B&B Monday Update 9/8/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/8/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick and Bridget are on the Marlin in bed. Nick hints he needs to tell her something about Catalina. Bridget encourages Nick to tell her what happened between him and Katie.

Donna and Owen are lying in her and Eric’s bed, where they tenderly kiss each other. Donna pulls back and tells Owen she’s not ready, plus it wouldn’t be right. Owen is disappointed, but tells her if she’s sure that’s what she wants.

Ridge and Stephanie are in Eric’s hospital room. Stephanie tells Ridge about Eric waking up and speaking. Ridge can’t believe it. Stephanie talks with him about moving Eric home to wake up in familiar surroundings. Ridge agrees and says they’ll have to contact Donna. Stephanie quickly tells him she doesn’t want Donna involved. Ridge reminds her Donna is his wife. Angrily Stephanie tells him, not anymore. She tells him Donna gave up the right after she saw her and Owen in his father’s bed having sex. Ridge is shocked and wants to know if she actually saw them “in the act”. Stephanie tells him she didn’t stick around to watch the finale. Ridge wants to know if they saw her. She tells him no. She asks Ridge to handle things, since she doesn’t trust herself in the same room with Donna right now.

Katie is home, where she sits on the couch with a bag of pistachios. As she starts eating them, she recalls the day she spent with Nick eating pistachios with him. She’s worried and thinks about Nick telling Bridget.

Nick tells Bridget how Katie wanted to give up and die. Bridget says it’s good he was there. Nick starts talking about how everyone had their part to play. He was supposed to pretend to be in love with Katie and make her last days happy. Bridget tells him she just wanted him to spend some time with Katie and she knew Katie cared about him. She thinks Nick is angry about what he had to do. She’s apologetic and tells him she didn’t want him to pretend to be in love or play a hero to a dying woman. She didn’t want him to harbor any resentment towards her and she had none towards him for what took place. Nick is still hesitant, but tells her he did something wrong and he needs to tell her about it. Bridget looks anxious as she waits.

Owen tells Donna she drives him crazy, but he’ll stop if that’s what she wants. She tells him she’s just not ready, since Eric could come home to her tomorrow. Ridge calls and asks Donna to come to the hospital. She quickly asks if something happened with Eric. He tells her no. He needs to see her about something else. She tells him she’ll be there right away.

Katie is really stressed about how Bridget will react to Nick telling her the truth. She fantasizes about it and sees Bridget being angry and arguing with Nick. Bridget leaves and Nick takes a drink and throws the glass at the wall.

Nick tells Bridget he allowed himself to get caught up in the moment. Bridget doesn’t understand what he means. Nick rambles on and tells her it had nothing to do with his commitment to her. He loves her and so does Katie. They would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. Bridget looks stricken and asks Nick if he slept with Katie.

Donna rushes to the hospital, where Ridge waits in the hall. Ridge plays up the fact the spring collection is debuting in Paris. They need someone from upper management to go. Donna is hesitant about going after Ridge suggests she represent the company. She finally gives in. He suggests she take her team, Marcus and Owen. Donna tells him Marcus needs to be here, but she should take Owen. She thanks Ridge for giving her the opportunity and tells him she’ll consider his return to Forrester, when she gets back. She wants to go tell Eric goodbye. When she walks away, Ridge says hopefully when she returns his father will be well and Donna will be out their lives for good.

Stephanie and Ridge talk about how to get Eric out of the hospital. Stephanie has forged Donna’s signature. They talks about how Eric will wake up with the woman he really loves beside him.

Donna is with Eric, where she’s in tears as she strokes his face. She tells him how strong she’s tried to be, but she feels so alone. She begs Eric to come back to her. She tells him she hopes he comes back, but if not she knows he’d want her to find her happiness. She kisses Eric tenderly on the lips and caresses his face. She tells him, “Goodbye, my love.”

Bridget screams at Nick that he had sex with Katie! She’s angry and asks Nick how this wouldn’t involve his commitment to her. She tells him she was a fool to trust him, because he hasn’t changed. How could he love one woman, but sleep with another one. Nick tries to apologize and talks about giving Katie happiness. Bridget cuts him off and asks how Katie’s happiness had anything to do with sex... She tells him she can’t believe she was naïve enough to think her husband and aunt would know there’s a line you don’t cross. She really berates him about him knowing how she felt when he left her for her mother. Nick again tries to tell her how sorry he is. She tells him then he should have kept his pants on. Bridget can tell there’s more and tells Nick to tell her what’s changed. She wants to know why tell her now.

Owen and Donna are on the Forrester jet. Donna is nervous about messing things up acting as CEO. She voices her concerns about her capabilities. Owen is quick to tell her she’ll do fine. Eric would be proud. He tells her Ridge must have confidence in her to even suggest she go on the trip.

Ridge and Stephanie talk to the doctor, who says if everything goes as planned Eric can leave the hospital tonight. Stephanie leans down and tells Eric the next time he opens his eyes he’ll be home with people that love him.

Katie stands looking out the window and is visibly upset. She closes her eyes and flashes back to her and Nick on Catalina. She asks Bridget to forgive her and hopes this won’t change things. She rubs her stomach and says she hopes Bridget can love this baby…

Bridget asks Nick what he planned to tell her. He was in love with Katie and was going to run off and be with her. She’s still really angry and tells Nick history would say she’d tell him to go ahead. Explore his feelings and she’d sit home and wait for him. He tries to explain and says he loves her. Bridget isn’t hearing it. She tells Nick he doesn’t respect her. She wants to know why Nick didn’t tell her, since he had several opportunities to tell her. She asks how it felt saying their vows with Katie standing there with them. Nick finally breaks in and tells her Katie is pregnant and it’s his child. Bridget’s mouth drops open and she’s stunned!

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