has to do this for Rick. Ridge thinks Rick is being unreasonable. They should learn to work things out as a family. Ridge asks what about their children? Donít they need their father? Brooke tells him Rick feels like she hasnít been there for him but this will not be long term.

At Taylorís, she talks with Steffy, Thomas and Stephanie about Ridge. They discuss how they felt about the family breaking up and how to approach their father. They canít just tell him who to be with, but they see the potential for him to be hurt with the Rick situation. They donít want to get their hopes up since something always comes up.

Ridge tells Brooke he can understand why sheíd want him out but what about once theyíre married. She tells him things will be different. Ridge asks if Rick doesnít want to come to Christmas dinner, then heíll be shuffled off to some diner? Brooke sighs and doesnít answer. Rick arrives with his father by gurney. Heís in pain since he didnít take his pills. He spies Ridge in the room and wants to know why heís still there.

Ridge reminds Rick he lives there. Brooke tries to smooth things over, but Rick cuts her off. Rick tells Eric to get Bridget on the phone right now. Ridge asks if they can have a calm adult conversation. Rick tells him no. He doesnít want to be thrown off another building. Eric tries to intervene by offering for Rick to stay with him. Brooke reminds Eric heís just recovering himself. Rick says Bridget has already offered for him to stay with her. Brooke says Bridget would have to hire someone to take care of him. She wants to do it herself. Rick asks if she remembers their conversation. He canít stay with her if Ridge will be there. Rick asks if she thinks he was kidding. Ridge says whatever Brooke needs from him, sheíll have. Brooke looks at him and raises her eyebrows, with a smile playing on her lips. Brooke thanks him and they kiss. Ridge leaves to pack a few things.

Steffy says it always feels like her dad and Brooke are always hanging by a piece of thread. Thomas says thatís not what you want for your father. It wasnít like that when he and Taylor were together. Steffy agrees and says when they were together, if there were any problems, the kids didnít know about it. Stephanie speaks up and says the only problem was Brooke.

Rick is trying to reach for something from bed with great difficulty. Ridge walks in and wants to know what heís trying to do. Rick says nothing. Ridge tells him Brooke is walking Eric out. Ridge tells him if he had any doubts about how much his mother loved him as a child; he should be able to put that away now. Rick asks what heís worried about since Ridge has had her undivided attention for the better part of his life. He says Ridge got away with using her, abusing her, dumping her and pretty much treating her like garbage. He asks if Ridge is worried that, being away from her, she might remember these things. Ridge looks disgusted and tells him heís going to assume heís just not himself. He tells him he hopes heíll try to understand and realize he and Brooke will be married. Rick quips that he hopes Ridge doesnít ask him to stand up for him since he wonít be able to do that anytime soon. Ridge doesnít say anything but turns and leaves.

Rick looks out the window from his bed where he can see Brooke and Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke if sheíll be alright. Brooke puts her arms around Ridge and says, ďWithout you?Ē She reaches up to kiss him. He returns the kiss and wants to know why theyíre doing this. She tells him itíll only be a little while. She wants to know where heíll stay. He doesnít know for sure but mentions a hotel or Ericís. Ridge says when theyíre apart, all he can think about is the whisper of her voice in his ear or the touch of her skin. He talks about missing her and kisses her again. Rick continues to watch as Ridge leaves. Brooke restlessly paces.

Steffy says she forgot she and her dad were supposed to go to lunch. Stephanie thinks itís a good opportunity. Steffy doesnít want her dad to feel ambushed. Taylor agrees itís not supposed to look choreographed. Everyone should just be genuine. She tells Stephanie to not badger Ridge. Let him see how much his family loves him. Taylor says even though Ridge seems stoic, deep down heís like everyone else and wants to be where heís loved and safe. They can remind him he had that with them. Steffy smiles.

Brooke returns to RickĎs room to see what he wants for lunch. He asks for a grilled ham and cheese, which turns into them reminiscing about how he used to love them as a child. Rick says it wasnít like it was something really big, but it gave them time to spend together. Brooke asks if she really seemed so unavailable. Rick says he was just really happy when he got his sandwich. He tells her how happy he is to be with her now. She kisses him and says, ďOh, honeyĒ. Rick seems satisfied.

Rick shows up at Taylorís to get Steffy. She invites him in. Ridge thinks maybe Steffy forgot since that would play right into the type of day he was having. Taylor asks whatís been going on. Ridge says itís just one of those days that remind you youíre not as important as you think. Taylor lets him know thatís not true. Ridge says donít pay him any mind. Taylor asks if it has something to do with Brooke. Ridge tells Taylor about Brooke asking him to move out. Taylor looks a bit surprised but makes no comment.

Brooke tells Rick nothing matters more to her than getting him well soon. Rick asks what about Ridge. Brooke says heís giving Rick some space to heal. Rick tells her Ridge has never made her happy. Brooke says thatís not true. Rick says heís seen Ridge break her heart for years. Brooke says it was self-inflicted most of the time. Rick tells her when she forgives, she must forget. He doesnít. Brooke smiles and tells him she appreciates the person heís becomes. Sheís proud of his independence. She tells him when heís better, things will return to the way they were. Heíll go back to his life, and she and Ridge will go back to theirs, planning their future, their wedding. Rick looks

angry and sullen. Brooke goes to make his sandwich. He spots a picture of Ridge and Brooke on the desk. He reaches for it, but canít get it. He almost falls out of bed. He has flashbacks of Ridge threatening him about Phoebe. He pulls the covers off his legs and manages to sit on the side of the bed. He still canít reach the picture. He flashes back to Taylor saying she canít marry him. She ďlongsĒ for Ridge. He looks at the picture and talks to it. He says he can remember all the years of broken hearts and bitter tears. He reaches out for the picture again and actually stands as he grabs it. He looks around and is shocked he can stand. He sees his image in the mirror. He slowly moves his legs and can actually take a step or two. He laughs in relief.

Ridge tells Taylor about Rick being released from the hospital to stay with Brooke and his demand for Ridge to move out. Taylor says so Rick snaps his fingers and Ridge is out. Ridge says temporarily. Taylor says sheís not sure how many times sheís heard him say that before. Ridge says he doesnít like it, but what can he do. Rick is her son and has a claim on her attention. Taylor shakes her head in wonder and asks how Ridge can pick that kind of life. Heís just an object in Brookeís ever changing attention span. Ridge looks disgusted but doesnít comment. Steffy comes in, and Ridge says maybe they should talk about this later. Steffy tells him maybe they should talk about it now. Ridge says thereís not much to be said about this situation with Rick. Thomas appears, and Ridge is surprised to see him. They hug. Thomas says Taylor called, and he came. Steffy says Phoebe would have come, too, if she could have gotten a flight.

Stephanie appears, and says itís not just Taylor that wants him back. She puts her arm around Taylorís waist. Ridge turns around in surprise. Taylor asks if he thinks itís odd she would let everyone know how she felt about him. She expressed her feeling and found out she wasnít alone. Taylor says he just looks so unhappy, especially telling her how Brooke doesnít have time for him. She put him on the backburner like she has no place for him. Ridge looks around at everyone. Steffy speaks up and says this wasnít a plot. They were all talking and figured out a few things. Thomas joins in and says no one can relax when heís with Brooke. They know he loves Brooke, and so do they. Thomas goes on to say they just feel like something bad is going to happen. Steffy reminds her dad that he taught her that not all fantasies come true. Maybe what heís trying to have with Brooke isnít meant to be, or isnít, good for him. Ridge drops his head and says he knows why they would feel this way but heís the only one to make this judgment. He walks away from them. Taylor follows and tells him maybe thatís what he should do right now. She tells him to look back at the family the way it used to be. It was probably one of the happiest times of his life, and he was centered. Ridge agrees. Taylor tells him to think about his life with Brooke. Which one of them would he say made him feel the most secure, like he didnít have to worry about anything? Things like would he be with the same people, people that valued him, that some other man was threatening his marriage or his children didnít look up to him. She tells Ridge he has to look at these things. He looks at her rather sheepishly but doesnít say anything. She tells him he has to look at it like this is something you would say to someone you care about. What would he tell them to do? She quietly tells him to come home. Ridge looks at everyone and has a thoughtful look on his face.

Brooke takes Rickís sandwich in and teases him about how the bed looks like an army of cats had been in it. Rick laughs and says itís a talent of his. Brooke tells him he can have a nap after lunch. He says maybe until the munchkins get home. Sheís told the kids to be quiet. Rick says itís their home and he doesnít mind. He can stay with his father. Brooke tells him itís already been decided. Heíll be with her until he gets better, as long as it takes. She says heíll be better soon and will walk. She moves the covers at Rickís feet to straighten the bed. As she touches his feet, he winces in pain. She asks him if it hurts. He plays dumb and asks if what hurt. Brooke smiles and tells him she loves him as she touches his shoulder. He says he loves her, too. She tells him sheíll be right down the hall if he needs her. As she leaves, Rick wiggles his toes. He says to himself heíll get Ridge out of his motherís life once and for all. Heíll see to that and heíll stay right there for as long as it takes.

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