B&B Tuesday Update 9/16/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Forrester Creations rooftop lounge, Brooke pressures Rick to discuss Taylor’s difficulties with Jack. She just wants to help and is soooo worried about Jack! Ridge arrives and Rick makes his escape. Ridge is so happy Eric is doing well, thanks to Stephanie. He tells Brooke that she can see Eric soon, but for now Dad needs to relax and recover, stress-free. That means he’s getting no calls from work, and especially no Donna.

At Brooke’s house, Donna is telling Marcus about how the Forresters are shutting her out and keeping her from Eric. Marcus reminds her that Eric was pretty upset after seeing her and Owen, and expresses his concern over her actions with her assistant. Donna defends her choice of comfort, how she thought Eric was never coming back, and if she had thought there was any chance… she must have seen Marcus’ eyes glaze over because she then demands if he believes her, that it was all just a misunderstanding. Marcus doesn’t look entirely convinced.

In the Forrester master bedroom, Stephanie asks Eric is he has something on his mind, but when he says, “Donna,” she suggests that they should discuss that at a later time. Eric insists, “Now,” but just then Thorne calls on the walkie-talkie and informs them that Rick and Bridget are there. Eric smiles.

Downstairs, Rick and Bridget ask Thorne about Eric’s condition. After Thorne leaves, Rick asks Bridget about the situation with Nick and Katie, but Bridget wants to focus on Dad. Stephanie comes down the stairs, greeting them warmly. Bridget comments that Donna must be so happy and asks if she’s upstairs. Stephanie informs her no, she’s not and she won’t be.

During the commercial, Stephanie has evidently been telling Rick and Bridget about Donna’s comfort sessions with Owen, and we return with her saying how Eric saw them on the bed in the house when he first ventured out in his wheelchair. Bridget is shocked, since she spent so many nights at the hospital with Donna at Eric’s bedside. When they ask where things stand Stephanie decrees that Donna is out of Eric’s life. When asked if this is what Dad wants, Stephanie shoots back, “Wouldn’t you if you woke up from a coma and saw your wife making love with another man?” (OMG I’ve lost count of the lies and half-truths!) Rick says touché and Bridget feels sick. Stephanie says they can go see their father if they promise not to say anything about Donna, and they agree.

On the rooftop, Brooke tells Ridge that Donna insists it was all a misunderstanding. Ridge scoffs at that and tells Brooke it’s been going on for some time, Stephanie walked in on them the other day. No, Dad is back and they want to keep him, so no stress. And Donna is definitely a source of stress, especially after what he saw.

In his bedroom, Eric is sitting in his chair, staring sadly into space. Stephanie, Rick and Bridget enter. Bridget hugs her Daddy as he smiles widely, and Rick beams from the doorway.

Donna begs Marcus to believe that Eric is the only man she loves. Marcus finally says of course, but points out that Owen has fallen hard for her. Donna assures her son that she’ll take care of that, but wants Marcus to get a letter from her to Eric. Marcus agrees and meets Owen as he goes out the door on his mission. Marcus tells Owen that Donna has something to say to him, after that, he should do them all a favor and leave. And stay away this time! Owen and Donna stare at each other across the room.

Bridget and Eric speak tenderly to each other, then it is Rick’s turn for a hug. Eric says haltingly that it’s good to be back. Rick teases that he had them all worried for a while there. He tells Eric that Brooke wants to see him when he’s well enough. Eric says, “Now.” Rick says that then they’ll all be together. Stephanie gives an impatient sigh as she looks disapprovingly from the doorway.

Brooke thinks not seeing Donna may be more stressful to Eric than seeing her would be. Ridge insists that Eric doesn’t want to see Donna. Brooke wonders if those are Eric’s words, or Stephanie’s? Ridge thinks they should just give it some time. Brooke points out that Donna has waited as well, and that she really does love Eric. Ridge asks then why was she in bed with Owen? Brooke admits that that was a mistake, but Eric did tell Donna to go on with her life if something ever happened to him. Who are they to blame her for doing that? She reminds Ridge that Donna sat by Eric’s bed, suffering for “many, many months.” Ridge says that Dad is back because of Mother’s determination, and that what she did was as close to divine intervention as he’s ever seen. When Eric happened down the hall and saw Donna with Owen, he was gasping for air and could have died right then. He claims that Stephanie is not manipulating, she’s protecting him after the battle of his life. Brooke understands the protection part of the situation, but, after Eric’s better, if he wants to see Donna, it should be his choice, not Stephanie’s. Ridge scoffs at the idea that Stephanie could keep Dad from seeing Donna if he really wants to.

Donna tells Owen about being kicked out of the house, and he says he’s sorry. Then Donna tells him that he’s a wonderful man, and she owes him so much. But she’s married. Owen insists that they have something special, and Donna says, maybe, if Eric hadn’t survived, but he did, thank God. So now Donna wants Owen to help Eric understand that what he saw was just comfort from a friend. Owen tells Donna that Eric’s family won’t let them (Donna and Eric) be happy. He tells her that she doesn’t need them, she would be well taken care of. Donna informs Owen that she doesn’t want to end her marriage, and she’s sorry if he’s hurt or disappointed. Owen claims that he’s only hurt and disappointed for her. He can’t believe she’d choose that life of constant conflict, and predicts that they’ll kick her out of the company. Donna insists that she doesn’t care, she just wants her husband back. And that’s why they can’t see each other any more.

Marcus knocks on the Forrester front door, and when Thorne opens, Marcus barrels past. Thorne demands to know what he’s doing! Marcus says he’s going to see Eric and Thorne can’t stop him! Thorne quickly pulls out his walkie-talkie as Marcus heads upstairs.

Still on the rooftop, Brooke is calling Nick and leaving another message about Jack. Rick enters and tells her to hang up, she can’t do that!

In the Forrester foyer, Thorne is ordering security to his father’s room.

Marcus enters Eric’s room and says he’s glad to see him. Eric smiles and they hug warmly.

Donna says goodbye to Owen. He protests that she doesn’t have to do this. She assures him that she does, she needs to focus on her husband and she can’t do that with him (Owen) here. Owen declares that he loves her and that he’s not leaving. Donna states firmly that she loves her husband. Fine, Owen says, nurse him back to health, but he can’t give you this! He kisses her deeply. After the kiss, Donna just stares at Owen.

Rick reminds his mother that she promised to give them time, and asks if she’s going after custody of Jack. Brooke defends her actions, Jack is suffering! Rick tells her there’s really nothing she can do about it. Brooke reminds him that she’s Jack’s mother, too, and she is going to be there for him!

Marcus tells Eric that Donna loves him, but that they won’t let her see him. Marcus tells Eric that she wrote a letter, and asks if Eric wants him to read it to him. Eric says yes. Marcus starts to read Donna’s letter, which explains how she feels: overwhelmed at his return after all their hopes and prayers. She tells him how she waited for him even when others had given up hope, refusing to believe he was truly gone. Then she found out her prayers had been answered… just then Thorne and a security guard enter and drag Owen out of the room. But before they do, Marcus tosses the letter into Eric’s lap. Eric. Puts his arm over it to hide it. Alone, Eric continues reading, as Donna claims she never stopped praying for his recovery. She knows Eric saw her and Owen, and explains that she needed comfort. She was convinced that he (Eric) was gone, and she can’t begin to describe what that thought did to her. She ends the letter with “Please know that I love you above all else, and I will never give up on us, Honey Bear. I miss you. Donna”

Stephanie enters the bedroom, and Eric hides the last page of the letter, dropping his hand on the side of the chair opposite Stephanie. She apologizes for what just happened, and says Marcus’ mother shouldn’t use him that way, especially after Eric made it so clear he never wanted to see her again. She takes the first 2 pages of the letter still on Eric’s lap and tears them up, tossing them in the trash. She asks if he’s okay and Eric says yes. Then she goes to get his lunch, leaving Eric alone to read the last part of the letter again and to flash back on good times with Donna. He looks thoughtful as he stares into space.

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