B&B Friday Update 9/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/19/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Stephanie and Brooke are in Eric’s room at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie is mad and berates Brooke for bringing up Donna to Eric after she asked her not to. She reminds Brooke about how tenuous Eric’s health is and he’s made his position known about Donna. Brooke accuses Stephanie of trying to isolate Eric, which Stephanie denies.

Ridge and Thorne are downstairs where delivery men have several large packages for Eric. Ridge asks if it’s more gifts for Eric or rehabilitation equipment. They talk about how well Eric is doing and the fact he could come bounding down the stairs on his own soon. Ridge mentions Brooke is upstairs with Eric and he wanted to see her alone. Thorne is surprised Stephanie allowed Brooke to see Eric. Ridge says she couldn’t stand it for long and she had to go up and see what they were talking about. Thorne says he’s surprised there’s no yelling. Ridge says what can be said since Eric saw Donna and Owen in bed together. There’s no way Donna can talk her way out of this one. He says Brooke feels Donna should be given a chance to explain.

Stephanie goes over to Eric’s bed and tells him this relationship with Donna and Owen has been going on for quite a while. She knew when he came out of his coma, he said Donna’s name. She went to the mansion to tell Donna but saw her and Owen in bed. Brooke asks why she didn’t confront them at that time. Stephanie said she saw what she saw. That’s when she decided to protect him and keep Donna away from him. Stephanie says that’s the truth. Brooke asks is that when she sent Donna to Paris with Owen. Stephanie tries to cover. Brooke breaks in and says, if that’s the whole truth, then why didn’t she tell Eric Donna was attacked and Owen saved her life? Eric looks on questioningly. Stephanie starts saying that, if Donna really needed comforting, why didn’t she turn to her or Marcus. Brooke turns to Eric and tells him Donna just needs a chance to explain. Stephanie asks why she’s deliberately trying to upset him. She asks Brooke to stop before she pushes him over the edge.

Thorne says he’s curious about Ridge and Brooke and the wedding plans. Ridge tells him things are pretty much on track but there has been some tension. Thorne says Brooke is fiercely loyal to her family and Ridge is to his family, also. Thorne says it’s bad that, every time they’re headed to the altar, something comes up to stop them. Ridge says not this time. Thorne reminds him of all the history with the two families. Thorne says he’s really surprised Stephanie allowed Brooke to see Eric. Ridge lets him know he assisted it. Thorne wonders if that was wise. They both wonder if their father is really able to get Donna out of his life. Ridge says Eric was totally in love and was a different man with Donna. The brothers talk about how dangerous Pam is and the fact she’s still out there. Thorne agrees with Stephanie that Donna would be better out of their lives and this whole thing could bring their parents closer than ever before. At least he hopes so.

Brooke is gone, and Stephanie closes and locks the door behind her. She makes sure Eric is okay and says it’s inappropriate for Brooke to come here and try to plead Donna’s case. She thinks it would be better when he improves. His number one priority should be to get well.

Brooke comes down and tells Ridge and Thorne his mother kicked her out. She says Stephanie is trying to control everything, including what Eric knows, who he sees, etc. She lets them know she told Eric about Owen saving Donna’s life. They both are upset, and Ridge reminds her they talked about not upsetting Eric. She says she thinks Eric needs to know the truth. Thorne and Brooke argue about the fact Donna and Owen didn’t have an affair. Ridge tells Brooke his father doesn’t need anything else to worry about. Thorne walks out saying he doesn’t want to hear anymore of this crap. Brooke asks if Eric has a say in all of this. They’re not acknowledging that Eric was deeply in love with Donna. A huge box sits in the door way marked “Fragile.” A pair of eyes peeps out through the hole cut in the side. Ridge throws his hands up and goes up to check on his father. Stephanie comes down and wants to know why Brooke is still there. She tells her she doesn’t have to wait on Ridge; she can take one of their cars. Brooke tells her she was waiting on her. She tells Stephanie she doesn’t want to fight with her. Stephanie says, if that’s the case, why would she go against her wishes with Eric? Brooke tells her she wasn’t honest with Eric and should have told him about what happened at Big Bear. She tries to get Stephanie to see Donna loves Eric. Stephanie tells her she has a strange way of showing it, but she’s never understood the Logan girls. Stephanie walks away. The eyes watch from the box.

Eric sits on the bed and has flashes of Donna kissing Owen. Ridge checks to see if Eric is okay after being caught in the crossfire. He tells his father both Brooke and Stephanie want what’s best for him, but like old times they can’t agree. He tells his father Brooke didn’t mean to upset him. No one is holding him prisoner, especially Stephanie. Ridge goes on and on about how much his mother loves Eric and they all came so close to losing him. He says when Eric woke up from the coma, Stephanie woke up, too.

Brooke tells Stephanie not to make this about her family. Stephanie says she made it that way when she came over defending her sister. The box opens and Donna slowly comes out. Brooke keeps Stephanie’s attention while Donna quietly tiptoes upstairs. Brooke and Stephanie continue to argue about what’s best for Eric and if Donna should be given the opportunity to talk to him. Stephanie starts slinging remarks about the Logans using their sexuality, and Brooke tells her its déjà vu. She tells Stephanie she’s just afraid Donna will win Eric back.

Donna slips upstairs and just misses Ridge coming out of Eric’s room. Eric continues to flash back to happier times with Donna. Donna opens his door and slips in. Eric is quite surprised. Donna looks at him and says his name.

Brooke tells Stephanie to admit she’s terrified she’ll lose Eric. Stephanie says of course she is. Look at what happened to him. She doesn’t want to jeopardize his life. Brooke says he threw Donna out of the house but the marriage isn’t over. Stephanie says she was there when Eric came out of the coma, not Donna. He came back to her and their children. If she was going to come and visit, then don’t come to defend her sister, or she wouldn’t be welcome. Brooke asks about other family coming to see Eric, including Rick, Bridget, Marcus and her mother. Stephanie told Brooke she’d guard his health as long as she thought it necessary but of course her children could see their father.

Donna lets Eric know how good it is to see him up and looking much better. He looks kind of wary when she gets close to him. She tells him she knew he’d come back to them. She goes to touch him, and he puts his hand up. Donna says she knows he’s angry and asks if he read her letter. She tells him what he saw wasn’t what he thought. She never stopped loving him or gave up on him. He tries to talk and tells her she went to bed with another man. She tells him he needs to know why and she isn’t leaving until she had a chance to explain. She didn’t care if Stephanie brought every guard there. She grabs and hugs Eric and tells him she’s his wife and they have to work this out. She cries and tells him she knows he loves her and he can’t give up on them. She continues to cry and hugs him again. Eric doesn’t respond and looks confused.

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