B&B Friday Update 8/22/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/22/08


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At the Forrester’s, Brooke, Marcus, Bridget, Owen, Donna, Stephanie, Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge are gathered. Lt. Baker and Charlie have Donna by the arms and are leading her out to question her about Eric. Owen tells them to let her go. She didn’t poison Eric, he did. Donna turns around and looks at him, shocked. Both Ridge and Thorne lunge for Owen as Ridge accuses him of putting his father in a coma. Lt. Baker and Charlie separate them. Owen says he put the potassium in the gin and hid the capsules in Donna’s drawer like Marcus said he did. Donna asks him how he could do this. Marcus reminds Owen his mother trusted him. Felicia accuses him of trying to kill Eric for Donna. She calls him a greedy little weasel. Stephanie tells the police to get him out of there. Charlie leads Owen out as Donna looks on dumbfounded. At the door, Owen turns around to look at Donna.

Katie is at the hospital for a check up with her OB/GYN. The doctor reminds her she’ll have to be closely monitored if she plans to carry the baby to term. Katie asks the doctor to make sure her case is kept strictly confidential since her niece works at the hospital. The doctor assures her the staff is very professional. Katie tells her that is good. Katie goes to the door, and Nick comes in undercover with a hat and sunglasses. The doctor is surprised to see him. Katie tells her Nick is the baby’s father. The doctor is even more surprised.

Stephen is with Beth when Donna calls upset. She quickly tells them that Eric’s heart attack may have been induced. They tell her they’re on their way over. Brooke hugs Donna. Felicia chimes in, “great, more Logans on the way”. Brooke reminds her Eric is Donna’s husband. Felicia tells her it’s her father and, if it wasn’t for Donna and her vicious guard dog, Eric wouldn’t be in a coma. Ridge tries to get her to back off by telling her they’re all in shock. Thorne accusingly says to Marcus he should have said something if he suspected something was wrong. Felicia wants to know why he didn’t say anything, also. Bridget defends him and says he needed proof. Marcus says now they have a confession and Owen won’t get away with it. Felicia is sarcastic and says this won’t help her father. Brooke is speechless at how vicious Felicia is being. Stephanie stands up from where she’s been, quiet on the couch. She points her finger at Donna and says it’s her fault Eric is in the hospital. Donna reminds her Owen confessed. Stephanie grits her teeth and says she doesn’t care Owen confessed, she doesn’t believe he was involved. Stephanie says Donna is responsible for bringing Owen into their lives, their company and this house. Owen did this to Eric and she guesses he did it for Donna. Donna looks at her in stunned silence.

Katie and Nick explain to the doctor they haven’t told Bridget anything about the baby to see if they get through the first trimester. The doctor reminds them about the risks to heart transplant patients. The doctor tells them she’s not doing a sonogram, but does listen to the baby’s heartbeat. It’s strong, and she says things look good so far.

Brooke tells Stephanie how dare she lay this on Donna. Marcus moves in close to his mother and repeats Owen confessed. They should be mad at him and not Donna. Thorne moves in with Stephanie to say Donna gave Owen access. Donna tries to tell them she didn’t know what Owen was capable of and she’s still shocked. Marcus says his mom’s the victim. Stephanie continues to blame Donna and says she thinks Donna and Owen are in this together.

At the police station, Owen is lead into the interview room. He tells the Bakers he confessed and there’s no need for anymore questions. Lt. Baker says to humor him. Owen tells him he doesn’t need a lawyer to just give him a pen and paper. Lt. Baker asks Owen about his paralegal background. Owen tells him he also did legal investigation. Lt. Baker doesn’t believe Owen did it and tells him they had no evidence to connect him to the crime. He confessed when they focused on Donna. Lt. Baker says he’s curious to know what Owen’s relationship is with “Mrs. Forrester”.

Brooke tells Stephanie to stop thinking whatever it is she’s thinking. Stephanie tells her look who stands to gain. Eric’s in a coma, and her children have been forced out of their own company. Bridget says Donna loves her father and wouldn’t hurt him. Stephanie says Donna has already hurt him from the time she came into his life. She talks about Eric making bad decisions, including ending their marriage. She asks Donna if Owen is her lover. Donna gets angry and tells her she’s 100% committed to Eric. She goes on to say if not for her, Eric wouldn’t even be alive. Felicia says that’s true because with him alive she has the power of attorney. If Eric dies, everything is split amongst them. Donna looks horrified. Marcus and Brooke both say Donna and everyone would be devastated if Eric died. Stephen and Beth arrive. Donna runs up and puts her arms around her dad. She tells them more details about Eric being poisoned. Bridget explains about potassium triggering a heart attack. Beth is shocked and asks who would do such a thing. Stephen wants to know if the police have any clues. Ridge tells him they have arrested a suspect - Owen. Stephanie still insists there’s more going on. Donna tells her father Stephanie thinks she’s involved. Stephen approaches Stephanie and tells her to leave his daughter alone since they want to blame anything that happens personally or professionally on Donna. Donna runs out the door as they all watch.

The doctor tells Nick and Katie she is coordinating with the transplant doctor. He’s of course concerned about Katie’s health. She tells Katie this could jeopardize her life. She might not be able to carry the baby to term. The doctor hands them a pamphlet about high risk pregnancy. She tells them to look it over and she’ll answer any questions.

Lt. Baker continues to quiz Owen about where he got the potassium. He tells Owen he doesn’t show enough emotion and wants to know what his motive was. Owen is quick to volunteer it was greed. He came to LA and got caught up in this life. He fell for Donna and wanted Eric out of the way. He planned to make his move on Donna after Eric was dead. Lt. Baker doesn’t believe his story. He and Charlie walk out and leave Owen talking.

Stephanie continues to blame Donna. Stephen tells her she’ looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one. Beth says she’ll go after Donna. Marcus volunteers since he says if he continues to listen to this trash, he’ll hurt someone. Stephanie tells him someone should make sure he doesn’t leave the property. Bridget says if Marcus was in on it, why would he have her check Eric’s blood? Felicia says Owen is a paralegal and he would know how to create reasonable doubt.

Marcus is pacing outside the door when Steffy comes up. She asks why all the cars are there. Marcus tells her about Owen poisoning her grandfather. Steffy is shocked. He tells her this is what he had been working on.

Donna arrives at the station and is let in to see Owen. She looks at him angrily.

Nick and Katie discuss the pamphlet. Katie tells him she’s been reading and it’s not impossible for her to have a baby. Nick tells her she just had surgery and is still recovering. He tells her they need to talk about this before there’s a crisis. Nick tells her it’s not just high risk for the baby but dangerous for her, too. He looks at her seriously and rubs her hair. They hug.

Marcus and Steffy continue to discuss Owen’s arrest. Inside, Brooke asks why they’re attacking Donna if the man that caused the problem is under arrest. Ridge asks if getting information from Owen about how much potassium he used would be helpful to Eric. Bridget explains that knowing what the poison was would be helpful. However, it wasn’t that easy to change anything for Eric.

Donna yells at Owen she thought he was her friend and she trusted him. He tells her she shouldn’t be there because people will think she’s involved. He tells her he didn’t do it. He took the fall for her. He knows she could never hurt Eric and neither could he. He wants them to believe he did it to protect her. He was defending her. He tells Donna whoever wanted Eric dead is still out there and that scares him. What else could this person do? As he’s talking to her about the person still being out there, they flash to Jackie, Beth, Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie, Stephen, Marcus, Felicia and Pam……..

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