B&B Friday Update 9/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/12/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Brooke shows up at Taylor’s unannounced. Jack is still cranky and crying as Rick holds him. Taylor tells Brooke she could have called as this isn’t a good time. She quickly takes Jack and leaves the room, telling Rick his mother didn’t come to see her. Brooke questions Rick about what the problem is with Jack. Rick tries to deny any problem but then admits Taylor is having problems bonding with Jack. Brooke says, “Still.”

Ridge is with Eric, showing him how to operate an electric wheel chair. Stephanie, Felicia and Thorne are there, too. Eric has difficulty talking but tells his family he thought he died. They all talk about how surprised the doctor will be at Eric’s progress. Stephanie asks Eric if he needs anything, and he says Donna. They all look at each other. Ridge finally says Donna is out of town on Forrester business.

Donna and Owen are in Kristen’s room where they’re talking about Eric. Donna talks about how unfair it is to have to give Eric up after a few months. Owen puts his arm around her to comfort her. She lays her head on his shoulder.

Stephanie calls the doctor to tell him about Eric. Ridge and Thorne stand by while Felicia is upstairs with Eric. Stephanie tells them Dr. Patrick will come by and check on Eric. Thorne says the problem is Donna will be back in a day or so. Ridge says can’t they be happy for one day without talking about Donna? Thorne says they need to think about it since Eric is already asking about her. Stephanie agrees. Ridge says they can’t tell him about Owen due to his heart.

Eric almost dozes off, and Felicia panics. She tearfully asks him to try and stay awake. The phone rings and it’s Dr. Patrick for Stephanie. Felicia goes down to give Stephanie her cell. Eric rolls himself to the window. He hears Donna’s voice. He looks puzzled.

Owen gives Donna the realistic viewpoint that if Eric wasn’t a Forrester, they would have taken him off life support weeks ago. Donna says she knows someone will have to make a decision. Donna talks about wanting to be with Eric but not wanting to see him in the state he was in. Owen tells her if she needs to be with someone who can talk or listen, he’s there. She asks him not to push.

Brooke tells Rick she thought all these problems were behind them. Rick tells her to stop it. Taylor loves Jack and doesn’t want people judging her. Brooke says she’ll still feel that way unless she tells her otherwise. She heads upstairs. Jack is still fussy, and Taylor begs him to please be quiet at least until Brooke is gone. She looks up and Brooke stands in the doorway.

The Forrester kids talk about not telling Eric the truth, and Felicia says it could backfire. Thorne reminds them about how there was oxygen deprivation and possible brain damage. Felicia says Stephanie will get the doctor over to assess. They agree if it’s okay, they’ll tell Eric the truth. He’ll never have to see Donna again.

Donna apologizes to Owen, especially after all he’s done. She tells him she’s hoping for a miracle but she knows it’s too late. She’s all alone again. Owen tells her she’s not alone and she never has to be. He kisses her softly on the forehead, then the cheek. They start kissing more passionately. Eric rolls up and sees them. He looks shocked and confused.

Taylor asks Brooke if she wants something. Brooke tells her she just wanted to say goodnight to Jack if he was still awake. She asks Taylor to hold him. Taylor hands him over and he quiets down. Brooke talks to him and eventually puts him down with a bottle. She tells Taylor they’re not that different since they both love Jack. She’d be willing to do whatever she can to help. She thanks Taylor, who looks rather wary.

Brooke goes back downstairs where Rick anxiously asks how it went. She replays her conversation with Taylor. Rick asks if she thinks she can mother Jack better than Taylor.

Taylor talks to Jack about how they need to break this cycle. She asks Jack what is so broken in her that makes it hard for him to love her.

Stephanie asks the kids to wait on Dr. Patrick. They’re standing at the bottom of the stairs and spot some luggage. They realize it’s Donna’s. They rush upstairs.

Donna and Owen continue to kiss. Donna looks up and sees Eric. She’s shocked. Eric has trouble catching his breath and can’t talk. Owen looks amazed, too. Stephanie and the kids rush in as Donna gets to Eric’s side. Felicia pushes her away. Stephanie protectively puts her arms around Eric and tries to talk soothingly to him. Felicia asks Owen if he isn’t supposed to be somewhere else. Owen tries to defend Donna saying they’ve been trying to crucify her. Ridge says that rings a bit hollow now. Owen quietly exits. Donna, who’s still quite shocked, tries to tell Eric things aren’t as bad as they seem. Eric orders her out. She tells him no, not after all the tears and waiting. She wants to explain. Felicia says her father can’t be clearer. Eric again tells Donna to get out. Stephanie continues talking to Eric to try and calm him down. Stephanie asks Donna to leave. Donna leaves crying. Ridge shuts the door in her face. Stephanie continues to lean over Eric, talking to him. He reaches for her hand.

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