B&B Thursday Update 9/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/4/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie is still hugging Eric’s head. She pulls back and beams down at him, “Hello! You’re awake!” She tells him she missed him so much, everyone has been praying… and now here he is!

Marone Mansion
Brooke is yelling at Katie for having sex with Bridget’s husband (actually, not true, btw) and now she’s pregnant! Brooke reminds Katie that she promised not to interfere in Nick & Bridget’s relationship… now all Bridget's old wounds will be reopened (but let’s not talk about who caused them, right, Brooke?). Katie agrees that Bridget will be hurt, but isn’t it wonderful that against all odds, she’s bringing a child into the world?

Shady Marlin Deck
Bridget and Nick are still on deck, hugging and taking in the view. Nick asks if she needs anything, and she says no, she’s happy. But what’s on your mind, she asks? Only you, he assures her. Bridget remarks that he’s sexy when he’s pensive. She says she knows something’s going on, but she doesn’t care… it’s so good to be in his arms.

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie asks Eric if he knows who she is… is he in pain? He’s very distracted, & not speaking. Stephanie says she knows he’s confused and explains that he’s in the hospital. He had a heart attack at home with Donna (he looks around for her). Stephanie tells him she’s not here right now, but she’s been there, every day, he hasn’t been alone, and the kids have been there too. She says she needs to tell the doctors that he’s awake, and that she’ll call Donna, too (Eric nods at this), and all the children. But she confesses she just doesn’t want to leave him, and kisses him on the mouth.

Forrester Mansion Bedroom
Owen and Donna are kissing passionately on the bed. He is still fully clothed, Donna still in her little robe. Donna pulls away, telling Owen that she can’t stop thinking about Eric (Owen evidently doesn’t have a fragile ego). But after all he’s done for her, being here with him (Owen) feels right, too. Owen reminds her that Eric would want her to find happiness. Donna agrees but points out that he meant after he was gone, and he’s still here (more here than she knows, since Stephanie seems to be in no hurry to call). They kiss some more and Owen tells Donna they can make each other sooo happy…

Back to the Bedroom
Donna tells Owen that she does want to be with him, but she can’t… she’s still Eric’s wife. Owen points out that that doesn’t keep her from being lonely… she snuggles on his chest.

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie tells Eric that she’ll get the Doctors and call Donna now. But just then her cell phone rings… it’s a call from Pam, disheveled and crouching in a phone booth. She tells her sister she needs to explain, Stephanie wants to see her in person. Pam tells her it’s all Donna’s fault, but Stephanie reminds her that she’s not taking her meds, and isn’t thinking clearly. She wants to come to Pam before the police find her. Pam vows that she’d do anything to protect her sister. Steph tells her gently that she doesn’t need protection… Pam promises she’ll be nearby and hangs up! Steph looks distracted and worried as she looks at Eric, then away.

Marone Mansion
Katie tells Brooke that Nick thinks Bridget can handle this, and that she (Bridget) has no reason to feel threatened by Katie. Brooke reminds Katie that she had SEX with Bridget’s HUSBAND!! (still not true, btw) Katie gets a little indignant and tells Brooke not to make this an ugly thing… Nick made her feel alive again! Brooke isn’t very impressed and informs Katie that she knows Bridget can’t accept this, no matter what Nick says to prepare her.

Shady Marlin Deck
Nick and Bridget continue hugging and making happy talk. Bridget loves this sense of freedom, no crises. Nick reminds her that life is all about crises. Bridget thinks she’ll start considering them… challenges. She thinks they should do this more often, she’s so happy to have him all to herself. She feels like she could conquer the world, yet also feels safe and protected. Nick tries to tell her he has something he wants to talk to her about, but she says no and shushes him with a deep kiss…

Marone Mansion
Katie realizes it will be hard for Bridget to accept… Brooke corrects her, it will break Bridget’s heart. Katie says she’s been feeling guilty and ashamed, but she refuses to label this child as a mistake. She tells Brooke that she’s at the end of her first trimester and that she’s thrilled that the baby is fine. She & Nick wanted to be sure the baby would survive before dropping this bomb on Bridget. But the pregnancy is considered extremely high risk. Brooke wants to know is it risky for Katie?

Shady Marlin Cabin
Bridget pulls Nick down onto the bed and they begin to make love.

Forrester Mansion/Bedroom
Donna and Owen are still kissing in bed, still clothed. Owen tells Donna that Eric loves her and would not want her to be lonely. Donna seems to give in at this point and removes Owen’s shirt as they kiss passionately. Downstairs we hear a door open and see a shadow coming up the stairs, to the bedroom door. The door opens & we see Owen & Donna from the shadow’s point of view, then cut to Stephanie’s horrified face!

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie is back at the hospital, looking mad. She sees Eric with his eyes closed and asks the doctor (or maybe nurse? Some woman we haven’t seen before) about him. She is assured that Eric is asleep but conscious. Stephanie flashes back to Owen & Donna in bed, and mutters furiously how “that bitch couldn’t wait! She wasn’t here, I was!” Stephanie hovers close to Eric and murmurs that she couldn’t protect him from Pam, but she will shield him from this!

Wordless short cuts… Owen (shirt off, pants on) & Donna rolling around in bed, still clothed, Stephanie hovering over Eric’s bed, still not calling anyone, Nick & Bridget lying in bed naked under covers, basking in afterglow. Nick looks away from Bridget, with a look I can only describe as disgusted with himself.

Marone Mansion
Brooke asks if this pregnancy is dangerous for Katie? Katie says it’s a risk she’s willing to take, especially since she may never have the chance again. Brooke tells Katie she has no idea what Bridget has been through, Katie says she hopes Bridget can forgive her. Brooke points out that Bridget took Katie into her home, saved her life, and even had her perform the marriage ceremony! Now Katie’s pregnant with her husband’s baby… this is not just another crisis, it may possibly be the end of Bridget's world!

The Shady Marlin Cabin
Bridget and Nick continue snuggling. Nick again starts off with, there’s something I want to tell you. He reminds her how much he loves her… he would never have asked her to marry him if he hadn’t thought he could make her happy. But Life’s funny, you sometimes end up hurting the person you want to protect. Bridget is getting worried now, Nick finally says that something happened on Catalina… Bridget looks away with a very worried look on her face…

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