B&B Monday Update 10/6/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

On the Forrester rooftop, Marcus opens a special delivery crate of shoes instead of Donna. He is bitten by a snake. Donna yells for someone to call 911, as she tries to comfort Marcus. Pam watches from across the way from another building. She’s dressed in loose clothing like a bag lady.

Brooke is with Jack and Katie at the hospital. Katie holds Jack, while he plays. She softly kisses his head as tears continue to stream down her face. Brooke asks if she has to stay over night at the hospital. Katie says the doctor will do a D/C and then she can go home. Brooke says she should get some rest. Katie tells her that’s not what she needs. She needs to spend some time with Jack. Brooke looks kind of wary, but Katie convinces Brooke to let Jack spend the night with her.

Taylor is alone in her bedroom, where she reflects back to the conversation with Brooke about what Jack needed. She then has a flashback of her and Ridge getting married and making love. She smiles to herself. Rick walks in and comes up behind her. He rubs her shoulder and says she’s been staring out the window for quite a while. She says she hasn’t been much company lately. Rick tells her he’s not in it for the company. It’s called sharing. Taylor admits she hasn’t been doing much of that either. Rick tells her he knows what she’s been thinking about. They both agree they miss Jack. Rick says it’s a great situation for Jack with his mom, Ridge and the kids. Taylor says it’s a double edged sword for her. Jack’s happy, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy. Rick wants to know if he can help fill the gap. She tells him he does that very well. They kiss and hug each other. Rick tells her by the way, they’re getting married next week. Taylor is quite surprised.

Donna runs in the hospital yelling for help. They wheel Marcus in on the gurney. He’s having difficulty breathing. Donna wants to go in with him, but they tell to wait until the doctor sees him. Donna is almost hysterical.

Taylor asks Rick what he just said. He repeats they’re getting married next week. She says you’re joking right. Rick has made all the plans. Taylor is shocked. Rick questions if she’s happy. Taylor is kind of hesitant. She says she wasn’t sure Rick wanted to get married. Rick repeats a couple more times they're getting married. He tells Taylor he loves her and kisses her. She responds and kisses him back, running her fingers through his hair.

Ridge and Brooke are at home in the bedroom. Rick tells Brooke that it was really sweet for her to let Katie take Jack home with her. Brooke is quiet and says she’s not sure. She had a strange vibe from Katie. She was clinging to Jack like he was her lifeline. Brooke hopes she didn’t make a mistake.

Katie is in bed at home with Jack playing beside her. Nick walks in and asks if she’s up for babysitting. She says she’s not babysitting. She wants Jack with her. Katie rubs Jack’s head and says he’s such a precious gift.

The doctor tells Donna, Marcus is a very lucky young man. She got him there quickly. They want to keep him over night for observation. He was given antidote. Donna is very emotional and crying. She rubs his head and face as she tells him she thought she was losing him today. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Marcus tells her next time she orders snake skin shoes to make sure to kill the snake first. She tells him she can’t believe he’s joking about it. They both wonder how the snake got in the crate. Donna says she has her suspicions. She tells Marcus not to worry about it, but get some rest. The nurse comes in and says that’s good advice. Donna says she’ll be outside. She tells him she loves him and he tells her the same. As she leaves his room, Stephanie shows up. She wants to know how Marcus is, but Donna cuts her off. “What the hell are you doing here Stephanie?” Stephanie looks taken aback by the attack.

Stephanie says she’s concerned, especially since it took place at Forrester. She’s not leaving until she’s sure things are okay. Donna doubts Stephanie’s concern and says she wants her out of there. She doesn’t want Stephanie anywhere near Marcus.

Ridge questions why Brooke thinks it could be a mistake for Katie to have Jack. Brooke says it’s the way Katie acts like nothing happened. She’s totally fixated on Jack. She didn’t even want to talk about the miscarriage. Ridge tells Brooke she sounds a bit paranoid. Brooke has wanted Jack and the first night she could be with him, her sister makes this special request. Ridge tells her it was very generous and he’s proud of her. Brooke thanks him. He tells her to thank him for this, as he kisses her softly. It turns into a more intense kiss.

Katie, Jack and Nick are on the bed together. Katie talks about how perfect Jack is. She says they’re so lucky to have him. Nick says he has a lot of Brooke in him. Katie disagrees and says he’s all Nick, but he reminds her of her own baby picture. She kisses Jack’s head and says she loves him so much. Nick looks on rather questioningly.

Steffy shows up in Marcus’ hospital room. She’s very upset and appears to have been crying. She gets close to the bed and sits down. She starts crying. Marcus opens his eyes and sees her. He greets her and the tears really start flowing. She wants to know he’s going to be okay. He jokes about being a snake charmer. Steffy laughs through her tears.

Stephanie turns to walk away, but Donna holds her back. She says she’s not going anywhere until she and her sister promise to stay the hell away from Marcus. Stephanie looks confused. Donna tells her not to play dumb. She threatens to call the police. Stephanie has no idea what she’s talking about. Donna asks her how the snake got in the crate. Stephanie has no idea. Donna thinks she arranged it to get rid of her. Stephanie is amazed that Donna would accuse her. Donna says she thinks she was in it with Pam to get her, but instead Marcus was hurt. Donna reminds her Pam has mental issues and is off the medications. Donna tells Stephanie she thinks she snapped too, but she’s not going to get away with it.

Brooke and Ridge cuddle in bed after making love. She thinks on a subconscious level Katie is trying to replace her loss child with Jack.

Nick gets up to get Jack a bottle as Katie continues to hold Jack and play with him. She rubs Nick’s face and thanks him. She says she couldn’t have done this without him. He tenderly kisses her lips and then her forehead as he holds her hand. Katie is still tearful. He kisses Jack’s face too. Katie wipes her tears and kisses Jack’s head.

Brooke lays there as Ridge rubs her neck and shoulders. She says Katie called Jack her baby, her boy.

Katie continues lovingly rubbing Jack’s head. She thanks him for helping her get through this today. She kisses his head and says you’re my boy. You’re my precious baby.

Steffy lies on the side of Marcus’ bed with him. She holds his arm and wants to make sure the doctor says he's going to be okay. Steffy is still upset. She tells Marcus she never thought of anything happening to him until today. She says he’s way too important to her. He reassures her he’s not going anywhere. He has big plans that involve the two of them. She says she loves him and kisses him softly.

Stephanie says this is just one of those crazy accidents that just happen. Donna says Stephanie couldn’t stand the idea of her and Eric getting back together, so she did something mean and hateful. You tried to kill me, but I’m still alive and Eric still loves me. She says Stephanie will have to accept it. Stephanie says she never will. Donna tells Stephanie you came after me today, but now my son is fighting for his life. That’s how callous you are; you don’t care. Stephanie tells her she’s not responsible and she doesn’t think Pam is either. Donna says maybe Stephanie wasn’t involved, but she still thinks Pam was. She reminds Stephanie of the bear incident and that Pam would have let the bear eat her. It wasn’t a game. Stephanie still doesn’t believe it. Donna asks if Stephanie has heard from Pam. Stephanie denies it and says Pam is frightened and hiding. Donna says she’s waiting for a chance to get her. Stephanie says Pam isn’t a psychotic killer. Donna tells her she’s not the sister she remembers. She wants her away from Eric and will do whatever it takes. Donna tearfully begs Stephanie to help her find Pam, before she comes after her again. Stephanie looks surprised and worried by the intensity of Donna’s fear of Pam and the request.

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