B&B Monday Update 9/29/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/29/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Katie wakes up in Nick’s arms at his house. She looks at him sleep. She smiles and touches and kisses his chest. Nick rolls over and tells her this is what he’d call a good morning. They kiss.

Brooke and Ridge wake up together in their bed. Brooke tells Ridge how he really took her breath away agreeing to Jack living with them. She knows it was difficult for him and she can hardly believe it. Ridge tells her he wants to do this legally to protect her. He thinks they should call a lawyer. Brooke doesn’t think it’s necessary. She says Taylor trusts her to do this and Nick agrees. She’s stunned Ridge thinks she should have partial custody. Brooke kisses Ridge and tells him how incredible he is.

Katie fingers her scar. Nick takes her hand and tells her she doesn’t have to be ashamed of it. She tells him he always knows what she’s thinking. He tells her its okay for her to share his bed. Katie smile and says she could do this all day. Nick says after she moves in she’ll probably be tired of him within a week. Katie is surprised and questions moving in. Nick tells her he wants her, Jack and their baby to be there together. Katie is happy and agrees.

Ridge wants to know who they should call first, the lawyer or Marone. Brooke says they should move slowly. She doesn’t want to freak anyone out. They agree to stop by Nick’s on the way to work. Ridge warns Brooke Nick might not be alone. Ridge tells her they really haven’t talked about what’s going on with him and Katie. She is carrying Nick’s baby. Ridge also reminds Brooke Nick feels the same way about him that he feels about Marone. Nick might not want him in Jack’s life.

Katie is at Brooke’s with her mother. She’s ecstatic. Beth tells her she can see that since her feet haven’t touched the ground. Katie asks where Brooke and Ridge are. Beth tells her they’ve already gone and so are the kids. Katie lets her mom know she did have some guilt about Bridget, but she gave them her blessing to move on. Beth is surprised and has some reservations. Katie tells her Nick wants her to move in. Beth asks if she’s sure about all of this. She asks Katie if anyone else knows. Katie tells her no. They wonder how Bridget will react when she finds out the latest developments.

Ridge and Brooke go by Nick’s. Nick is slightly surprised Ridge knows what Taylor’s asking. Nick says he knows Brooke would be a great mother to Jack, but he has reservations. Nick asks Ridge if he can handle him being a permanent fixture in their lives if Brooke raises Jack. Nick doesn’t think so.

Beth tells Katie Brooke may not be happy for her because of Bridget. She says until Katie has her own child she won’t understand what a mother feels. Beth asks doesn't she think they’re rushing things. She reminds Katie she married them and now here they are divorcing for the second time. Beth doesn’t want to see this jeopardize Katie’s relationship with Brooke. Katie tells her mother things happen for a reason. She’s happy to be moving in with the man she loves. She feels it'll work itself out.

Ridge asks Nick if he’s baiting him. Nick just wonders if they aren’t exchanging one bad situation for another one. Brooke says Ridge agrees with what Jack needs. Nick asks Ridge if he can let him and Brooke be a parent to their child. Ridge asks if Nick can handle him as a step-father. Ridge says he wants it on paper to protect Brooke. Nick looks surprised. Ridge asks Nick if he’s on board with this.

Beth tells Katie she’s not trying to bring her down. Katie tells her mother not to worry. Beth says she can’t help it. She is happy this baby will be raised with a father. Katie says she and Nick have this in common. They both didn’t have their fathers growing up. Katie says she can’t help but be excited for a future she didn’t think she’d have. She says Storm knew. She’s happy about being able to help raise Jack with her baby.

Nick doesn't understand the request to make things legal if this is what Taylor wants. He asks if it’s an ultimatum and knows this is all Ridge’s idea. Ridge tells him they need legal authority if they’re going to welcome Jack into their family. Brooke deserves to be able to make decisions without Nick’s veto. Brooke speaks up and says it’s best for Jack too. Nick doesn’t like it and feels Ridge is throwing his weight around. Ridge says this is what he was afraid of. He tells Brooke lets go. They head for the door, when Nick tells them to stop. Nick tells Brooke she gave up her place in Jack’s life to allow him to bond with Taylor. It didn’t happen. Now Taylor wants her to take her place back. He does too. He’ll agree to share custody. He’ll have his lawyer draw up papers today. He lets Brooke know he’s doing it for her and Jack. He says there are a lot of details to work out, but they’ll do it for their son. Brooke hugs him and says thanks. She says they’ll give Jack a life filled with love. They hug again as Ridge looks on warily.

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