B&B Monday Update 10/20/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/20/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Taylor is in Ridge’s office, where she plants a deep kiss on him after telling him he could come back to her if Brooke ends up with Nick. Ridge is speechless.

At Owen’s apartment, Donna tells Stephanie she doesn’t want to divorce Eric. She’s scared of what Pam might do. Donna is upset and turns on Owen. She angrily tells him he wasn’t supposed to let anyone know. Stephanie doesn’t understand how Pam could be blackmailing Donna. Donna tells her Pam threatened to hurt Eric. Since Pam is responsible for his coma, she doesn’t want to take any chances. She adamantly asks Stephanie to leave and not say a word. She tells Stephanie that Pam wants her with Eric and no one else. She’ll hurt anyone Donna loves. Stephanie thinks she can reason with Pam and Owen agrees. Donna thinks it will set Pam off. Stephanie says Pam is ill and she needs her help as well as Donna. Donna begs Stephanie to just take Eric and let it go. Stephanie looks confused and surprised at Donna’s request. She reluctantly leaves. Owen doesn’t know what to say either. He just looks at Donna.

Rick bursts in Taylor’s bedroom with samples of wedding cakes to surprise her. He’s surprised she’s not there. Over at Forrest, Ridge asks Taylor what she’s doing. He continues to lightly hold her by the arms Taylor tells him something she’s wanted to do for a long time, but didn’t realize until this moment. She asks what happened to them. Ridge says things change. Lives change. They’re marrying different people. Taylor breaks away from Ridge’s arms and tells him to forget the kiss or that she was ever there. She heads for the door. Ridge asks what if he can’t forget. She stops and smiles at him. She says she knew he felt it too. The feelings are still there.

Eric sits alone in his office at Forrester staring at the divorce papers. Stephanie knocks and enters. She asks if she’s interrupting. Eric tells her he’s waiting on Donna to sign papers ending their marriage.

Donna tells Owen he had no right to tell Stephanie. Pam is dangerous and could hurt someone. Her cell rings and its Pam. She wants to know what Stephanie wanted. Donna tells her nothing and she got rid of her. Pam can see Donna through her binoculars. Pam doesn’t believe Donna and asks again why Stephanie would come back. Donna tells her Stephanie wants to make sure she goes through with the divorce. She should be meeting Eric now to sign papers. Pam gets agitated and tells Donna she warned her to stay away from Eric. Donna tells her she has to sign the papers in person as Eric requested. Pam yells at her no, no, no. Donna tells her in order for her to be done with Eric; she has to sign the divorce papers. Pam agrees, but warns her not to try any funny business. As she hangs up, Pam grabs her head in pain. Owen asks Donna if she’s going to sign the papers ending her marriage. Donna asks what choice she has.

Ridge and Taylor sit on the couch together. Ridge says her she’s the mother of his children. He’s never denied their connection or what they had. Taylor tells him she feels like she just woke up. It’s always been him. She’s measured everything else by what made her happy with him, even if it wasn’t consciously. The kiss brought back all the passion and love she felt before. She tells Ridge she misses their family and life together. Ridge says he does too. Taylor can’t believe the emotions and feelings she’s repressed. She knows she had to do it, since it hurt so much it helped preserve her emotional wellbeing. Ridge listens intently. She tells him right at this moment just looking at him and touching him it seems like nothing changed at all.

Eric gets the call Donna is on her way up. He tells Stephanie she can escape now if she wants. Stephanie says she’ll stay if it’s okay. Donna comes in with Owen. Eric is angry and questions how she could bring her lover there. Owen speaks up and says he’s a paralegal and Donna didn’t have an attorney. Eric’s attorney is present. Donna says she doesn’t need a lawyer since, she knows Eric will be fair. Owen says he needs a few moments to look at the documents. Donna grabs them and says she just wants to sign them and get out of there. Owen shows her where to sign. Eric tells her he’s keeping the house. Donna just nods agreement. Eric gets mad and says that’s it, we’re ending our marriage and she has nothing to say. Donna just sits quietly. Stephanie’s expression shows confusion and concern.

Taylor caresses Ridge’s hair and face. Ridge grabs her hand and says, “Taylor” in a tone that suggests she stop. He continues to hold her hand, but says he and Brooke are planning their wedding. Ridge tells her they accepted Jack into their family. Taylor reminds him about the party and how it’s only the beginning of issues with Nick. Taylor tells Ridge to remember how it made him feel when Nick and Brooke gravitated towards each other. This will be every holiday and birthday for the rest of Jack’s life. Taylor says she knows he loves the holidays and special times together. He won’t want drama. He likes a calm environment with the ones he loves. So does she. She reminds him of the times they shared with the kids, just getting away for quiet times. He smiles in remembrance. Taylor tells him he can’t have that with Brooke. He’ll always have to deal with Nick. Ridge tells her what ever is going on right now has nothing to do with Nick. Taylor tells him she loves him and she’s not going to apologize. She won’t deny what’s true anymore, since its reality. Ridge shakes his head in frustration. Taylor tells him maybe Brooke was right. In a perfect world she would rather be with him. Ridge tells her it’s not that simple. He gets up and puts some distance between him and Taylor. She says Brooke has a tremendous hold on him. He laughs and asks her what about Rick. They’re engaged. Taylor says she can’t marry Rick, if she’s having these feelings. Not if she’s hoping there’s a chance with him. Ridge lays his head back in wonderment at Taylor’s words. She reminds him how many times they’ve separated and found their way back to each other. It could happen again. “All you have to do is want it as much as I do”. Ridge looks at her in bewilderment.

Ridge smiles and tells Taylor she’s right. What they shared, there’s no comparison. He remembers all the beautiful memories. He’s feeling what she’s feeling too. Taylor smiles. However, he says his future is with Brooke. Taylor’s smile fades. Ridge says he knows she thinks they’re headed for difficult times and he’ll be disappointed again. He says it’s not going to happen that way, because he won’t let it. Taylor tells him Brooke has him snowed. Ridge says he made a promise not just to Brooke, but himself and Jack to do better and act differently. No more ultimatums or flying off the handle. Taylor walks closer and gets in his face. She coyly asks if nothing she said. Ridge grabs her arms and cuts her off by saying her name. He tells her he loves her and he always will. He cups her cheek and head with his hand. She says that means there is a chance for them. Ridge frowns. Taylor tells him she wishes he would stop being afraid. Eventually he’ll realize a relationship with Brooke is just a fantasy. She plans to tell Rick she can’t marry him tonight. She’s not going to live her life in a fantasy. She tells Ridge when it all falls apart with Brooke; he’ll know where she’ll be. She gets close to his lips and whispers, “I’ll be right here waiting for you.” She softly kisses his lips and lovingly holds his face in her hands. Ridge looks solemn, but doesn’t say a word. Taylor walks out and leaves him standing there deep in thought.

Donna tells Eric there’s nothing to say. Eric says if she’s so certain about everything to just sign the damn papers. Donna hesitates and signs only one paper. Eric gets frustrated at Donna’s hesitancy. He grabs the pen and writes his own name as everyone looks on. He tells her, “Like this Donna.” He yells at her to sign it. Donna does so. She looks at Eric sadly. He walks out. The attorney tells them she’ll file the papers today. Donna asks Stephanie if she’s enjoying this; if it makes her happy. Stephanie says no. Donna asks why she’s here then. Stephanie says she doesn’t want Eric this way. What Pam did is wrong and she’s mentally ill. Stephanie wants to find her and help her. She can help protect her. Donna can’t believe Stephanie thinks Pam needs protecting. What about her? Stephanie says she has a plan, but she’ll need Donna’s help. Donna asks why she should trust Stephanie. Stephanie tells her because she has no one else and she’s going to give her what she wants most in this world. Eric. She suggests Donna help her.

Taylor is home. In the bedroom, she spies a piece of cake next to her and Rick’s picture. He comes out of the bathroom shirtless, appearing like he just showered. He tells Taylor he was going to surprise her with samples of their wedding cake. Taylor smiles, but is quiet. Rick rambles on about he hopes she’s hungry, but maybe she had too much cake at Jack’s birthday party. Taylor drops her head and tells him that isn’t it. She tells him how sweet it was for to bring the cake. He always does such sweet things for her. Rick’s expression turns grim as he senses something. Taylor says he’s always coming to her rescue. He treats her like gold. Rick moves closer and asks what’s going on here. He tells Taylor to talk to him. She tells him she’s sorry, but she can’t go through with the wedding. She can’t marry him. Rick looks stunned.

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