B&B Wednesday Update 9/10/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget thinks she should go, but Katie wants to talk. Bridget thinks it’s just to alleviate Katie’s guilt, but Katie scoffs that anything could do that. Bridget wonders what more Katie wants from her. She’s already taken everything!

At her house, Taylor is upset because Jack is crying and won’t settle down to sleep. She feels inadequate, a mother should be able to comfort her child! Rick assures her that babies cry a lot, and that this is just a phase. Taylor says he doesn’t act like this with Bridget or Brooke.

On deck at the Marlin, Nick apologizes to Brooke, who points out that it’s Katie and Bridget that he hurt. She says this was not what she expected from him. Nick reminds her that he didn’t take Katie out to the island to sleep with her, he was trying to give her hope. Brooke realizes this but reminds him that the extenuating circumstances are not the point now… there’s a baby involved and we’re never going to forget it, least of all Bridget.

Katie is trying desperately to placate Bridget by agreeing with everything she says, and tells her she’s justified in everything she feels. Bridget is having none of it and barks for Katie not to tell her how she feels. Bridget says that if Katie had a clue about how she felt, Katie wouldn’t have slept with her husband! Katie meekly agrees. Bridget wonders if maybe she’s the stupid one for pushing them together so he could give Katie a reason to live… he sure did that! Bridget reminds Katie that the biggest issue she had with Nick, the reason she was wary to marry him again (I must have blinked and missed that part) was his past infidelity. Katie apologizes again as Bridget rants on how she doesn’t know who Katie is… who was that woman who slept with her husband? Katie replies that she was a woman who thought she only had hours to live.

Rick comes downstairs from getting the baby back to sleep, Taylor frets that he did it so easily. Rick thinks she’s making too much of this, but Taylor fears she’s not making enough of it. She can’t understand what the problem is. Rick suggests taking Jack to the doctor for a checkup but Taylor has already done that, and there’s nothing wrong with him. She’s sure that she’s the problem. She wants what’s best for her son and she’s not sure that’s what she is.

On deck, Nick bleats that there must be a resolution to this… Brooke assures him there is… a divorce! When Nick protests, Brooke lays it out clearly… he’s having a baby with her sister. Nick claims that the baby will be loved and cared for by all of them. Brooke asks if he’s including Bridget in this plan. He admits that’s what he hopes. Brooke wonders if one of the options is him raising the baby with Katie. Nick confesses that while he hopes Katie will be a part of it, as high risk as the pregnancy is, that’s not a likely possibility. Brooke is amazed he’d be okay with that decision, but Nick tells her it’s not his decision, that Katie feels this is her last chance to have a baby. Brooke sighs at how complicated it is. Nick suddenly feels the need to find Bridget, and reminds Brooke to take it easy on Katie if she sees her, none of this is her fault.

Back at Brooke’s house, Bridget wishes she could justify things like Katie does… do whatever you want, because you’re at death’s door. Katie protests that she doesn’t feel justified, it was a mistake… how can she make it right? Bridget informs her that some things can’t be made right, the damage has been done. Katie begs Bridget to blame her, not Nick. Especially since there’s a strong chance she won’t be here when the pregnancy is over. She confesses her hope that Nick and Bridget would raise her baby. Bridget can’t believe Katie would ask her to do that. She calls Katie a hypocrite and reminds her of how she blamed Brooke for what had happened before (with Nick? Or maybe Deacon and Hope? I don’t know what she was referring to, I wasn’t watching then, sorry!). Bridget says she’s been taken advantage of too much, but never again!

Rick is remembering asking Taylor how she felt about being a mother to Jack, if she could get past seeing Brooke in him. Taylor returns, having calmed herself down off-screen. Rick tells Taylor that she’s running herself ragged with jack, where’s the joy? He tells her she’s not feeling it and they both know it. Just then, Brooke is at the door, telling Rick that something has happened with Bridget and she’s going to need a lot of support. Taylor wants to know what’s going on, and Brooke asks about Jack. Taylor wonders about the change of subject, but assures Brooke that he’s okay. Brooke informs them that Katie is pregnant and that Nick is the father, and tells the Catalina story. Taylor comments that Nick got a little carried away with the comfort. Brooke sums it up that she’s worried how this will affect the marriage and Jack. Jack wakes up and Taylor goes to see about him. Brooke wonders why Taylor is being so defensive about the baby…

Katie pleads with Bridget that she can’t just throw it all away, but Bridget tells Katie not to tell her what to do! Nick enters, wanting to sit down and discuss everything. Bridget thinks there’s nothing to discuss… Nick bleats that they can get through this, but Bridget informs him that that’s up to her, not him! Nick admits he did something wrong, but that doesn’t have to destroy their marriage. He thinks they are stronger than this. Bridget gets in his face and tells him that every time she touches him, she would remember him being with Katie. And she’d never forget standing before the woman he had an affair with and pledging her love to him. No, it won’t work, she says as she remove her wedding ring. She heads for the door, tossing the ring at Katie, telling her that if she wants him she can have him.

Brooke asks Rick what’s going on with Taylor, since she’s acting so bizarre. She asks if she is drinking again.  Rick tells her no, but Brooke is very interested in why Jack is crying so much. Rick admits there are problems with the baby, but it’s under control. Taylor comes downstairs with Jack, babbling about how he’s just fussy, just needs a bottle. Brooke keeps pressing to know about the problem. Rick tells Brooke that they were in the middle of something and he’ll call her in the morning… Good night! Rick, Taylor and Jack sit on the couch, with Taylor jostling the fussy baby, Rick with his arms around them, assuring them it’ll be okay.

Brooke is on the porch looking suspicious.

Nick begs Bridget not to do this. Bridget whirls around and demands to know why he married her. He said he loved her, but she’s obviously not enough… first her mom, now her aunt! Katie interjects that it only happened once, but Bridget doesn’t want to hear excuses for the infidelity and betrayal. She affirms that she deserves better. Bridget tells Nick that she loves him and always will. But she is leaving him… the marriage, the life, even Jack (sobbing a bit)… it’s not real. This was his decision and she has to live with the consequences. She further proclaims that she has too much respect for herself to ignore that. Besides, he doesn’t need her, he has Katie and now another baby. Bridget warns Nick not to come after her, because she’s finally free of both of them. She exits as Nick and Katie look sick and ashamed.

Outside on the porch, Bridget looks distraught and exhausted but rather relieved.

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