B&B Thursday Update 9/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/11/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

(Forrester Mansion, Master Bedroom) Stephanie is telling Dr. Seifert that Eric’s wife is in Europe, which is why she and the kids are here at the house with him. She starts reminiscing about the good old days when she was married to Eric. Then she asks about Eric’s physical therapy, but Dr. Seifert tells her it’s not necessary. Eric is not getting better, he explains, and intermittent responses like he has been having are not true indications of healing. Eric’s vital signs are actually slowing down.

(The Forrester Jet) Donna and Owen are on the way home. Donna is happy about the successful Spring Line, and knows Eric would be proud. She’s also very happy that the buyers don’t hate her, as Ridge had led her to believe. She’s in such positive spirits she even thinks Eric’s family may be coming around about her (little does she know).

(Forrester Mansion) Stephanie tells Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia to forgive their dad (I guess Kristen has nothing to forgive since she’s never around), and say their final good-byes. They need to make peace for their own sakes, as well as for their father’s.

Thorne talks to his father about his competition with Ridge, and how he only hurt himself, and doesn’t blame Eric. Stephanie looks on maternally. Felicia doesn’t think that Eric’s going anywhere, but tells him that she knows that he knows that she loves him and that he’s a wonderful man and a wonderful dad. Ridge talks to his dad about all the times they clashed over work, and Brooke. He confesses that he’s held a grudge and he needs Eric’s forgiveness more than Eric needs his.

Stephanie whispers to Eric that she hopes he hears all this forgiveness. She tells him that she loved being young with him, and she would have loved growing old with him, but he slipped away. They both broke each other’s hearts, but if she could turn back the clock she wouldn’t want to do it with anyone but him. She tells him that the doctor says he’s going, and if he has to go, he can go peacefully, knowing that everyone loves him.

(Forrester Jet) Donna and Owen are circling LAX airport, which is fogged in (oh, the suspense!). Donna is offended by the words of a woman in Europe who told her she’d see Donna at Eric’s funeral (Donna had to look up the word in her PDA translator). Owen explains that Europeans are more matter-of-fact about such things, and death is usually what happens to people in Eric’s condition. Everyone but Donna realizes this, but Donna says she just can’t let him (Eric) go, as she leans on Owen’s chest.

(Forrester Mansion) The family continues sitting around in the bedroom (time-release type sequence showing them moving around in different positions). It seems like they are waiting for something. Stephanie remarks that a miracle would be nice. Stephanie says their family is pretty lucky, Felicia survived cancer, and they all have great kids. Stephanie notices that Eric’s feet are cold, but he hates having more than one blanket on him. They discuss how the nurse is not coming, because there is no need. Eric is probably going to die. Stephanie asks Thorne to get a basin of warm water, sends Felicia for towels, and Ridge volunteers to go out for food, since Donna keeps no food in the house (maybe she would have shopped if she’d known people were going to be there), but comes back with no food as quickly as Thorne and Felicia return. They stand there watching, not wanting to leave their mother alone in her melancholy state.

Donna and Owen enter the house downstairs. Owen wants her to go to a hotel, since crazy Pam is still at large, but Donna insists on staying in her own home. Owen insists on staying with her, in a guest room, and locks up. Donna muses that this was supposed to be her and Eric’s safe place, away from the fighting, where they would spend the rest of their lives.

Upstairs, Stephanie washes Eric’s feet while the kids look on. She tells him she doesn’t like him going ahead on this journey without her. She blesses him for everything they shared, the special days, the children, it’s all good. A shimmering light shines through the open curtains. Eric’s foot jerks and startles Stephanie. She remarks that Eric never wrote her love letters, but the children are their love letters. Eric moves his foot to touch Stephanie’s hand, and he reaches out towards her. Stephanie goes to his side and tells him that he’s home, that he’s safe. He repeats the word, “Home,” and smiles a small smile as she pets his fuzzy face.

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