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Nick rushes Katie to the hospital. Ridge, Brooke and Jack go too. She’s in pain and wonders what’s going on with the baby. She's terrified.

Stephanie is at the house with Felicia and Thorne. They wonder if what Donna said is true regarding Eric not wanting a divorce. Stephanie doesn’t want to rush Eric. She said she won’t let Donna take advantage of Eric again. She vows to fight.

Marcus is with a co-worker on the Forrester rooftop. They’re waiting on a delivery. Marcus pulls out his phone as Donna walks up. He tells her he was just texting her to see how things went with Eric. Donna tells him she did get in to see him. Donna says he's not talking of getting a divorce right now. Marcus asks if this is a good thing. Donna says she hopes so. She just wants to give Eric time. She says Eric hasn’t given up on them yet. He encourages her to hang in there. Marcus gets a text. He tells her he’s needed in the office. He kisses her on the cheek and says he‘ll see her later. Donna sits down at a table looking rather forlorn. Owen walks up and tells her he guesses she’s responsible for what just happened. She looks surprised and asks what he’s talking about. He says he was fired. Donna tells him this can’t come as a surprise. He tells her he can deal with losing a job, but not her.

The doctor takes an ultrasound of the baby as both Katie and Nick look on. Katie asks if the baby is going to be alright.

The doctor says she’s sorry. Katie breaks down crying. Nick asks the doctor if she’s sure. The doctor says Katie miscarried. She tells them most of the time this happens if the foetus wasn’t viable. Katie continues to cry. The doctor tells her it could have been all the medicines she takes. They’re a procedure they can do to learn more. Katie says what difference does it make. Her baby is gone. She continues crying. The doctor leaves. Nick sits on the bed and holds Katie as she cries. She holds him tightly.

Stephanie says she doesn’t want to go through this again with Donna. Felicia says she’ll take the lead with this since Eric and Stephanie haven’t gotten so close. Felicia says why jeopardize that? It could backfire if Stephanie pressures Eric. Thorne and Stephanie both agree. Stephanie says she knows what she can do to set this all straight. She heads for the door. Thorne asks where she’s going. Stephanie says, “hopefully to save your father”.

Donna tells Owen he knew she loved Eric and now that he’s well, she wants to be with him. Owen says he knows she loved him too. Donna says she had “feelings” for him. He saved her life from crazy Pam. Owen asks if she remembers what happened up in Big Bear. Those feelings don’t just go away. He says she’s not meant to be with a man old enough to be her father. He understands her sense of loyalty. He says Eric has Stephanie now and she won’t hurt Eric by leaving. Donna says Eric has made her a better person and he’s good for her. She’s not staying with him out of guilt. She loves him, and Owen needs to accept it. She tells him she can’t talk about it anymore and gets up from the table. Owen follows her and says okay. If this is what she really wants he can’t say anything. She thanks him for everything. He says he can’t help but worry about her since Pam is still out there. She tells him she’ll be fine. Owen says he’s never going to stop loving her. Donna quickly walks away. Owen looks hurt.

The doctor comes out to tell Ridge and Brooke that Katie lost the baby. She says Nick and Katie want time alone. Ridge kisses Brooke’s head as she looks sad for Katie. Nick tells Katie they’ll get through this. He caresses her head. She says their precious baby is gone. Nick kisses her forehead tenderly as they hold each other.

Marcus is back on the rooftop when Thorne walks up. Thorne asks why he’s up there, when they’re waiting on a big shipment. Marcus tells him to “chill” since its not even there yet. Thorne gets nasty and asks Marcus if that’s how he talks to a supervisor. Marcus asks Thorne what the real issue is. Thorne tells him the Forresters are back and they’re in control of their company. He starts downing Donna saying ever since she stepped in the company they’ve taken a beating, which includes a lack of respect from their buyers, the press and public. Marcus throws it back in Thorne’s face and tells him to look at how they’ve disrespected his mother and her marriage. She is still Mrs. Eric Forrester. Thorne says not for long. Marcus says we’ll see about that. Thorne tells him again the Forresters are back and he better get used to the changes. He roughly tells Marcus to get the shipment unloaded. Donna walks up and wants to know what’s going on. Marcus tells her nothing. He and Thorne were just having a conversation. Thorne turns around and looks defiantly at Donna. She says she can only imagine what their conversation was about. She asks Thorne if he loves his father. Thorne says of course. Donna asks if that’s the case, why doesn’t he support him? She says to give Eric some space like she is. Thorne says he doesn’t believe she’ll keep her end of the bargain. Donna says it’s in Eric’s hands and she respects that. Thorne tells Donna she better if she knows what’s good for her. Marcus breaks in and asks if that’s a threat. Thorne turns around and gets in Marcus’ face. Donna tells Marcus it’s not worth it. The other shipping clerk comes up and tells Marcus the shipment is in. Marcus says okay. They better get it unloaded. When Donna finds out it’s from India, she tells them she’ll need the samples right away. Marcus and the clerk leave. Thorne and Donna give each other a look like rivals.

Brooke says to Ridge her poor little sister. Ridge says, yes, she’ll need a lot of support. Brooke talks about how ironic it is that the day her sister loses her baby they bring Jack into their lives.

Katie blames herself. Nick tells her it’s not her fault. She says she should have known she couldn’t carry a baby to term. Nick says they looked at this baby as a blessing. Maybe it still was since he could have lost her. Katie says he lost everything because of her. Nick says he still has her. Katie tells him he’s free now. He doesn’t have to stay with her, especially since she was so horrible to Bridget. Nick says he wasn’t with her because of the baby. Katie asks how they go on. Nick says they start today and to be grateful they already have a child, Jack. He says Jack will need her. Katie asks if Brooke is still there with Jack. Nick says yes. She asks if she can see him. Nick says yes and caresses Katie’s face.

Brooke is playing with Jack in the waiting room. She tells Ridge how much she treasures Jack, especially with what happened to Katie. Ridge says Taylor was right about her being Jack’s mother. Nick comes out of Katie’s room. Ridge tells him he’s sorry. Nick thanks him. He tells Brooke Katie wants to see her and Jack. Brooke wonders if that’s a good idea. Nick shakes his head and says it’s what she wants. Brooke goes in with Jack. She tells Katie they’ll be there for her, whatever she needs. Katie says she should have prepared for this. She lets Brooke know Nick is committed to her no matter what. They’ll still build a life together and they have Jack. She says Jack will always be a part of her life. She asks if she can hold Jack. Brooke agrees. Katie cries and says, “Thank God for you, my sweet baby”. Brooke looks really worried and concerned.

Marcus and crew come back to the rooftop with the shipment Donna’s been waiting on. Pam is on the roof of another building watching through binoculars. She talks to herself about Donna daring to steal her sister’s husband. Donna prepares to open the box, but gets a phone call. Pam mutters how dare Donna try to work her way back into Eric’s life. Today you die. Marcus opens the box and removes paper. A snake uncoils and strikes Marcus in the chest. Donna sees what happens and yells, “Oh, my God”. She runs to where Marcus has fallen on the ground. She tells the staff to call 911. Stephanie arrives and is confused about what’s going on. Marcus is in distress as Donna continues to call his name. Pam continues to watch with her binoculars.

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