B&B Monday Update 10/13/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/13/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke is at Taylor’s where they have been arguing over Rick and Taylor marrying. Taylor tells Brooke to leave. Brooke continues to badger Taylor over who she would prefer to marry if she had a choice, Rick or Ridge? Taylor shakes her head in exasperation.

Stephanie and Eric are at the mansion, where she consoles him over his marriage to Donna ending. Donna is distraught and shows up at Owen’s. He answers the door shirtless. He’s surprised to see her. She tells him she got his new address from work. He tells her he took over the lease for Ashley, while she’s in Europe. Owen notices she looks upset. She lets him know the marriage is over. He looks surprised and asks if Eric ended things. She tells him she did. He looks even more surprised.

Steffy is at Forrester with her father. They’re discussing the upcoming marriages. Steffy can’t believe she’s so upset, especially about her mom marrying Rick. She tells Ridge she realizes him and her mom haven’t been together for years. Ridge understands her feelings. She says mom told her it’s normal. He rubs her hair in comfort. Steffy says Rick is a good guy and stood by her mom through all the bad times. She just feels if she doesn’t say anything now, it’ll be forever. She tells Ridge about being part of the wedding. She couldn’t say no. She says she’ll have to be there with a big fat smile on her face, but it’s going to hurt. Ridge says he’s sorry. He tells her it’s just not realistic for him and Taylor anymore, since she doesn’t have those types of feelings for him anymore.

Brooke accuses Taylor of still being in love with Ridge. Taylor tells her she’s twisting her words. Brooke reminds Taylor she said to “give me back my husband”. Taylor says Brooke was baiting her. Brooke tells her Rick is not some consolation prize. Taylor says she’s not going to have this conversation. Taylor tries to walk away and Brooke grabs her by the arm. Brooke point blank asks Taylor is she loves Rick. Taylor tells her of course she does. Brooke doesn’t believe her and feels Taylor revealed something. Taylor tells her she and Steffy had been discussing Ridge, so he was on her mind. Brooke feels she still wants Ridge back. Taylor said they had a beautiful life together, a love affair like no other. Brooke wants to know if it was better than what she has with Rick. Taylor tells her it’s different. Brooke looks skeptical. Taylor says she’s not pining away for Ridge. She’s moved on and it’s been so many years ago. She reminds Brooke she was even married to Nick. Brooke says that marriage failed. Taylor says she ended it with Nick, and it had nothing to do with Ridge. She tells Brooke it had to do with Nick not getting over her. Brooke looks a bit uncomfortable. Taylor tells her she can see what she’s doing and she’s not going to allow it. She just wants to break her and Rick up.

Eric tells Stephanie she was right about Donna. She says she didn’t tell him “I told you so.” She tells Eric he gave the marriage the best he could, because that’s just the type of person he is. This is why she never gave up hoping his heart would lead him back to her. She quickly says not that it has. Eric says, “Yet.” Stephanie says it’s up to him. He laughs and asks when has she ever left anything up to him. Stephanie laughs herself. She says he’s there for her and the family and that’s all she needs right now.

Owen takes Donna’s hands. She jerks them away and says she can’t do this. She has to go. She tries to leave, but he grabs her by the arm and tells her to talk to him. She says she can’t, but she has no one else to turn to. She breaks down crying as Owen grabs her shoulders and tells her to talk to him. Donna tries to calm down and tells him she had to end things. Owen is confused and says he doesn’t understand. She tells him about Pam coming to the house. He’s still confused and wants to know if Pam was arrested and how Donna got away. She tells Owen she made a deal with Pam. He heads for the phone and says they’ve got to call the police. Donna takes the phone away and tells him they can’t call anyone. She tells him Pam threatened to hurt her loved ones if she didn’t break things off. She had to make it real and break Eric’s heart. Owen still doesn’t understand, since Donna was so insistent on getting Eric back. He wants to know what she said. She tells him she let Eric believe what he saw was real between them.

Steffy tells her dad she’s sorry to have laid this on him. Ridge assures her she can talk to him about anything. He says just because they don’t all live under the same roof, they’re still connected. They’ll always be family and love each other.

Taylor tells Brooke this isn’t about Ridge. It’s about Rick and she’s just trying to create a roadblock to keep them from getting married. Brooke says if Taylor still has feelings for her ex, she shouldn’t be marrying anyone. Taylor laughs. Brooke wants to know what’s funny. Taylor tells her coming from her it’s hilarious. Brooke says now Taylor is trying to make this about her. Taylor tells Brooke she has a pathological need to make her unhappy. Brooke sayss her she thought they got past this, when Taylor entrusted her with Jack. Taylor tells her that was done for Jack’s sake. Brooke says she knows Taylor has had a couple of difficult years recently and she needs someone to blame. Taylor calmly tells Brooke she does blame her. She says can’t blame her for everything, like being presumed dead. However, this left the way for her to go after Ridge. Even after Ridge decided he wanted to be with her, Brooke couldn’t accept it. Then Brooke used RJ to rip Ridge away. Brooke says she was fighting for her family. Taylor asks what about her family. She says look at what Brooke did to her children and all their lives. Ridge was the love of her life. Brooke is astonished that Taylor is saying all this and preparing to marry her son. Taylor asks if she’s just supposed to be an old maid and give up on romance. She’s trying to move on. Brooke thinks she’s trying to replace Ridge with Rick. Taylor tells her it’s not revenge. Rick is the one man she can’t seduce away from her. Brooke thought Taylor was upset about Jack being her son, but it’s much deeper. Rick isn’t her first choice. Taylor asks if she thinks Ridge is. She reminds Brooke she has him, unless there’s something she’s not telling her. Taylor says she just wants to be happy with a man that loves her and only her, so stop trying to come between them. She tells Brooke to get out. She opens the door, but Brooke doesn’t move. Taylor yells, “Now! Leave!” Brooke walks slowly towards her and says Taylor is still in love with Ridge. She hopes she thinks long and hard about it before she marries her son. Taylor slams the door behind her. After Brooke leaves, at Taylor just stands and shakes her head.

Eric walks to the veranda over looking the LA lights. Stephanie comes up beside him. He looks at her and quietly thanks her for understanding. Stephanie asks if would like some time alone. He nods and says yes. She pats his arm and walks away.

Donna is seated on Owen’s couch. He brings her a glass of water. He offers to call Marcus. She doesn’t want to be around her family because they’ll know something is wrong. He says she needs a place to stay and offers his place. Donna is a bit surprised. Owen says this will help everyone believe her story including Pam. Donna agrees he’s right. Pam is watching and she has to protect her family. Owen holds her arms and tells her she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Donna tells him he always says that. He says it’s true and always will be. He hugs her. Donna looks sad and defeated.

Taylor goes in a cabinet and pulls out a box. She takes it and sits in the living room. The box is full of pictures. They’re of her and Ridge over the years. She smiles to herself as she thumbs through them.

Ridge is alone in the office and picks up a picture of Steffy. He’s reflective, until Brooke walks in. She’s upset and says give her a minute since her head is spinning. Ridge asks what’s wrong. She says, “It’s Taylor”. Ridge wants to know if she wants Jack back. Brooke tells him no. It’s about Rick. Ridge asks if she’s changed her mind about the wedding. Brooke says she thought she could reason with her to see how wrong this is. Ridge says he can’t believe he’s saying this, but maybe they belong together. Brooke tells him Taylor doesn’t love Rick the way she should. Ridge reminds her she’s been saying this all along. Brooke lets him know now she has proof. She says Rick is just a band aid on an old wound. He’s not Taylor’s first choice. Ridge wants to know who is. Brooke tells him Taylor is still madly in love with him. Ridge is astounded and shakes his head in disbelief.

Ridge says he and Taylor have three wonderful kids and had a wonderful life. Of course, Taylor would have some feelings. Brooke insists it’s more and says Taylor called him the love of her life. Ridge says Taylor has moved on and wants to know where Brooke is getting all this. She tells him she went to see Taylor to beg her not to marry Rick. She says when she asked Taylor what she could do to convince her, Taylor said she could give her back her husband. Ridge is shocked and shakes his head in wonder. Brooke says Taylor still looks at him as her husband and shouldn’t be marrying anyone else. Ridge says he’s floored. It’s unbelievable. Brooke says he has to talk to Taylor and convince her not to get married, since he’s the only one she might listen to. She begs Ridge to talk to Taylor and try to get her to understand she can’t marry Rick. Ridge reluctantly agrees. Brooke hugs him and says thank. Ridge still looks flabbergasted.

Stephanie watches Eric pace around outside, deep in thought. Donna stands on Owen’s balcony with a sad expression and tears in her eyes. Taylor stands in her living room with her eyes closed. She has a smile on her face. She feels a hand on her shoulder. She opens her eyes and it’s Ridge. She quietly asks if Brooke told him she wanted him back. He says he’s glad she did. She looks at him with a small smile.

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