B&B Friday Update 8/29/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/29/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Pam holds Donna at gun point at Big Bear. Donna flashes back to all the encounters she’s had with Pam. Pam warned her several times to leave Eric alone or at some point she was going to take her to “her dark place”. She remembers Pam saying she was bi-polar and had borderline personality disorder. Donna realizes Pam is responsible for everything. She accuses Pam of poisoning Eric and attacking her.

Owen calls Marcus from the police car as he’s speeding up to Big Bear. He tells Marcus Donna is in danger. He says it was Pam. Marcus is confused. Owen tells him he saw the police report and knows it had to be Pam’s lemon bars, since she uses nutmeg. He says he’s been trying to call Donna’s cell with no luck. Marcus says she’s safe, since she’s headed to Big Bear. Owen tells him Pam’s on the way there. Marcus looks scared.

Pam continues to hold Donna at gun point and tells her it’s all her fault. She wouldn’t let Eric go. You’ve hurt my sister and I can’t let it continue. She says she didn’t mean to hurt Eric.

Marcus is with Steffy, Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie at the Forrester’s. They overhear Marcus’ conversation and want to know what’s going on. Marcus relays what Owen said to him and calls Pam crazy. Stephanie quickly defends her sister. Ridge reminds her Pam is off her meds and they don’t know what she might do. Brooke says they have to stop her. Steffy says Owen is on the way. She can’t believe Pam would poison her grandfather. Ridge remembers Pam coming in with a tray and giving his dad a lemon bar. He tells them about the incident and says it’s the same day Eric had the heart attack. Stephanie looks more concerned. Stephanie pulls out her cell phone and says she’ll call the cabin. Marcus tells her he’s tried with no luck. Ridge says he’ll bring the truck around. They all follow him out the door.

Owen speeds along in the police car with lights flashing. He says out loud to himself, “Hang on Donna”.

Pam rambles to Donna about how she just wouldn’t let Eric go. Donna tells her she knows she didn’t mean to hurt Eric. Pam cries and tells her of course not. She never meant for it to go this far. She just wanted Eric to be a little insecure about performing, since that’s all they had was sex. She just wanted him to go back to what he had with Stephanie. Pam says she loved Eric. She always wanted what Stephanie had, a marriage, family, kids etc. She says Donna ruined it all. She can’t let her get away with it. Donna tells Pam that Stephanie wouldn’t want her to do this. Pam gets really agitated and tells her not to talk about Stephanie. She cocks the trigger and aims at Donna. Donna screams and reaches for the door. When the door opens, there’s a bear right outside the door. Donna stands frozen and Pam comes up behind her and hits her in the head with the butt of the gun. Donna falls out in the doorway.

Ridge, Brooke, Steffy, Marcus and Stephanie speed up to Big Bear. Brooke and Marcus continue trying to call the cabin and Donna’s cell.

Pam has tied Donna to a chair, where she’s still knocked out. Pam pours bottles of honey all over Donna. Donna comes to and asks Pam what she’s doing. Pam tells her she’s right. She can’t shoot her, since it’d be too obvious. She and Stephanie would be the top suspects. It’d be better for it to be a freak accident. Donna tells Pam she’s not thinking straight because of the guilt about Eric. Pam snarls at Donna that she’s the one that should feel guilty for stealing Stephanie’s husband and firing her kids. The whole time she’s talking she continues to pour honey on Donna. Donna tries to convince her she won’t tell the police if she lets her go. Pam says Donna is just trying to trick her. Pam picks up the rifle and heads for the door. Donna begs her not to open the door as she struggles to free herself from the ropes.

Owen finally sees the Big Bear sign…..

Donna tells Pam she’s not a murderer. Eric could come out of this. Pam tells Donna she had plenty of opportunities to make things right, but didn’t. Donna continues to struggle against the ropes. Pam rambles on about how she just wants to protect Stephanie, since she didn’t for years. She was tormented to watch Stephanie suffer at the hands of their father. Donna begs her again not to open the door. Donna is terrified. Pam walks over and opens the door, where the bear is still right there. The bear comes in the door and heads towards Donna. Pam hides on the other side of the room with the gun.

Donna cries and struggles as the bear gets closer. Owen runs in and yells to distract the bear. He grabs some pots and bangs them. Pam runs out the door. Owen manages to get the bear out the door and shuts and locks the door. He hurries over to untie Donna and tells her she’s safe. She’s crying and hugs him, when she’s free. Pam kneels outside with the gun. She’s a bit out of it and talks to herself. She’s asking for forgiveness and begs Eric to come back. Come back because Stephanie needs him.

Ridge and company arrive at the cabin. Marcus is the first one in. Owen is wiping the honey off Donna. Brooke asks what happened. Owen tells them Pam was there, but ran off while he tried to distract the bear. Steffy says, “Bear?” He explained that Pam tied Donna up and lured the bear in there. Stephanie looks shocked. Everyone huddles around to comfort Donna. Marcus asks where’s Pam, since they could still catch her. Donna tells them Pam confessed to everything, including attacking her and poisoning Eric. The police arrive and Owen tells them about Donna’s attack. The police want to know if they have any idea who did this. Stephanie tells them they believe it’s her sister, Pamela Douglas. Stephanie tells them Pam is under doctor’s care and is off her meds. Marcus holds his mom and tells the police they have to catch her. Stephanie offers to go with them and try to reason with Pam. Brooke encourages them to hurry since Pam’s already put one man in the hospital. Stephanie turns around before leaving to tell Donna she’s sorry.

Ridge says to Owen in amazement that he lied. He confessed to a crime he didnít commit. Pam drugged his father. Owen tells him if he hadn't lied, they would have arrested Donna, and she didn’t do it. Pam made it look like she did. Donna thanks Owen. Ridge admits he had it all wrong. He tells Donna she begged him to believe her. She did everything she could to protect his father and he accuses her of trying to kill him. He apologizes. Donna looks at him with her head on Marcus’ chest, as he holds her.

Brooke walks over to Steffy and Marcus and tells him his instincts were right. He says, but not about Owen. Steffy looks at her dad and says we all misjudged him and not just him. “Right dad?” Ridge agrees and apologizes to Marcus for not letting go of his belief. He thanks Marcus. Steffy and Marcus step outside for air. Ridge reminds them to stay close since Pam still out there. Ridge is with Brooke. He tells her everything will be okay. She agrees that thanks to Owen, Donna will be fine.

Steffy holds Marcus by the hand and tells him one good thing came out of all of this. At least her dad knows what a great guy he is now. She puts Marcus’ arms around her and tells him it’s great Donna is okay. Marcus tells her he’s sorry about her grandfather and about her grandmother. Steffy teases him about being a big hero. He says that would be Owen. Steffy reaches up to kiss him and says, “Not to me. You’re my hero.” She kisses him deeply.

Donna is in the bedroom with Owen, where she’s cleaned up and changed clothes. She’s on the phone and tells the police she’ll fill out a formal statement. She lets Owen know the charges against him have been dropped and she explained about the police car. Owen is close to her and sees she’s shivering. He pulls her close. Donna stays for a moment, but pulls away. She says she’s going to dry her hair. Owen tells her he doesn’t want her out of his sight. She sits on the bed and tells him she can’t believe he showed up and saved her life. She tells him for the last few months it seems he’s always there when she needs him. He agrees it’s crazy, but it’s like he’s meant to be there to protect her. He looks at Donna intensely and tells her he almost lost her tonight. It makes you realize what’s important. He tells her she’s all that matters to him and he’s never going to let her go. He loves her. This was meant to be. He rubs her face. Donna is hesitant, but they kiss. As they lie on the bed and continue slowly kissing, we see Eric is in his hospital bed.  He awakens and says Donna’s name. His eyes flicker open and he repeats Donna’s name.

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