B&B Tuesday Update 9/2/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/2/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

Full Moon Over Big Bear: Owen and Donna
Donna is apologizing to Owen… she just couldn’t do it. She tells him she’s married & she loves her husband. Owen understands. Donna jumps out of her skin when an owl hoots, and Owen assures her she’s safe. When Donna worries about the bear, he tells her that animal rescue took care of it. But what about Pam? Owen reminds her there’s a police car at the end of the driveway, and when Donna worries that she might sneak around back, Owen expresses his confidence that Pam is long gone. But even if she got past the police, he’d protect her. Donna asks why he loves her when she’s given him nothing but grief. Owen tries to explain, what she’s given him is… Donna thinks she’s given him a chance to be a hero. She marvels how she was so wrong about him. Owen is satisfied that she believed him in the end. Donna confides in Owen that he makes her feel safe for the first time in weeks. They share a long, close hug.

Eric’s Office: Felicia, Rick, Brooke, Ridge, Taylor, Bridget & Stephanie
Felicia blurts out, “So Aunt Pam’s a murderer?’’ then seemingly argues with herself that she (Pam) hasn’t killed anyone yet (I was confused, too). They discuss Pam’s actions and Eric’s condition. Unfortunately, Bridget explains that just knowing the cause of his heart attack doesn’t help in bringing him out of the coma, but they aren’t giving up hope. Stephanie feels bad about her sister’s insane actions. Rick and Ridge are rather harsh about Pam.

Doctor’s Office: Katie, Dr. Patrick, Nick
Katie is straightening her shirt after her OB exam as Dr. Patrick enters. Katie is happy the baby is doing well, but Dr. Patrick gravely informs her that he can’t encourage her to continue this pregnancy. Katie tells him she plans to carry the baby to term, but Dr. Patrick worries that she’s already showing signs of pre-eclampsia… high blood pressure. He says she might be fine if she’d gotten pregnant a few years after her heart transplant, but it was just under 6 months ago! He warns her that this pregnancy may cost her her life. But Katie is adamant… this pregnancy means more than anything to her, and she’s going to do what’s best for the baby. Nick enters and asks in a routine manner how the patient is doing. Dr. Patrick sternly informs Nick that the truth is he is concerned; that it’s possible Katie won’t survive the pregnancy.

Doctor’s Office: Katie & Nick
Katie tries to get Nick to lighten up… doctors always give the worst case scenario. She’s so happy the baby is healthy! She reminds Nick that she just finished the first trimester… you know what that means, right? Nick guesses it means that the baby will be born (meaning it’s through the most vulnerable stage, or perhaps too late for routine abortion, hard to tell). Katie reminds him how they decided to tell Bridget at this point… is he ready for that?

Eric’s Office: Forrester Clan
Stephanie frets how she didn’t notice that Pam was off her meds (which makes one wonder, where has Pam been living? With Stephanie at the beach? Still in the Forrester guest house? Has this been mentioned on the show?). Ridge goes off on Pam, how ungrateful she was to do this to the family. Stephanie points out that they should have compassion for the mentally ill (excellent acting by Susan Flannery, she really shows Stephanie torn by concern for her sister yet appalled by her actions).

Big Bear: Owen & Donna
Donna compares Owen favorably to Eric… they both are confident men who make her feel safe. She goes on about how Eric was so protective of her and she was so dependant on him. She recalls how he told her to “move on with her life if anything happened to him.” (Uh-oh, wonder where this is going?) She goes on that she had thought that Eric would come out of the coma and that things would be the way they used to be, but now she’s not so sure. Owen inputs how that’s scary, isn’t it? Donna gazes up at the stars, how vast it all is, and how it makes her feel insignificant. But Eric made her feel significant. Owen takes her by the arms and informs her that she’s the only star in the sky for him!

Eric’s Office: Forresters
Taylor doesn’t downplay Pam’s actions, but reminds them all that she’s family. Stephanie says Pam’s coming to LA to be with them gave her the family she’d always wanted. The kids wonder then why did she do this to Dad?? Taylor explains that it was all logical to Pam in her mental state, to take revenge of sorts on the two people who had hurt her sister, Stephanie… poisoning Eric and framing Donna. Stephanie continues to feel horrible about not being aware of her sister’s mental health.

Big Bear: Owen & Donna
The stargazing continues, with Owen standing closely behind Donna, rubbing her arms and hugging her now & then. He tells her he’s ready to go when she is. Donna muses that she’s waiting for something… she tells Owen that thank you isn’t really enough for all he’s done, but Owen says it is. Donna continues that she’s sure Eric’s spirit is grateful too. Owen thinks she’s waiting for a message from Eric. Donna realizes that’s silly. They see a shooting star which Donna is sure is a sign from Eric that life is meant to be lived and loved… close-up on Donna’s lips, then Donna’s and Owen’s eyes… they kiss…

Doctor’s Office: Nick & Katie
Katie asks Nick if he’s okay with this. He agrees Bridget has to be told. Katie starts rhapsodizing about how their lives have this guiding force of love and understanding. She doesn’t know how, but she just knows they’ll get through this and Bridget will accept things… especially since someday she’ll be raising this child with Nick.

Doctor’s Office: Nick & Katie
Nick corrects Katie… someday the three of them will be raising this child, right?? Katie reminds him she takes lots of drugs just to stay alive, and while she’s determined to live 6 more months and have the baby, after that… well, they need to be realistic. She wants to see her baby grow but accepts that she might not. But that’s okay, because she knows and trusts Nick to be there for the baby, and if not with her, then with Bridget. Nick relents and promises he’ll tell Bridget tomorrow.

Big Bear: Owen & Donna
Owen and Donna are still kissing. Owen marvels that he almost lost her. But he saved her, Donna reminds him. Owen thanks Marcus for that, since he got him out of jail. He points out that he and Marcus have something in common, they both love her. Donna sighs that they’d better go, her arms releasing Owen… and she notices her wedding/engagement ring (whatever the huge yellow stone is) and pauses. Owen asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine. She says she’ll keep praying for Eric and Owen encourages her to keep it up, it just might work.

Eric’s Hospital Room: Stephanie at Eric’s Bedside
Stephanie is alone at Eric’s bedside, holding his hand and apologizing for the part she feels she played in his condition. She muses that his kindness brought Pam to town, and she hopes that he could forgive what happened. She believes he could, since he always said good could come from anything. She says she would do anything to bring him back… and she won’t rest until he is back. She lays her head down and we see Eric’s eyes moving rapidly under closed lids.

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