B&B Friday Update 9/26/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/26/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick is lying across the bed, when Taylor gets home. He can see she’s upset and he meets her at the bedroom door with a hug. She’s crying. Ridge and Brooke are lying in bed at home. Ridge can’t believe what Brooke is saying about Taylor wanting her to be a mother to Jack. She reminds him she’s not just anybody, but she is Jack’s mother. Taylor tells Rick how hard it was letting Jack go. He asks how it went with Nick. She says she had to explain to him, but he knows it must be serious if she’s considering Brooke stepping in.

Nick is at home having a beer. Katie walks in. Nick asks her how she’s doing. She tells him the baby is fine. She saw the doctor. She tells Nick they haven’t talked in a while. She lets him know she spoke to Bridget today.

Brooke tells Ridge these problems with Jack and Taylor have been going on for months. Ridge tries to offer several suggestions as to why Jack could be crying. Brooke still insists it’s a bonding issue. Ridge says it sounds kind of crazy to him. He asks if she told Taylor this wasn’t going to work. Brooke doesn’t answer. He looks at her questioningly and asks again.

Katie tells Nick about Bridget trying to move on. He tells her he saw Bridget too. Katie’s surprised. He lets her know Bridget came and got her stuff and she wants a divorce. Katie tells him Bridget wants them to move on with their lives like she has. The funny thing is she wants them to do it together. Nick asks if she believes Bridget means it. Katie says she does because Bridget is thinking of everyone again but herself. She’s thinking of them, their baby and Jack. Nick shakes his head and says Jack’s name. Katie looks concerned and asks if something is wrong. He tells her about the situation with Taylor, Brooke and Jack. Katie looks shocked.

Ridge tells Brooke to please say she didn’t agree to what Taylor is asking. Brooke tells him this child needs a mother. Ridge says let Jackie or Katie step in, since it’s too complicated. Brooke tells him it wouldn’t be complicated for her because she loves that baby. Ridge says he knows that, but what if Taylor changes her mind. Brooke says that won’t happen. Ridge asks about custody. Brooke tells him Nick and Taylor share custody. Ridge wants to know if she plans to raise the baby with Nick. She tells him she just hoped when the baby wasn’t with Nick they could have him. Ridge says it’s just sounds disastrous to him. He tells her he can’t be a part of this. She needs to tell Taylor no.

Taylor asks Rick if he thinks Ridge will be able to help raise Jack. Rick thinks his mother can convince him. Taylor wonders if she’s only created more of a problem for Jack. Jack could end up in a worse situation if Ridge isn’t on board. Rick tells her to think positively. Taylor says she just wants Jack to have a happy childhood. She doesn’t want to be responsible for messing Jack’s life up. Rick tells her it’s a good intention on her part and her love for Jack is selfless. It’s her unconditional love for her child. He kisses her softly. They kiss more intently and Rick picks Taylor up and moves her to the bed, where they continue kissing.

Katie is really confused. She can’t believe Taylor is just going to hand Jack over to Brooke. She asks Nick how he feels about it. He tells her he’s concerned. He knows Brooke loves Jack. The issues would be with Ridge. Katie agrees. He wants to know what she thinks. She tells him Brooke would be a great mother. Nick would get to spend more time with Jack. Nick tells her Jack will be here getting to know his new half brother/sister. She’s a bit surprised. Nick takes her hands and says they are having a baby together. He doesn’t want to keep it a secret unless she does. She says she doesn’t either, but they really hadn’t discussed the future. Nick tenderly caresses her face and tells her he wants them to work this out together. Katie questions him about the word together. He tells her again, together, them and their baby. They kiss tentatively and then more passionately.

Brooke asks Ridge how he can expect her to turn her back on Jack. She loves him, but she can’t just walk away from her child. Ridge tells her she needs to stop thinking about it like that. She reminds him she’s the biological mother. Ridge tells her he and Nick don’t see eye to eye on anything and him being a stepfather could be terrible. Brooke says Nick will respect Ridge’s position. Ridge says it’ll be a nightmare. They have to consider RJ and Hope. They have their own little family. Brooke lets him know the kids love Jack and would enjoy having him with them. Ridge still resists and says he has too many reservations about this. They have everything going for them right now to jeopardize it with something so dysfunctional. Brooke tells him she was hoping he would understand. He says he does. Brooke tells him he doesn’t. She loves him, but her child is crying out for her. Jack needs her and is crying out for her. She has to be there for him. Ridge looks at her questioningly.

Nick lets Katie’s hair down and runs his fingers through her hair. Katie rubs his face. They kiss softly. Nick unties Katie’s blouse and takes it off. They kiss again. She puts her hand over her scar. Nick moves her hand and leans down to kiss the spot as she runs her fingers through his hair. He makes his way back up to her lips, where they kiss more passionately. Nick backs Katie up to the bed, where they continue to kiss deeply and hold each other.

Brooke asks Ridge how does she shut out the voice of a crying child that shares her blood. Ridge tells her it might not be that bad. Brooke says Jack is lost. She’s seen this and she doesn’t want Jack to feel abandoned. Jack doesn’t feel Taylor is his mother. She tells Ridge she understands his concerns and they’re real. She believes they can deal with them. Everything pales to what Jack needs. Ridge says he just wants to protect her and their family, including Jack. He just doesn’t want to see everything blow up in their face. He doesn’t want to see Jack plucked out of their lives if Nick or Taylor changes their minds and they’ve bonded. Ridge says it makes him crazy, but she’s the woman he fell in love with the first time he saw her. If this is what she wants, then he’s there for her. Brooke’s face shows her wonderment at how incredible this is for her. She shakes her head and tells Ridge they will make this work. Whatever comes their way they’ll work it out. They kiss passionately.

Taylor is lying in bed, after having made love to Rick. He’s asleep. Taylor wonders if she’s making a mistake and creating more of a problem. She thinks about Ridge. She has flashbacks of their lives together, including Ridge saying how much he loved her. Taylor is shocked at where her thoughts have lead. She looks at Rick and removes her hand from his. She grabs her head and says to herself those days or over. She tells herself I’ve got to forget about you Ridge. It echoes in her mind Ridge, Ridge, Ridge………

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