B&B Tuesday Update 8/26/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written By Jera
Pictures by Suzanne

At the jail, Lt. Baker questions Owen. Owen reminds Baker that he confessed, what more does he want? Baker admits he has no more questions for Owen, but someone else does… Stephanie steps in the room and informs Owen that she wants to understand why he would want to kill Eric.

Steffy and Marcus are canoodling in the breezy cabana. Marcus wonders why Owen would want to kill such as wonderful man as Steffy’s grandfather…

Back at Brooke’s house, Beth is telling Stephen how she can’t believe anyone would want to do such a horrible thing… poor Donna, she’s glad they are all together to support her. Stephen asks if “they” really are… “together.” Beth regrets the problems they had in the past, & blames forces beyond their control. Stephen muses that he could never measure up to Eric. Beth points out that she married him. Stephen says all he ever wanted was to be #1 in her heart.

In Eric’s office, Brooke hugs her sister. Donna admits she saw Owen at the jail and is convinced he’s innocent.

Stephanie pressures Owen to admit he and Donna are in this together.

Beth wonders if people really get a second chance. Stephen reminds her that their daughters need them. He wants them to be together but he won’t push. Beth confesses she can’t remember everything, but can feel that Stephen has changed. Stephen declares that there is nothing hanging over their head anymore.

Steffy claims Marcus is the family hero for figuring out everything about Owen. Marcus blames himself for bringing Owen to town… he is one evil dude. Steffy reassures Marcus, but he worries that Owen has gotten into his mom’s head, big-time.

Brookes asks why Owen confessed if he’s not guilty? Donna confesses that it’s because he loves her. Brooke is skeptic, but Donna says she’s convinced of his sincerity. Donna starts going through the files in Eric’s desk, looking for clues. Pammy enters and declares that Donna should be in jail along with her partner in crime.

Stephanie accuses Owen of being Donna’s lover, but he denies it was more than business. Stephanie points out that Donna is sexy, clever… and now very rich, surely something more than “business” was going on. Owen maintains that Donna is not guilty. Stephanie orders him to tell the police that he and Donna are in it together… because that’s the truth!

Steffy tells Marcus that as soon as her grandfather wakes up she’s gonna give him a big hug & kiss… then tell him all Marcus did. Marcus shows his “aw shucks” side… he’s no hero. Steffy maintains that there’s a whole list of people who disagree. Of course his mom is #1 on the list, but could she be #2? Marcus admits she’s hard to refuse. Steffy has an idea to help them relax & forget the drama. Marcus hopes it’s not yoga. Steffy tells him to hold her hands and close his eyes… they stand there awhile then both peek and laugh.

Stephen is so happy that for the first time he has no secret issues with Eric. He has no power, and Stephen is not longer a victim. Beth is happy to hear this. Stephen says although they lost their son, they still have their daughters. Beth agrees that they need him, and so does she. They kiss.

Pammy goes on a Donna-bashing tirade. Brooke informs the secretary that she’s out of line. Donna continues looking for clues, and becomes frustrated. Pammy says of course there are no clues, you and your pal Owen did it. Donna declares that Owen no more drugged Eric than Pammy did(!). Pammy wonders why Donna would want to help Owen? Brooke explains that Donna doesn’t believe he’s guilty. Why would he confess, if they are working together?

Stephanie asks if Donna’s not guilty, why were those pills found in her drawer? Owen says he put them there, then spins a tale about how he wanted Eric out of the way, but Donna would not turn to him, even with Eric in a coma. Stephanie informs Owen that he’s not a very good con man. She accuses Owen of protecting Donna, and she thinks they are both guilty. And if this is true, they will both pay… Stephanie swears it!

Steffy feels guilty for being so happy, and tells Marcus how he helps her forget all the drama. Marcus teases her, he’s just a distraction? Steffy declares that he’s the best kind… he’s an angel. Marcus protests, an angel with tattoos? Steffy tells him that he’s different from anybody else she’s ever met. She tells him she doesn’t trust easily, but she feels lucky to have him. Marcus thinks he’s the lucky one. He marvels how he came to town looking for his mom, and after finding her, he found Steffy, too.

Owen wearily repeats that he’s told all. Stephanie insists that he did not act alone. Owen maintains that Donna loves Eric… Stephanie just wants her to be guilty. Stephanie counters that she wants justice, and believes they are both equally guilty. Baker enters, announcing that time’s up. Stephanie parts with the warning that she still thinks they are in it together… and she’ll prove it… “Trust me!”

Donna admits defeat in looking for paperwork clues. She tells Brooke that somebody planted the drugs, but it wasn’t Owen. She repeats that he took the blame for her, sacrificed himself for her. Brooke reminds Donna that this is the same man who took Felicia’s offer, so she should not trust him. Donna repeats that Owen was soooo sincere. Brooke thinks maybe he’s just a really good con man? Donna asks what would the point be? He’s in jail, to save her! And, the real criminal is out there! She has to find… then Donna has a mid-thought epiphany… she knows who tried to kill Eric!

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