B&B Tuesday Update 9/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget can’t believe that Katie is pregnant -- she was dying, her system was shutting down! Nick says weakly, “I know.” All Bridget can say is wow, Nick… you and Katie… a baby…

Eric is set up in the Forrester bedroom with a hospital bed and equipment. Rick arrives, shocked to see his dad at home (evidently he was told at the hospital that his father went home, since he mentions he was just there… so much for Stephanie calling all the kids, but Ridge being an only child is quite the staple of this show). Rick comments that Donna must be ecstatic. Ridge tells him she’s actually on her way to Europe. With masterful half-truths and dissembling, Stephanie and Ridge hedge the legality of all this. Rick wants to call Taylor and get her opinion on all this for some reason. Stephanie insists she wants only the best for Eric.

Katie is staring out the window at Brooke’s house. Brooke comes downstairs and asks if there’s been any word from Bridget or Nick. When Katie says no, Brooke says, “Then you don’t know for sure if…” Katie insists that he will tell her and… “And she’ll be heartbroken,” Brooke finishes.

Nick apologizes weakly again. Bridget wants to know if Nick is in love with Katie. Nick insists that he’s in love with his wife. Bridget informs him angrily that that’s not an answer & their marriage is over. It all makes sense to her now, Katie’s godmother issues… how long has this been going on. Nick tells her he’s only known for a few weeks, they wanted to see if the baby survived the first trimester. Bridget is freshly horrified by the realization that they weren’t going to tell her if the baby hadn’t made it. She demands that Nick take her back to the marina… now!

Stephanie and Dr. Seifert discuss Eric’s possibly increased chances of recovery now that he’s in familiar surroundings, especially since he had that first breakthrough. Stephanie says she just wants him to have every possible chance, because he deserves a wonderful life.

Downstairs, Rick and Taylor are suspicious of Donna’s not being informed. Ridge and Stephanie hedge masterfully. So they think Stephanie would hire a quack? They just want what’s best for Dad!

Brooke says that some women can forgive infidelity, look the other way to hang onto a man. Katie realizes Bridget is not like that. Brooke points out that Bridget has proven that she can live without Nick the first time this happened (Brooke knows that quite well). Brooke worries how her idealistic daughter can ever trust again after this?

Nick explains that if the baby had not survived, he wouldn’t have had to hurt Bridget. Bridget yells at him if the baby hadn’t survived, he and Katie would have been mourning the loss of their baby, like she and Nick had with Nicole. And she would have been in the dark, trying to have another child with Nick. She warns Nick not to say they can still do that, because it makes her sick! Nick says weakly that they should go home, but Bridget informs him they have no home. Maybe if they had told her from the first, she could have handled it, but now it’s just coming out because there’s no hiding it any more. There’s no trust and no marriage, and he needs to leave her the hell alone!

Bridget drives home in tears, having a close call with an ongoing car, honking horn and lots of lights in her eyes.

While Rick agrees that he wants his father back, he doesn’t like going behind Donna’s back. Ridge & Stephanie inform him that Donna’s cheating on Eric, "behind his back," and Stephanie testifies how she walked in on Donna and Owen in Eric’s bed. Taylor thinks maybe she misinterpreted things, pointing out that Donna isn’t here to defend herself. Ridge and Stephanie don’t care about Donna, and they thank God that Eric doesn’t know, as he couldn’t handle it.

Nick is still on the boat, and calls Bridget on her cell to leave his third message. He hopes they can talk and wants her to call him. Brooke enters and asks where her daughter is. Nick tells her he doesn’t know and confesses that he’s worried. Brooke reminds him of his promise not to hurt Bridget, and then yells at him for sleeping with Bridget’s best friend! Nick claims that he didn’t lie, he still loves Bridget and wants a life with her.

Bridget arrives at Brooke’s house, shaken but alive. She sits down and looks dazed and shocked. Katie comes down the stairs quietly and when Bridget turns around Katie tells her meekly that she’s sorry. And oh wow, if looks could kill, Katie would have been reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes…

Ridge talks happily about Mother being back to her old self. She drives them all crazy, but that’s why they love her, just like Dad. He’s going to realize she’s the one he belongs with… no one else!

Upstairs, Stephanie is hovering by Eric’s side… she just knows he’s coming out of this! She hopes he’s not hiding in there, afraid she’s going to pounce on him (yeah, that’s what it looks like to me). She assures him she has no expectations, but she admits she does have hope. She just wants him to come back… that’s all that matters.

Brooke wants to know exactly what Bridget said. Nick tells her that she wants to end the marriage. Brooke says of course she does, he cheated on her! And now there’s a baby, with someone she trusted? How could he think she would be okay with that? Nick mumbled that he convinced himself she could handle it. Brooke tells him he was obviously mistaken. Nick admits he’s worried about Bridget… he’s never seen her look that way before.

Katie apologizes weakly, she realizes she crossed a line… & Bridget lets her have it. When exactly did Katie realize she’d crossed a line? Right after having sex on the island? After Catalina, when Bridget was so concerned about her? At the Prom? At Bridget’s wedding? Oh, maybe when she realized she was going to have a baby… was THAT when she realized she’d crossed a line that should never be crossed??? Katie mumbles that she wishes she could make it right. Bridget informs her that she can’t. Bridget gave her her best, but Katie wanted more… her marriage… her life with Nick… her house… now two people she cared about so deeply are dead to her! Bridget is getting hoarse from yelling at Nick & Katie, but sniffles bravely as she informs her aunt that she feels like her heart has been ripped out… "By you, Katie… by you!"

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