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Donna and Eric are at Brooke’s house discussing getting back together. Eric doesn’t understand Donna’s change of heart. Pam watches closely from outside the patio doors. Donna tells Eric it’s for his own good. He’s still recovering. He's incredulous that she's worried about his health. Eric tells Donna she’s breaking his heart.

Brooke is at Taylor’s house talking about the upcoming wedding of Rick and Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke she’s judging what could happen, but she should know by now it’s not for revenge or some vendetta. Taylor says Brooke isn’t supporting them. Brooke tells her she doesn’t want to pick a fight with her since she did so much for her and Jack. She put her feelings aside and did what was best. Brooke asks if she can do the same thing for Rick. Taylor tells her Rick is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Brooke wants to know if they discussed having a childless marriage. Taylor says if it comes up, she’d be willing to adopt. Rick has shown he’d be a great father. Brooke asks if, five to six years down the road, she’d want to be raising a child at that stage of her life. Taylor shakes her head at Brooke’s audacity.

Ridge walks in at the Forrester mansion and catches Stephanie unaware. She’s surprised and he asks if she’s jumpy. Ridge thinks she’s worried about the house, after what happened at work. Stephanie tells him she won’t be there long since she hasn’t been asked to move back in. Ridge says if Eric didn’t want her there, he would have said so. Stephanie said Eric is in the process of making a decision. Ridge prepares to go up and tell him he shouldn’t keep Stephanie waiting. She tells him Eric isn’t home and is probably with Donna.

Donna asks Eric why they had to have this conversation tonight. Eric wants to know why not, especially since she had been begging for his forgiveness. He asks if she ever really cared about him. Donna is upset and can’t believe Eric would even ask that. He says he has to wonder if Owen really means that much to her. Donna is tearful and tells Eric she’s sorry to hurt him, but it would only be worse if they waited. Eric tells her obviously their marriage is over as he takes off his ring and lays it down on the table. Pam smiles as she listens.

Taylor tells Brooke this conversation should be with Rick and her, not the two of them. Brooke says she can’t believe they haven’t had this conversation already. She asks Taylor if these things don’t matter to her. Taylor tells her they want their relationship to develop naturally. They don’t have to negotiate everything up front. Brooke reminds her Rick has been there for all her bad times, but what about him. Taylor would have been drinking if he hadn’t been there, Brooke says. Taylor asks if she thinks she’s too weak to be there for Rick, should he have problems. Brooke says the door to parenthood closes the minute they marry. What about 20 years from now, will she be able to keep up with him? Taylor cuts her off in amazement, “Oh, my God. I can’t believe you’re worried that I won’t be able to keep up with him someday.” Brooke insists it’s not right to marry Rick. Taylor tells her she will never come in her house again and tell her what to do.

Eric asks Donna if this is what she wants. Donna asks why he didn’t leave when she told him too. She looks stricken as she touches Eric’s ring. Pam looks on intently as Donna takes off her rings and lays them down next to Eric’s. Eric asks her again if this is really what she wants. Donna tells him she doesn’t see any other way. Tears roll down her face. Eric says he really has been an old fool. He says he believed in her when she showed him he was a man, a prisoner of his own life. He was the man his wife and children needed him to be, with no passion in his life. He searched for that passion in failed marriages until he found it with her. He holds her face. He tells her he was lucky to have been loved, but not the kind of love she brought to him. That kind of love doesn’t just happen. She tells him he’s wrong. She says please don’t ever think that she didn’t love him. Eric leaves as Donna breaks down crying. Pam comes out and tells her to have a good long cry. She was better off. Women like them weren’t meant to marry anyway. Donna turns and looks at her with fury in her eyes.

Ridge walks into his dad’s office at Forrester, where Steffy sits alone. He tells her she looks upset. He asks if Marcus is okay. She says mom is going to really marry Rick and wants to know if he’s okay with it. Ridge says he’s not really going to get involved in all that. Steffy asks what if he could change it. “What if Brooke wasn’t in the picture? Would you want mom back?” Ridge looks surprised.

Taylor asks Brooke who gave her the authority to come over and give her advice about her private life. Brooke says private life with her son. Taylor reminds her Rick is a grown man and she should cut the apron strings. Taylor also reminds her Rick lived on his own in Europe for years. Brooke says marriage is different. Rick doesn’t have a good track record with women and, frankly, neither does Taylor. Taylor is stunned and tells her if she has a track record, it’s mainly because of her. Whenever she’s happy and married, minding her own business, Brooke comes along and takes her husband away and marries him. Taylor says she can’t do that with Rick, so instead she pulls the concerned mother act. Taylor tells her she must be losing her touch because it’s not going to work this time. She will not lose another man she loves to her. Brooke is speechless.

Eric returns home, where Stephanie waits. She asks if he wants dinner. He rubs his eyes as she asks if he’s tired. He says maybe he is. She tells him to go up and lay down. He says he’s alright. She notices he doesn’t have on his wedding ring. He sighs as she asks if he ended the marriage. He says he’s not sure which one of them actually ended it, but it’s over. Stephanie looks slightly surprised, but concerned.

Pam raises her poncho, showing the gun in her waistband. She tells Donna she thought for a moment she was going to try something sneaky. Donna clenches her teeth and tells her not with her listening to every word that was said. She angrily tells Pam to go back to what ever rock she crawled from and leave her family and Eric alone. Pam rubs it in that Eric won’t be coming back there. She laughs and tells Donna that Eric didn’t seem very happy with her. Donna cries and tells Pam she doesn’t have a clue what she just did to Eric. Donna tells Pam why should she, when she doesn’t know what it’s like to love someone and have them ripped away. “Nobody has ever loved you.” Pam says with a smile, “Sticks and stones, missy.” Donna asks her if Eric looked like he was ready to go back to Stephanie or any woman. Pam says it’s like a heroin addiction; they’re not relieved right away. It’ll be hard at first, but he’ll be away from the pollution of Donna. Donna tells her she’s sick. Donna says when they lock her up, she’ll be away from decent people forever. Pam smirks and says they don’t seem that interested in locking up crazy people. Pam says she has money and time. With exasperation in her voice, Donna asks Pam what she wants. If she wants to kill her, “go ahead”, she cries. Pam says she doesn’t want to kill her. They do manhunts for killers. Donna yells at Pam to just go. She says she’s seen Eric and knows he won’t be back. He’ll never trust her again. Pam agrees. She bites her fingernails and wonders how she can be sure he’ll go back to Stephanie. Donna grits her teeth and tells Pam to stay away from Eric. She tells Pam to promise to stay away from Eric or she’ll call the police. She lets Pam know what she did was for Eric and she doesn’t want it to be in vain. Pam says nothing, but smiles.

Eric tells Stephanie that Donna is in love with Owen. Stephanie tells him she’s sorry. She knows his feelings are hurt. Stephanie says, to be very honest, she thought Donna really did care for him. Maybe she was afraid of making a life and honoring a commitment. Marriage is hard, and you have to do what you say you’re going to do. Eric looks surprised. Stephanie says she’s not going to be the first one to throw a stone, since she’s made her own mistakes. She lets Eric know she’s there for him. She hurts when he hurts. She hugs him as he looks defeated.

Pam tells Donna she’s so brave. Donna tells her she has a couple of choices; either she can shoot her or promise to stay away from Eric. She will call the police. She’s taken away the only thing that matters to her. Pam says now she knows how Stephanie feels. Donna turns to her and asks her again what it’s going to be. Pam tells her if she keeps her promise and stays away from Eric, so will she. Pam says she’ll never see her again if she stays away. She’ll be watching though, since she has no life. Like always, she’s the one on the sidelines. “This is my life now, minding you.”

Ridge moves next to Steffy on the couch and tells her he didn’t know she felt this way. She lets him know she loves Brooke and she took great care of them when they were younger. She just loves her mother more and secretly thinks Ridge does, too. Ridge says he’ll always love Taylor, but things change. Steffy tells him he changed. Taylor didn’t want their marriage to end and neither did she, Thomas or Phoebe. Ridge says he’s sorry. He’s marrying someone else and so is her mother. He hugs her comfortingly.

Brooke tells Taylor they’re not talking about the past. Taylor tells her she needs to get checked out for memory and pattern recognizing problems. All that’s changed is the name of the man. Brooke is surprised by all the bitterness. Taylor tells her she can’t see why. Brooke tells Taylor to just not take it out on Rick. Taylor angrily tells her to stop, it’s not about her. She and Rick make each other happy. That’s her motivation and Brooke just needs to accept it. Brooke tells her marriage is a life time commitment. Rick will feel trapped and they’ll both be miserable. Taylor tells her thanks, as she walks to the door to show Brooke out. Brooke continues trying to get Taylor to listen. Taylor tells her she’s tired of listening. Brooke asks if there’s anything she can say or do to avoid this disaster. Taylor is exasperated and tells her yes. “You can give me back my husband.” Brooke is stunned. She says, “Excuse me?” She repeats what Taylor said. Brooke can’t believe it. Taylor says, "No", as she shakes her head, confused. Brooke says to Taylor she’s wearing Rick’s ring and she’s still in love with Ridge. Is that what she’s trying to say? She demands Taylor tell her the truth. Who would she rather be marrying, Rick or Ridge……….

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