B&B Monday Update 9/22/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/22/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna is with Eric in his bedroom at the mansion. She tells him she’ll never give up on him and hopes he never gives up on them. She lovingly caresses his face.

Stephanie tells Brooke she won’t let Donna near Eric. Brooke reminds her Donna is his wife. Stephanie brings up the Donna/Owen saga again and how it could have killed Eric. Brooke tells her Eric has a right to all the facts, so he can make his own decision. Stephanie opens the door as if to show Brooke out. Brooke’s phone rings. It’s Ridge wanting to know if she’s still with his mother. She tells him they’re done. He tells her good, because he has something planned for her. Brooke tells Stephanie she is going to marry her son and she doesn’t want to fight anymore. She tells her she still thinks its Eric’s choice to make and not hers. Stephanie looks pensive.

Eric doesn’t respond to Donna. He wants to know how long he was in the coma. Donna tells him two months. He asks if she couldn’t wait. She tearfully tells him she felt so lost and lonely. She was overwhelmed. She goes on to tell him how Ridge tried to take over the company. Eric looks surprised. She then tells him how everyone gave up, but she wouldn’t. Even when Ridge wanted to take him off the ventilator, she stood strong. Eric is shocked. Donna lets him know Owen stood by her and was part of the reason he wasn’t take off the life support. She says Owen was a friend to them. What he saw between her and Owen was a woman mourning the loss of her husband. She begs Eric to believe her.

Brooke goes home, where Ridge had the bedroom lit by candlelight. He emerges from the bathroom in his robe. He tells Brooke he had a meeting in the bedroom planned. They kiss. As they discuss Eric’s improvement, Ridge says it’s all coming together. The business is theirs and his dad is on the mend. Brooke tells him not to get his hopes up about Eric and Stephanie. Ridge says his dad wants Stephanie. Ridge tells Brooke to promise him not to let anything come between them. He doesn’t want anything to come between them again.

Thorne comes in, where Stephanie is still in the foyer. He tells her he saw Brooke leave and wants to know what happened. Stephanie tells him she tried to plead Donna’s case. Stephanie notices all the boxes and asks what they are. Thorne says they’re for Eric. She looks closer and wonders why one of them is opened.

Donna Tells Eric they’ve been through so much. He can’t let something so insignificant end their marriage. She tells Eric she wants to nurse him back to health and move on with their lives. Eric listens intently, but says nothing.

Stephanie and Thorne continue looking at the empty box. They both say at the same time, “Donna”. They rush upstairs.

Eric tells Donna he’s different. Owen is a young man and she could have feelings for him. Donna tells him she doesn’t want Owen, only him. She kisses him as Stephanie and Thorne burst in the room. Thorne yells for her to get off Eric. He grabs Donna and hustles her towards the door as Stephanie yells for her to get out. Stephanie apologizes to Eric.

Donna struggles with Thorne. She says she wasn’t trying to hurt Eric. Stephanie asks what was she doing; trying to kill him. Donna says Eric wants her there. She asks Eric to tell them. Before he can say a word, Thorne pushes Donna in the hallway. Stephanie holds her as Thorne shuts and locks the doors. Donna continues calling Eric’s name from the hall.

Ridge and Brooke sit on the floor in the candlelight. Ridge says he’s happy Eric will be able to be his best man. Brooke tells him that will be great and they should support Eric whatever he decides. They agree no matter how bad things get with Donna, Stephanie and Eric to not let things get between them. Ridge says they can seal it with a kiss. Brooke stands up and says she can do better than that. She takes her dress off to reveal sexy black and white underwear. Ridge stands and takes her in his arms. They move to the bed, where they start kissing passionately.

Stephanie continues arguing with Donna as they come down the stairs. Stephanie says Donna was trying to kill Eric. Donna quips, “That would be your sister Pam.” Stephanie tells her sneaking around the house wouldn’t aid Eric’s recovery. Donna tells her she wouldn’t have to sneak around if she would allow her to see her own husband. Stephanie says she’s protecting Eric, and he threw her out. He’s finally seen her for who she really is. Donna tells Stephanie she’s loving the control, which is what she’s always tried to do to Eric. Donna says she has rights as his wife. Stephanie says she had her chance, but she blew it with Owen. The sex kitten routine won’t work anymore. Donna tells her there was more to the marriage than just sex and that’s what scares the hell out of her.

Ridge and Brooke lay in bed after making love. She asks about their wedding plans. Ridge says he has some big, big plans. He wants Eric as best man. Brooke says Donna can be her matron of honor. Ridge says Donna can’t come because his mother will be there. Brooke tells him she believes Eric will forgive Donna and they’ll get back together, no matter what kind of stunts Stephanie pulls.

Stephanie opens the door like she did with Brooke. She and Donna continue to argue about Eric. Stephanie tells Donna Eric has had many flings in the past and that’s all she was. He may have many more. Donna says Eric loves her and will take her back. She tells Stephanie she doesn’t want to admit to herself that there was more to their marriage. Eric really loved her. Stephanie tells her to leave or she’ll have her arrested. Donna turns around and tries to run upstairs. She’s greeted by Thorne, who picks her up and pushes her outside the doors. Stephanie shakes her head. Donna is crying and calling Eric’s name. Eric sits in his bed, where he can hear Donna calling for him….

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