B&B Wednesday Update 9/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

Marone Mansion
Katie is on the phone with Nick. He is on the Shady Marlin, and tells her that Bridget is on her way out for the big talk. They hang up and Katie looks sadly at Nick & Bridget’s wedding photo. Brooke enters… Katie wanted to talk to her?

The Shady Marlin Cabin
Nick & Bridget are smooching. Bridget talks about the avoidable tragedy with her dad, and gets philosophical about how sometimes the most inconsequential decisions have consequences, and you can't change the past. Nick offers the opinion that when that happens, you just keep moving forward. Bridget points out that her dad can't do that... and admits that Eric's not doing well.

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie and Ridge are at Eric’s bedside. They discuss the possibility of him not coming back. Stephanie doesn’t think she can handle that, nor could Donna. Stephanie confesses that she underestimated Donna; she’s been loyal & devoted through this whole ordeal.

Forrester Mansion (Living Room)
Owen tells Donna the charges against him have been officially dropped, although Detective Baker was not happy about him “borrowing” the cruiser. Donna reminds him that if he hadn’t, she’d be dead. So much has happened, she doesn’t know what to do next. Owen suggests relaxing in the tub… is she hungry? He can make her something… anything she wants… he’s all hers…

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie is still berating herself for not seeing the signs that Pam was off her meds. Ridge points out that if there were any signs, they all missed them. Dr. Seifert enters and they discuss his work and qualifications (hey, he’s working with Dr. Patrick!). Ridge is surprised to learn that Stephanie called him in, and that Donna doesn’t know that she did.

Forrester Mansion, Donna’s Bedroom
Donna is in a short robe, drying her hair. She looks sadly at her wedding photo, and remembers Eric’s wishes that she go on with her life if anything happened to him, to not put her happiness on hold. Owen enters with tea, and they sit on the bed to talk. He fondles her knee as he assures her to not be afraid, he won’t let anyone hurt her ever again.

The Shady Marlin Cabin
Nick suggests night fishing to Bridget, who is staring out the window. Bridget says sure, and wishes her dad could see them now, so strong, able to get through anything. Nick agrees that that’s what marriage is about, being partners, on the same team. They kiss.

Marone Mansion
Katie tells Brooke that she does indeed have something to talk to her about, and she hopes Brooke will understand and forgive her. Brooke is puzzled and curious. Katie blathers about Bridget, and Brooke is quite confused. Is this about her medical exam yesterday, is it her heart? Katie assures Brooke it’s not her heart… not yet. Then what? Brookes wants to know.

Donna’s Bedroom
Donna hopes the police catch Pam and lock her up, and Owen agrees. Donna points out that Eric would not agree, he’d want Pam to get help… he’s so good. Donna comments that she’s not good. Owen protests that she’s better than she thinks.

Marone Mansion
Katie babbles on and eventually gets to the point… she and Nick made love that day on Catalina. Brooke is aghast.

The Shady Marlin, on Deck
Bridget is on deck in a lounge chair, thinking they should make the boat more passenger-friendly for family trips. Nick speaks of his love and wanting to be with her, they kiss.

Marone Mansion
Brooke is livid and yells at Katie for doing this to Bridget. Katie thinks Bridget can handle this. Brooke asks if they are going to tell her? Katie says Nick is doing that right now. But, there’s more, something unexpected happened… Brooke guesses that Katie is pregnant and slaps Katie across the face!

The Shady Marlin Deck
Bridget thanks Nick for this escape. Nick agrees that escape is good, but now it’s back to reality. Bridget tells him she’s been trying not to be such a control freak, to be open to possibilities. Nick agrees that life can throw some curve balls, but you just have to get back up and move on. Bridget gets suspicious and asks why he’s being so serious?

Donna’s Bedroom
Owen tells Donna she needs to rest. She thinks she should call Eric, but Owen assures her that he’s okay and in good hands… and so is she. She lies back and closes her eyes as he turns off the bedside lamp. He watches her a bit as he remembers kissing her at Big Bear. He heads for the door but tells her he’ll be right downstairs if she needs anything. He starts to leave the room, but can’t do it. He comes back to the bed as she sits up, both looking intently into the other’s eyes. They kiss, hesitantly at first, but then passionately.

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie holds Eric’s hand as she tells him how she hopes for change and prays for a miracle. She admits that she’s afraid… she’s not prepared to go on without him. She begs him not to leave her, or she’ll never forgive him. How can she say good-bye? She lays her head down on him… his eyes start to flicker… she looks up and notices. She calls his name and he stammers Donna’s. Stephanie informs him, no, it’s me. “Stephanie?” he murmurs, and she tells him yes. She hugs his head and kisses him on the forehead, assuring him that he’s going to be okay…

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