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Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna is at the police station with Owen. He’s still trying to convince her he didn’t try to kill Eric. She’s not hearing it. She berates him about how much she trusted him, but now she’ll see him behind bars.

Katie and Nick are in the exam room, where the doctor has left them to review the pamphlet about high risk pregnancy. Katie refuses to discuss the possibility of terminating the pregnancy. She insists to Nick the baby will be fine. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it either, but the doctor wouldn’t have introduced the idea of termination if everything was safe. He tells her having this baby could be fatal for her and he’s not going to let that happen.

Rick is sitting at Eric’s bedside, where he appears to be very worried and near tears. He’s holding Eric’s hand, when Stephanie comes in. She sits beside Rick and strokes his back. Rick tells her Bridget brought him up to date on what happened. Stephanie says she feels responsible for Eric’s situation, since she sat back noble and supportive of his marriage to Donna. Rick quickly interjects that Donna had nothing to do with this. Owen was arrested. Stephanie lets him know she doesn’t believe he acted alone.

Lt. Baker is eating a hotdog in his office, looking at Owen’s statement. Charlie comes in with a salad and shakes his head at his dad. He can’t understand why his dad is looking for more, when Owen confessed. It’s a “slam dunk”. He says it’s almost too good to believe. Lt. Baker says that’s the problem. He has more questions about Donna’s relationship with Owen Knight.

Owens tells Donna she knows he couldn’t have done this. She is still very angry and tells him she hates him. She was a fool to trust him. She says she could be responsible for the man she loves being in this condition. She’s the one that brought Owen into their lives. Owen listens to her rant with a hurt expression.

Charlie continues to question his dad about why Owen’s story doesn’t make sense to him. Lt. Baker says it doesn’t add up. “Why would Owen plant the capsules in the drawer of the woman he supposedly loves?” Charlie says he’s still working on that.

Rick asks Stephanie why anyone would do this to his father. She thinks it’s for the money. Rick tells her he’s sorry, but he has to go to work. She tells him that’s okay, she’ll stay with Eric. When he leaves, Stephanie moves in next to Eric’s bed. She tells Eric if only love alone could bring him back. She apologizes to him for what’s happened. She promises to make whoever did this to him pay.

Owen tells Donna if he did this, he deserves to pay. She agrees. He tries to convince her the person that did this is still out there and could have her in their sites. Donna isn’t buying any of it and thinks he’s trying to scare her into being dependent on him. He’s even more adamant, when he tells her he can’t protect her and neither can Eric. She needs to protect herself.

Katie tells Nick nothing will happen to her. She wasn’t supposed to live and now she’s pregnant. God wouldn’t have her go through all of this for it to end now. Nick says losing her isn’t an option. She grabs his hands and tells him very seriously to have some faith. Nick looks doubtful.

Lt. Baker has downed a Coke and moved on to a chocolate covered donut, when Charlie comes back. He sees Lt. Baker still has Owen’s report. He reminds his dad Owen confessed. Lt. Baker says it just doesn’t make sense. Charlie says, “It’s a confession!” Lt. Baker tells him it could be something else. Charlie wants to know what else it could be. Lt. Baker says a cover up.

Pam has joined Stephanie in Eric’s room. Stephanie brings her up to speed on Eric being poisoned, which induced the heart attack. Pam is shocked and wonders who could do something like this to Eric. She immediately says it had to be the “hot tamale”, Donna. She wants to know if they’ve arrested her. Stephanie explains about Owen being arrested, even though they found the potassium capsules in Donna’s drawer. Pam is confused. Stephanie tells her she thinks they’re in it together.

Donna doesn’t believe anything Owen says. He admits to her he’s scared, because he’s never been in jail before. He says it’s better him than her. She’s not giving any indication she believes him. He sits dejectedly at the table. He tells Donna whoever planted the capsules is trying to frame her. They won’t stop. He encourages her to get some help from Marcus, who’s smart and loves her. He even suggests Brooke, but Donna cuts him off. She wants to know why he’s saying these things. She thinks he’s trying to confuse her. Owen begs her to listen to what he’s telling her. He reminds her he was the one that wanted to keep Eric on the vent, so why would he have tried to kill him only to keep him alive. He also asks why he would plant the pills, but later confess. He pleads with her to think about how own safety.

Nick tells Katie he’s filled with faith, but the pamphlet is a reality. Katie tells him she doesn’t want to terminate the pregnancy. Nick doesn’t want this either, but wonders about something happening to her. He doesn’t get to finish, because Katie says it won’t. He says she doesn’t know that. Katie tells him if it does, he can raise the child with Bridget. Nick very quickly dismisses this suggestion. Katie tells him Bridget would do it, because of the type of person she is. She goes on to tell Nick she doesn’t want to die; she has a lot of live for. This child is a part of him and may be the only part she’ll ever have. Nick looks at her intently.

Katie tries to persuade Nick this could all work out for the best. She wants him to promise her to give it a chance. He jokes about there being something easier he could do. Reluctantly he agrees to go along with it, but tells her any complications and it ends. She says there won’t be. She says she has his love and support and that’s enough. She reaches out to hug him. Over her shoulder Nick’s face shows his concern.

Stephanie and Pam continue to talk about Donna and Owen being in cahoots. Pam encourages Stephanie to not let this go. She’s “seen things.” She feels Donna and Owen could have planned this. Stephanie says if that’s the case, they’re foolish to think she’d let this go. Stephanie sits at Eric’s bedside and tells him she knows he can hear her. She won’t let him down.

Donna paces around and asks Owen how he could think she’d believe anything he had to say. He’d have to be a liar or crazy to confess to a murder rap to protect her. Owen says the third option is he loves her. She looks skeptical. He compliments her and talks about how much he admires her love for Eric. She tells him to stop talking like that. Why would he sacrifice his life and freedom for a woman he knows has a husband she loves very much. Owen uses this thought to show her what a person is willing to do for the ones they love. Donna is listening, but is still uncertain of what to believe.

Owen reminds her about the break-in and how someone ransacked her bedroom. She recalls and gets a frightened look on her face. She nervously grabs her head and says he’s telling the truth and shouldn’t be there. Owen tells her none of this matters; he wants her to be safe. He tells her to make some phone calls before leaving the station. With his cuffed hands, he grabs Donna’s hand to enforce what he’s saying. The guard has been outside and tells him to let her go. He comes in and grabs Owen to remove him. As he’s being led away, Owen continues to tell Donna to be careful. He wants her to get someone to stay at the house with her. Donna is now really nervous and scared. She’s in tears and almost faints. It’s sinking in what Owen has been saying. She sits alone in the room with a terrified look.

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