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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/24/08


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Rick lies in his hospital bed, where Brooke holds his hand. She tells him they were so scared. Bridget and Ridge are there, too. Rick assures his mother heís not dying, while Bridget encourages him to take it easy. Ridge welcomes him back and tells him theyíre all very relieved. Rick angrily asks what the hell heís doing there.

Donna tells Owen they could have underestimated Pam. Stephanie and Eric could still be in danger. She prepares to call them on her cell. Owen tells her the plan is working since they saw Pam leave the house next door. Sheís going to see her dying mother. Donna doesnít think Pam will go for it. She wants to call the police. Owen persuades her not to. This could set Pam off if she feels cornered. They just have to sit tight and wait. He says by the end of the night, sheíll be reunited with her husband. Donna lets him know she realizes things didnít turn out the way he wanted. Owen acts as though he doesnít understand. She says if it wasnít for Eric, she would choose him. Owen says itís a silver medal, better than bronze but not gold. Donna apologizes. He tells her she doesnít have to apologize for loving her husband. Thatís why heís admired her. Donna is anxious and calls Eric to find out whatís going on. Eric lets her know Pam collapsed. Donna is shocked. Eric tells her he knows the truth about everything. Heís on his way to the hospital to help Stephanie. Heíll call her later. Owen is anxious to hear what he said. Donna tells him itís all over with Pam. Theyíre safe. She hugs Owen in relief.

Ridge tells Rick to stop it. He knows what happened was an accident. Rick is angry and tells him he knows damn well it wasnít an accident. Brooke is shocked at the accusation. Rick asks if this is what Ridge has been telling her. People donít just fall off of buildings. He was pushed. Bridget tries to get him to calm down. Ridge tells him heís being absurd. Rick tells him to get the hell out of his room. Bridget sees how agitated heís become and tells everyone to leave. She grabs her mom and Ridge by the arm and leads them out. Ridge tells Rick to get well. Rick tells him to go to hell. Rick grimaces in pain. Bridget tells him heís not out of the woods yet. Brooke canít wait to get Ridge alone to ask him if what Rick says is true. Ridge tells her she knows better than that. Something had to cause his fall, and she wants to know if Ridge had anything to do with it.

Owen is surprised about Pamís collapse. They wonder if it was a breakdown, since she had been pushing the envelope. He tells Donna the authorities should step in and this ordeal is over. Donna isnít sure from something in Ericís voice. Owen says they should be celebrating. She says Eric seemed really concerned about Stephanie. Owen reminds her Pam is Stephanieís sister, so Eric would be concerned. Donna tells him Stephanie has done everything to get close to Eric the last several weeks. He asks Donna if she thinks Eric wonít want her back. Donna isnít sure what to think.

Stephanie and Eric speak to Pamís doctor at the hospital. They donít think Pam fell but more likely collapsed from something. The doctor wants to know her medical history and the possibility of seizures. Stephanie is worried and says Pam looked terrible. The doctor realizes Pam is a fugitive. She wants to contact the authorities. Stephanie tries to get her to deal with the police later. Stephanie tells her whatever she needs to do, but help Pam first. The doctor agrees. Stephanie is worried, and Eric hugs her to comfort her.

Ridge tells Brooke he argued with Rick. Rick was out of his mind. Brooke asks if it was like Sydney. Ridge says no. Rick was really aggressive, more so than he had ever seen him. He explains how Rick grabbed him and started pounding on him. Ridge says he let Rick vent for as long as he could. He really thought Rick was going to kill him. Brooke says so he just shoved Rick over the side, which could have killed him. Thatís what happened, right?

Eric tells Stephanie sheís not responsible for what happened to Pam. Stephanie hates the fact she had to lie to Pam. Eric tells her itís what needed to happen in order to help Pam. The doctor interrupts to tell them Pamís MRI shows a mass, which could be old scar tissue. It will require surgery. She asks about old injuries. Stephanie tells her Pam fell down a flight of stairs as a child and had a head injury. She was trying to get away from their father. They want to operate as soon as possible to relieve pressure. Stephanie asks if this could be the cause of Pamís erratic behavior. The doctor says with the location, itís very likely. Stephanie asks to see Pam before the surgery. The doctor agrees. Eric asks if she wants him to go in with her. Stephanie asks if he doesnít have somewhere to be. She tells Eric he can go see Donna. He tells her later. He doesnít want to leave her alone. She tells him that means more to her than he can imagine. She kisses him and softly rubs his face. She tells him to go see Donna.

The doctor comes in to see Rick. The pain killers have kicked in, so heís not feeling much of anything he tells the doctor. The doctor tells him he needs rest. He asks the doctor if heís heard about the run-in he had with his brother. Bridget tells him to get some rest and try to forget about Ridge. He says thatís what mom should be doing.

Ridge says he didnít throw Rick off the building; he just pushed him to get away from him. Brooke says they shouldnít have been fighting, anyway. Ridge says he tried to avoid it. He feels terrible about what happened, but itís not his fault. He tells Brooke he doesnít want to argue. He apologizes several times. They hug as Brooke has tears running down her cheeks.

Eric waits at the house alone. Donna comes by at his request. Eric invites her in. She asks about Pam. Eric tells her Pam isnít doing very well. He feels compassion for her even with all sheís done. Donna tells him she canít be that forgiving, especially since she threatened to hurt him. Eric tells her he knows she turned away from their marriage to save his life. No one has ever done anything like that for him. He doesnít know if heíll ever be able to repay her.

Stephanie goes in to see Pam, whoís still unconscious. Stephanie leans down closely and speaks quietly to Pam. She kisses her forehead and tells her they canít let things end like this. Theyíve come too far. Their father stole their childhood and took away their innocence. She knows the things she did have to be from the illness. She tells Pam sheíll be okay. She tells her sheís not to blame for whatís happened. She has to fight. The best is yet to come. The medical staff comes to get Pam for surgery. Stephanie rubs Pamís head and kisses her forehead again. She tells Pam sheíll be right there waiting for her. Her face reflects her worry and concern.

Donna tells Eric she couldnít say anything. Pam was so determined, and she just couldnít chance it. She had a gun. Eric says she must have been terrified. She says she was of losing him. It was as frightening as what Pam could do. Eric says she could have come to him. Donna again says she just didnít know what Pam might do. Eric walks away, shaking his head at the gravity of what took place. Donna thinks heís upset. He tells her no. It was courageous and self-sacrificing what she did. What if she had been hurt? Donna tears up and says sheís okay and so is he. Eric holds her face in his hand and wipes her tears. They hug each other, and Donna breaks down in tears. Donna holds Eric tightly. Eric soothes her.

The doctor tells Rick he miraculously avoided any extremely severe injuries. Brooke is back and she says, ďThank God.Ē Rick tells her sheís bumming him out. She tells him she canít believe what a close call this was. Rick says they need to talk about it. Brooke tells him not to get all worked up again. Ridge opens the door and peaks in, unseen. Brooke leans over and smoothes Rickís hair from his face.

The doctor says he wants to perform a neurological test. Heíll be using an instrument that may give Rick a pricking sensation. Rick tells him to go ahead. The doctor uncovers Rickís legs and runs the instrument down his left leg. Rick doesnít react. The doctor does it again. Rick tells the doctor he can start anytime. The doctor and Bridget both look at Rick in disbelief. Ridge has stepped in the room and he drops his head in shock. Brooke turns and looks in the doctorís direction with her mouth open in shock. Rick still doesnít understand. He asks why everyone is looking at him like that. Brooke puts her hand on his shoulder and holds in a sob. Bridget puts her hand over her mouth. Rick gets anxious and tells the doctor to start the test. Rick questioningly says, ďI canít feel it?Ē He slowly reaches out with both hands and grabs his legs. He says in agony, ďIím paralyzed. Oh, my God. Iím paralyzed. Ē Brooke holds a sob back with her hand as she turns and sees Ridge. She slowly shakes her head and stares at him. Ridge looks at her and shakes his head, dumbstruck.

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