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In Ridge’s office at Forrester, Brooke walks in on Taylor telling Ridge not to marry her. Brooke can’t believe Ridge is listening to Taylor. Taylor tells her she’s taking things out of context. She asks to speak to Brooke alone. Ridge says no way, but Brooke says by all means give them a few moments. Ridge gets a call to see his dad right away. He asks why don't they all go over since its Eric’s first day back. The ladies want to be alone.

Eric is in his office alone. He looks at an old sketch of Donna in the wedding dress he designed. He muses over how Donna could do this to them. Their marriage might be over, but he’ll never be over her. Across town at Owen’s apartment, Donna daydreams about her marriage to Eric. Her thoughts are interrupted by flashbacks of Pam warning her to stay away from Eric and that it was all in Donna’s hands as to how things play out. Donna stands outside the door and looks around cautiously.

Stephanie, Felicia, and Thorne arrive at Eric’s office to welcome him back. Felicia hugs and kisses him. Thorne says how different things will be without Donna. Eric asks that they agree not to talk about her. Thorne apologizes and says he knows it’s a sensitive topic. Ridge walks in and welcomes his dad back. Stephanie announces she has an appointment, so they’ll have to excuse her. She warns them not to tire their father out and exits. Back in Ridge’s office, Brooke tells Taylor she thought she could trust her. She gave her Jack to raise and love, but now she tries to steal her fiancé. Taylor tells her she’s not trying to steal anyone. She didn’t know handing over Jack would cause all these problems between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke denies problems. Taylor told her she heard their whole conversation earlier - at Jack’s birthday party, no less. Brooke tells her it’s not her concern and they’ll work it out. Taylor says she wonders if it’s even possible. Brooke asks why she would say something like that, or maybe that was the plan all along. Giving Jack to her would cause problems between her and Ridge. Taylor looks shocked and shakes her head at the suggestion.

Donna comes in the apartment as Owen comes downstairs. He asks Donna about a walk on the beach. She says not where Pam can see her. Donna tells Owen she feels like she’s living in a fish bowl. Owen tells her she can’t live her life like this. He says he’ll go out there and start looking for her to put an end to this. He says he’s not afraid of Pam and heads for the door. Donna tells him he can’t. If Pam thinks someone is after her, she’ll do something stupid, and she’s already hurt her loved ones. She could do it again. They hear a knock on the door, and it’s Stephanie. Donna wants to know why she’s there. Stephanie says she wants to talk to her alone. Owen says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Donna tells him its okay. Owen reluctantly goes upstairs. Donna asks Stephanie what the hell she wants. Stephanie wants to know if the marriage is really over, or is Donna playing games.

Thorne asks his dad why he wanted to see them. Eric tells them all how blessed he is to have them. They reciprocate the feeling. Eric tells them he’s back with a passion as he glances at the sketch of Donna. Ridge says he’ll “take it slow, right?” Eric says no. For years the company was his passion. He’d lost his zest, but he’s going to get it back.

Stephanie wants to know why the sudden rush to end the marriage. Donna is incredulous and asks why Stephanie is complaining. She tells Stephanie she has Eric, so what more does she want from her. Stephanie says they’re both confused as to what’s going on. Donna says she gave Eric up for his own good. She turns away as she says it. Stephanie asks if Donna realized he belonged with her, or the marriage was a mistake, or maybe she never loved Eric in the first place. Donna whips around and tells Stephanie she did love Eric. Stephanie looks really confused.

Taylor angrily tells Brooke how dare she accuse her of using her son to cause problems for her and Ridge. She gave her baby to Brooke so he would have a nice stable family home. She says if anyone is using the baby it would be Brooke, to stay close to Nick. She tells Brooke to admit she still loves Nick. Brooke narrows her eyes and says Taylor would love for her to admit that. Taylor says what she would like is for Brooke to be honest for a change. Brooke says if she wants honesty, she and Ridge are in love and they are getting married. She says don’t try to talk Ridge out of it. Taylor tells her then great, act like it. Act like she’s Mrs. Ridge Forrester and support her fiancé instead of henpecking him. Brooke walks away from Taylor with her hands on her hips. Taylor tells Brooke if she continues to act like this, she will really blow it. Brooke turns to her and says Taylor will be there waiting in the wings. Taylor doesn’t answer. Brooke tells her she did something wonderful by giving up Jack. She loves Jack and will raise him and be the best mother she can be. However, she doesn’t want Taylor telling her how to raise Jack or deal with Nick. Nick is a part of Jack’s life, and she and Ridge will have to deal with it. She angrily tells Taylor to stay out of it because it’s really none of her business. Taylor gets angry and walks towards Brooke telling her it is her business. She carried that baby for nine months in her body. She gave him life. She tells Brooke to never tell her it’s none of her business.

Stephanie tells Donna she doesn’t understand how she can say she loves Eric, but then walk away like she did. Donna asks if she’s finished as she walks towards the door. She opens the door for Stephanie without saying a word. Stephanie tells her okay. Good luck with Owen. He seems like a nice enough fellow. She tells Donna to get some counseling. Donna cuts her off and says goodbye. Stephanie says goodbye and I hope I never see you again. Donna slams the door.

Taylor tells Brooke to let her make something perfectly clear. She’s going to be very involved in Jack’s life for the next 18 years. Just because she said Brooke could raise him doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about his wellbeing. She emphasizes she’ll be watching him very closely. Brooke asks if that’s a threat. Taylor asks if she doesn’t think it’s normal that she loves and cares about her child. The same way she’d love and care about Ridge, Brooke says as Ridge walks in. Ridge says he got there just in time. Brooke cops a stance with her hands on her hips and tells Ridge that Taylor has resorted to form by making threats. Taylor turns to Ridge and says she’s just trying to protect Jack. Brooke says “and I guess you’re trying to protect Ridge, too”. She badgers Taylor to just admit she wants her fiancé. Ridge asks Brooke to please stop. He asks if he can have a word with Taylor alone. Brooke wants to know why - so Taylor can convince him not to marry her? Then he can go running back to Taylor since that’s what she’d like. Taylor laughs and says she’s out of there. Ridge grabs Taylor and tells her to wait. Ridge tells Brooke again to stop. She says, “Fine”, and walks up to Ridge and plants a deep kiss on him before leaving. She tells Ridge she’ll see him later. Taylor looks away. After Brooke leaves, Ridge and Taylor look at each other questioningly.

Donna sits on Owen’s couch rather dejectedly. He comes back downstairs and sits next to her. Donna tells him she doesn’t know how long she can do this. For all they know, Pam could have been watching her and Stephanie the whole time. Owen says she and her family won’t be safe until Pam is caught. They have to go out and find her. Donna jumps up and angrily tells him they can’t risk it and she wishes he’d stop saying that. She says she can’t talk about it anymore or her head will explode. She grabs her phone and says she’s going to get some air. Owen tries to stop her. Donna tells him she’ll be right outside the door with her phone. She’ll be fine. She heads out the door. Owen grabs his cell and calls someone. He tells them he needs to see them right away about Eric and Donna. “There’s something I think you need to know.”

Donna’s cell rings. It’s Eric. He wants to know if she’s done anything about their divorce. She tells him no. He tells her it’s time they did. He’s spoken to his attorney and wants to meet with her and her attorney at Forrester this afternoon. Donna is silent on the phone. Eric says her name. She agrees to be there. She tells him she has to go. She’s sorry. She paces on the balcony. Stephanie is at Owen’s door, where he meets her. She wants to know what’s so urgent. He indicates for her to be quiet. He quietly closes the door and tells Stephanie she didn’t get the whole story from Donna. Stephanie wants to know what the story is. Owen tells her Donna didn’t leave Eric for him. He wishes it was true. Donna did this for Eric. Stephanie wants to know why it’s for Eric. Owen tells her Pam threatened to hurt Eric or someone in Donna’s family. Stephanie’s face registers shock, but she asks why she should believe him. Owen wants to know why he would lie about something like this. He tells Stephanie how Pam threatened to go after Eric again because she thinks she’s doing this for her. This is why Donna ended the marriage. Stephanie looks surprised. Donna’s phone rings again. She answers, and Pam tells her she’s not happy. Pam watches from a window with binoculars. Donna looks around as she backs towards the door. Pam tells Donna she can see her but she can’t see her. Donna hurriedly tells her if this is about Stephanie, she didn’t tell her anything. She hasn’t seen Eric, and Stephanie thinks it’s over. Pam tells her Stephanie is back. Donna looks surprised and says, “What?” Pam wants to know what’s going on.

Donna again says Stephanie is gone. Pam tells her she’s back and threatens she better find out what’s going on. Donna says she will and rushes in the door. Pam rubs her head as she hangs up. Owen tells Stephanie she knew how Donna felt about Eric. She begged and pleaded for weeks for Eric to take her back. Why would she do a 180 now? It’s because of her crazy sister. He tells Stephanie they need her help to find Pam since she’s the only one Pam might listen to. Donna comes in and sees Stephanie. She tells Stephanie she asked her to leave. She needs to get in her car and go. Owen turns to Donna and tells her its okay. He told Stephanie the truth. Stephanie walks in the door as Donna asks Owen how he could do this. She looks terrified as she says Pam will kill someone. Owen tells her that’s why they have to do something. Donna tells him Pam just called and is watching them. Stephanie looks concerned. Donna says she’ll kill Eric. Stephanie wants to know if this is the truth. Donna is almost in tears as she tells her of course it’s the truth. She says Pam is crazy. Why else would she break it off with Eric? She loves him. She’ll always love him. Stephanie is speechless.

Taylor sits in Ridge’s office and tells him she’s sorry. This isn’t what she wanted by putting Jack first. She wanted to make him her priority but didn’t think about the position it put Ridge in. He tells her he understands. Taylor says she wonders if anyone really understands what she’s gone through this year. Ridge affectionately calls her “Doc” and says they were married and raised three kids. He knows what kind of mother she is. She tells him then he knows how painful it was to give up her son. Ridge tells her he was in awe of her ability to do this. She tells him her greatest accomplishment has been being a mother. It has been the most rewarding and fulfilling one. Ridge says their kids are a testament to that. Taylor says she was so devastated when Jack couldn’t bond with her. It really shattered the foundation of what she believed about herself. Ridge disagrees and says it was a supreme sacrifice that only a real mother would do for her child. Regardless of how painful it was, she should be proud of herself. Taylor is almost in tears but is happy that Ridge understands. She tells him that’s why he is the love of her life.

Ridge tells her she doesn’t have to worry about Jack. He won’t let her down. She tells him she’s just trying to look at all the options. She tells him there’s really only one that is possible. It’s not living with him and Brooke. Ridge looks surprised and wants to know if Taylor wants Jack back. Taylor says that’s not what she’s saying. She slowly says the idea of three people raising Jack isn’t what she wanted. That won’t be good for him, either. She says it puts Jack right in the middle of the turmoil with him, Nick, and Brooke. She excitedly tells Ridge the best solution is for him to be raised by his parents, Nick and Brooke. The way he was conceived seems like it was meant to be. Ridge looks shocked and asks where that would leave him. Taylor quietly tells him maybe he should be with her. Ridge looks at her speechless. She says, “Be with me”. She runs her fingers along the temples of his hair as she reaches up to kiss him. It’s a very intimate kiss and Ridge doesn’t resist. They look at each other intently.

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