B&B Monday Update 10/27/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/27/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In Rick’s hospital room, Rick agonizingly says he’s paralyzed. Brooke tries to comfort him. Bridget tells the doctor to run tests for what they might have missed. Do whatever he can to help her brother. The doctor tells her to be strong as he rushes out. Ridge moves closer to the bed and puts his hand on Bridget’s shoulder in comfort. His face registers shocked disbelief. He and Brooke can only stare at each other wordlessly.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna and Eric hug. Eric tells her he’s sorry for all the nasty things he said to her. Donna tells him it doesn’t matter. Eric tells her he knows she was only trying to protect him. He just wishes he could have helped her. Donna tells him she couldn’t chance it, since she didn’t know what Pam would do. She found the strength to break his heart and hers. Eric hugs her and tells her how brave she was. Donna says it’s all in the past. Pam is caught now and hopefully will spend the rest of her life behind bars and out of their lives. Eric tells her Pam may not be as crazy as they think. Donna doesn’t understand how he can say this. Eric says Pam has always had strange behavior, but not like lately. He tells Donna about the scar tissue that had been growing, since Pam was a child. It could be responsible for all Pam’s recent erratic behavior. Donna is speechless.

At the hospital, Stephanie stops a staff to ask about Pam’s status. She’s told the doctor will be out shortly to speak with her. Stephanie finds a seat to anxiously wait.

Bridget pours over Rick’s chart as Brooke and Ridge surround her. Rick keeps his back turned to them. Brooke wants to know how soon they’ll have answers. Rick turns to them and says they already have the answers. He can’t feel his legs, and therefore he won’t be able to walk. Brooke goes over and puts her hands on his shoulder and arm to comfort him. She tells him he has to think positively. The doctors will do all they can to find the problem. Rick tells her they know the problem. He’s paralyzed. He’s an in-va-lid! He enunciates. Brooke turns and looks at Ridge helplessly.

Donna is skeptical about Pam’s illness. She reminds Eric of the lengths Stephanie has gone, especially even faking a heart attack. Eric says Stephanie has lied about a lot of things, but he spoke to the doctor himself. Donna isn’t taking any chances. She heads for the door and tells Eric to come on. He asks where they’re going. She tells him to the hospital.

Bridget, Ridge and Brooke stand at Rick’s bedside. Bridget tells Rick the swelling could be causing the paralysis; it’s too soon to tell. Brooke is happy and expresses this to Rick. He wants to know if that’s how she’ll forgive Ridge, it he’s able to walk in six months. They all look at each other, shocked at Rick’s attitude. Ridge says he’s sorry for what’s happened. Rick sarcastically says, “Yeah, it’s not your fault.” Rick says he didn’t jump off the building. They were the only two people present. Ridge can stop with his shallow sympathies. Ridge again tries to tell Rick they’re all very concerned about him. Rick tells him he can just stop and get out of his room. Bridget and Brooke look on wide eyed. Rick tells Ridge he finally got what he wanted. Ridge tells Rick he never wanted anything like this. He’s Brooke’s son and he helped raise him. Rick tells Ridge he spent his whole life taking things from him. Ridge looks surprised and asks like what. Rick loudly says, “My mother”. Brooke looks surprised and glances at Ridge. Rick talks about how hard it is for kids when their parents separate. He reminds Ridge even though he, Felicia and Thorne are adults they still act like heartsick kids about their parents. Rick says he was young when Ridge swooped in and took his mother. His life would have been so different if Ridge had left his mother the hell alone to be with his father. He says Ridge has no idea what he and Bridget went through. He reminded Ridge of all the indecision about would it be Taylor or Brooke, Brooke or Taylor. Bridget still looks shocked at the direction the conversation has taken. She puts her hand over her mouth. Rick goes on to say he and Bridget had to pick up the pieces when Ridge would decide Taylor was the “flavor of the month”. He says Ridge didn’t care.

Brooke looks sick. She rubs Rick’s shoulder as he talks, but looks at Ridge questioningly. Bridget is visibly upset and tells Rick this is all ancient history. Rick cuts her off and tells her don’t pretend they played board games and sang Kumbaya. He tells Ridge the only time he noticed him was when he was in the way, so he can stop pretending he cares so much. Rick tells Ridge now that he’s an adult, it’s not enough to just have his mom. Ridge continues to come between him and the women he loves. He names, Ashley, Phoebe, and Taylor. He says Ridge must think putting him in a wheelchair will keep him from defending his mother, but Ridge is dead wrong. Ridge just stands by and lets Rick vent, with no emotion showing. Rick tells him he’ll never ruin another thing for him or take anything away from him. He yells at Ridge to get out. Ridge hesitates, but Bridget says they should give Rick some space. Ridge turns and leaves. Brooke rubs Rick’s shoulder and tells him she’ll be right back. Bridget gets close to the bed to comfort Rick, but he manages to turn his back on her. Ridge stands outside Rick’s door, where Brooke joins him. They stand and stare at each other in silent disbelief.

At the hospital, Stephanie reads a magazine waiting for Pam to come out of surgery. Donna shows up and asks Stephanie if she didn’t want to risk a heart attack this time. Stephanie looks up in surprise and confusion. She asks Donna what in the worlds she’s talking about. Donna asks how much it cost to fake this whole thing with Pam to keep her out of jail. Stephanie tells her this isn’t a joke and Pam is in surgery now. Donna says she doesn’t believe her. Stephanie lets her know she doesn’t care what she believes. The doctor interrupts their conversation to announce Pam is out and on the way to the Recovery Room. Things appear to have gone well. Donna listens, but still doesn’t believe it’s true. The doctor tells Stephanie they won’t know any residual affects until Pam wakes up. After the doctor leaves, Donna tells Stephanie she doesn’t care what this surgery supposedly represented. Pam belongs behind bars for what she did and she won’t rest until she’s locked up. Stephanie’s face registers surprise at Donna’s anger. However, Stephanie crosses her arms in a defiant gesture as she listens to Donna.

Eric shows up and asks Stephanie about Pam. She tells him Pam is out of surgery and things look good. The doctor comes back and tells Stephanie since Pam is a fugitive, she’ll be moved to a state facility as soon as possible. Stephanie is concerned about the quality of care. The doctor tells her of course it would be better here, but she’s has no control in this matter. Donna still looks skeptical and asks the doctor if this is real. The doctor tells her yes. Pam’s mass was quite large. Donna asks if it could have really been responsible for Pam’s erratic behavior. The doctor tells her it certainly could have. The doctor leaves. Eric pulls Donna aside and tells her he knows she’s upset about this. Stephanie watches them talk.

Rick lies in his bed and watches the lights in the ceiling. He raises himself to a sitting position. The room seems to be spinning. He grabs his legs. He beats his legs with his fist as he has flashes of conversations from the past with Ridge. He remembers Ridge punching him in Sydney, Ridge telling him Taylor decided to not marry him, etc. He hears Ridge’s voice saying it’s not his fault. He beats his legs, until he wears himself out and he falls back on his pillows in tears.

Brooke can’t believe what Rick said. Ridge tells her Rick is in shock and hurt. Ridge says if it makes Rick feel better, he’s glad he could lash out at him. Brooke wonders how they can ever get past this. Rick hates Ridge. What if he never walks again? Ridge tells her don’t think like that. He hugs her and tells her Rick will walk again and one day he’ll realize this was just a horrible accident. He tells Brooke several times he’s so sorry. Bridget comes up and tells her mom she has news. The swelling around the spinal cord could be causing temporary paralysis. There are no breaks or injuries to the spinal cord. Brooke is happy to hear this. Bridget is all smiles and says she’s on her way to tell Rick. Ridge tells Brooke he told her Rick was going to recover and so will they. They lightly hold each other. Brooke looks at Ridge happy, but concerned. Ridge tells her she has to believe he would never intentional hurt her son. Brooke agrees and hugs him. She holds him tightly as she says they’ll all get together and sort through this. She needs Ridge now more than ever. Ridge cradles her head and comforts her.

Stephanie, Eric and Donna head for Pam’s room. Stephanie gets close to the bed and calls Pam’s name. Pam comes too and see’s Stephanie. Pam doesn’t know where’s she’s at. Stephanie explains she’s at the hospital and had surgery. Donna whispers to Eric, “Where are the police?” Eric says they should be on the way. Stephanie tells Donna to stop talking about it. Pam’s not responsible for her actions. Donna hisses that Pam is a homicidal maniac. Stephanie looks angry, but turns back to Pam. Pam asks who’s taking care of Tiny. Donna’s mouth opens in amazement.

Stephanie looks at Pam in concern. Pam babbles on about Tiny needs water and food, but mother’s not good at that. Stephanie gently reminds Pam that Tiny died. Pam gets upset thinking it happened during her surgery. Stephanie tells her it was months ago. Pam is upset and thinks she just recently spent time with him. Stephanie turns to Eric with her face registering concern. Donna is skeptical and leans down to ask Pam if she remembers her. She’s giving a great performance. Pam looks at her without recognition. Donna tells her how she held a gun to her head, tried to run over her mother, and poisoned Eric. Pam doesn’t understand how Donna can say all these horrible things. She’s upset and starts crying asking for Tiny. Donna shakes her head in disbelief.

Brooke goes back to Rick’s room. He lies dejectedly on his side. She calls his name, but he doesn’t answer. She asks if he’s okay. He sarcastically tells her everything is perfect in his world. She asks didn’t Bridget give him the good news. He says yes, so maybe he’ll get to walk again someday if he’s lucky. Brooke tells him he is lucky. He’s going to get out of that bed and walk. Rick says he can’t have the same attitude as her considering he’s the one lying flat on his back and can’t feel his legs. He mockingly says they should just all forgive Ridge and just move on with their happy little lives. Brooke tells him it’s not about Ridge, it’s about him. He tells her yes it is about Ridge. Every since he was a child, she’s been consumed with Ridge. Brooke looks taken aback by the comment. He says he needs her now more than ever. He asks her to put him first. Let Ridge go. Let Taylor have him. They deserve each other. He tells his mother he loves her and she has to do this for him. He says, “Please this one request; get Ridge out of our lives for good.” He grimaces in pain as he turns on his side away from his mother. Brooke stands speechless, with pain on her face.

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