B&B Monday Update 9/15/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/15/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna shows up at the Forrester mansion. Thorne opens the door and won’t let her in. He tells her she’s not welcome and has the guard put her off the grounds.

Dr. Patrick is at the Forrester’s with Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Felicia. Thorne joins them and let’s his mother know it was Donna, but he got rid of her. Dr. Patrick tells them he is encouraged by Eric’s progress, but Eric seems down. Ridge lets the doctor know they’re concerned, since his father had a shock. They tell the doctor about Eric seeing his wife with another man. The doctor basically tells them to try and avoid stress. Eric will have a significant recovery time, since his muscles have atrophied. He says Eric needs a lot of love and support. The kids all chime in about how Stephanie brought Eric back and if not for her, he might not have come back to them. Eric reaches for Stephanie’s hand and they gaze at each other with a loving look.

Taylor stands alone in her bedroom in the dark, visibly upset. Rick comes in and puts his arms around her. She inquires about Jack. Rick tells her he’s sound asleep and snoring. He jokes about not knowing babies could snore. Taylor starts downing herself again, about not being able to give Jack what he needs. Rick tells her to stop. He tells her she’s tense and Jack probably senses that and it makes him restless. He asks if she’s concerned about his mother wanting to help. Taylor says Brooke’s heart is in the right place, but she’s the last person she wants help from.

Brooke calls Nick about Jack. He’s out of town, so she leaves a message that she’s concerned about Jack and she’d like to speak with him. Donna comes in and excitedly tells her about Eric’s recovery. Brooke is happy to hear the news and wants to know why Donna isn’t with him. Donna hesitantly tells her something happened. She goes on and on about how sad and lonely she’d been feeling. She says Owen had insisted on staying at the house with her, since Pam was still on the loose. Donna says she didn’t know Eric was down the hall, while she was with Owen in a guest room. Brooke doesn’t understand what Donna’s trying to say. Donna finally spits out that Owen was comforting her, but nothing happened. Brooke understands Donna was feeling vulnerable. Donna is happy someone understands.

Brooke wants to know what exactly Eric saw. Donna still beats around the bush and tells Brooke she felt so alone and had given up hope of Eric getting better. She finally tells Brooke Eric saw them kissing. Brooke is a bit surprised. Donna tells her she just wants a chance to explain, but Eric is so upset. She lets Brooke know the Forresters have locked her out and hired guards. Brooke is surprised and slightly outraged that they’ve gone to this extreme. Donna grabs her phone and calls the house. Stephanie answers. She won’t let Donna speak to Eric and says he’s resting, plus the doctor wants him to be calm. Donna continues trying to talk, but Stephanie hangs up on her. Donna tells Brooke they’re all alone in the house with Eric and will put a totally different spin on things. Brooke tells her maybe they have an out with Ridge.

Ridge tells his dad about Pam. Eric can’t believe it. They’ve explained Pam was off her medications. Stephanie apologizes for what’s gone on and him waking up to such a terrible shock. Ridge says they’ll protect him from Pam and Donna. They all promise to not let anyone or anything endanger his health now.

Ridge is speaking to Brooke on the phone. She tells him how great the new is about Eric. He assumes she got the news from Donna. Brooke tells him yes and she’s with Donna now. He says he hopes Donna told her the whole truth, not some sanitized version where she’s the heroine and they’re the villains. She lets him know Donna wants to see Eric and so does she. Ridge tells her his dad doesn’t want to see Donna, just family right now. He quickly says Brooke is family, but she’s Donna’s sister. He asks Brooke not to see Eric for a while either. She says she understands and he thanks her.

Felicia tells her father that Stephanie has been more of a wife to him the last few weeks than Donna. Thorne, Ridge and Stephanie are all gathered around the bed too. Eric tells them he loves them and he let them down. He lost his way, but he’s back now for his children and his Stephanie. He asks if they’ll have him. He looks at Stephanie warmly and holds her hand. They all assure him they’re happy he’s back and they all hug and kiss.

Stephanie shows up at Brooke’s to see Donna. Donna asks if she’s there to hear her side of the story. Stephanie lets her know they all saw her with Owen and it requires no more explanation. Stephanie tells her to stay away from Eric. Donna tells her she can’t bar her. She’s still Eric’s wife. Stephanie tells her not for long. Eric has made a decision and she should respect it. He wants to be with her and his family. Donna says Stephanie is just manipulating Eric. Stephanie laughs and tells Donna the same trick that got her in the front door got you kicked out in the end--sex. She tells Donna to stop hounding them. If she loves Eric, she’ll walk away.

Jack is crying and Taylor walks back into her room, where Rick waits. Taylor tells him everything she does for Jack seems to be wrong. Rick tells her maybe they need to realize they need help. He suggests calling Nick. Taylor gets almost hysterical and tells him no. It’s bad enough Brooke knows. She almost lost Jack once and she can’t take that chance. She begs Rick not to say anything.

Eric says Donna’s name and Ridge tells him not to dwell on it. Felicia says she’s just happy his eyes are open now and he can see Donna for who she is. Thorne chimes in and agrees. He tells his dad to focus on the positive. He says Eric needs to forget about Donna Logan.

Donna tells Stephanie she’s insane to think she’d stay away from her own husband. Stephanie tells her not to come to the house or the office. She says Donna gave up the rights to Eric and he wants her. Donna wonders how Stephanie was able to get Eric out of the hospital, without her consent. Stephanie tells her she tried to tell her Eric was conscious. She came to the house, but she was with Owen. Donna looks surprised, but knows what Stephanie is referring too. Stephanie taunts her about being a loyal wife for a few months. Stephanie tells Donna to get on with her life with Owen. Donna says she can’t continue to manipulate. She will get her husband back and Stephanie won’t stop her.

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