B&B Thursday Update 8/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written By Jera Shadowdancer
Pictures by Suzanne

Donna, Marcus, Owen & Bridget are at the Forrester mansion where we left them yesterday. Donna asks in a shocked tone, “Eric was drugged??” Someone tried to kill him? Marcus grits his teeth and declares not just someone… him! Owen looks vaguely worried.

Stephen and Beth arrive at Eric’s office to take Donna out to lunch. Stephen mutters bitterly about what Eric cost his family… what he lost to him! Beth points out that Eric made Donna happy. Stephen counters that who knows how long that would have lasted. Beth is disturbed by Stephen’s talking as if Eric were already dead.

Eric’s Hospital Room
Stephanie is holding vigil over the comatose Eric. Dr. Seifert (who Stephanie brought from Europe because he is one of the leading experts in the world on coma recovery) enters and asks how Eric is doing. Steph can see no change, and asks the doctor about his progress. Dr. Seifert admits that Eric has a very strong will to live, or else he would not have survived this long. Stephanie asks for a realistic assessment… is there any hope? Dr. Seifert cautions her that this is a frustrating condition that is impossible to predict. Stephanie wants straight talk about “her husband’s” chances... he would not want to be kept alive indefinitely by a machine. Dr. Seifert tells her he is slow to give up hope, being a religious man, but maybe they could unplug Eric and see what happens. If he doesn’t start breathing on his own, they could restart the machine. He assures her she doesn’t have to decide immediately, but that compromise may be the hope she’s looking for. He leaves and Stephanie settles back in for the long haul, holding Eric’s hand tenderly.

Forrester Creations Hallway
Ridge, Thorne & Felicia ask Brooke (who just arrived at Forrester) where Donna is so they can make nice. Brooke tells them Eric’s heart attack may not have been an accident.

Forrester Mansion
Back at the Forrester mansion, Owen angrily denies Marcus’ accusations. Donna asks if Bridget is sure Eric was drugged. Bridget is sure alright… there was waaaaaay too much potassium in Eric’s blood. Marcus gets in Owen’s face & they start fighting just as the police arrive (hi, Charlie, swoooon!). It’s a good thing Bridget called Lt. Baker & Charlie on her way over! Marcus dramatically accuses Owen of trying to kill Eric Forrester!

Forrester Creations: Eric’s Office
Stephen insists that even if Eric were to recover, eventually he would return to Stephanie and break Donna’s heart. Beth thinks maybe it was a mistake to come here, to Eric’s office. Stephen chills a bit and declares there’s nothing Eric can do to his family any more…

Forrester Creations Hallway
Stephanie has been magically transported to Forrester Creations to join in the conversation with Brooke, Ridge, Felicia & Thorne. She asks in shocked tones if someone tried to kill Eric?? Brooke says the results are not in yet, and it may be nothing. Felicia claims Donna has always been after Eric’s money. Brooke reveals Marcus’ suspicions about Owen & his gin gift, and how he wouldn’t let Donna drink any of it. Stephanie wonders eagerly if Owen and Donna are in on it together?! Felicia is sure that must be it. Ridge risks whiplash agreeing that Donna has to be a part of it!

The Forrester Mansion
Lt. Baker questions Bridget, who tells him this could not have been accidental, she has the tox report handy for Charlie. The fact that Owen gave Eric a bottle of gin is discussed, & how Eric lost consciousness about an hour after drinking a martini made with that very same gin. Lt. Baker wants the bottle but Marcus informs him that Owen got rid of the evidence. Donna says while Owen kept her from having a drink (from that bottle), it was true that she did not need that, just a good night’s sleep. But it is true that Owen poured it down the drain rather than just putting it away. Baker wants to search the house… Donna gives her okay and looks suspiciously at Owen.

Forrester Creations Hallway
Brooke reminds the Forrester siblings how they were ready to make peace, now this 180? Bridget calls Brooke to give her the news that the toxicology report confirms their fears. The Sibs are grim… someone tried to kill Dad! Not just someone, Felicia hisses… Donna and Owen!! Everyone leaves for the Forrester Mansion.

Forrester Creations: Eric’s Office
Beth hopes that Eric comes out of his coma soon, for Donna’s sake. Stephen recalls walking in on Eric & Donna making love on the office couch. Stephen whines about Eric being a thorn in his side… but no more… he can’t hurt me or my family ever again!!

Forrester Mansion
While the search is being conducted, Owen sit on the living room couch and makes sympathetic noises at Donna. Marcus comes in with a glass of water and gets mad. Brooke, Stephanie, and the Forrester sibs enter and start hurling accusations at Donna. Donna is aghast and appalled.

Stephen apologizes to Beth for his ranting. He is glad to have his happy home with his family. He tells Beth that he never stopped loving her. Now he’s free to be the man she needs him to be, & he plans to hold her and never let her go. They kiss.

Forrester Mansion
Donna is outraged by all the accusations. Marcus defends his mother and accuses Owen… Felicia especially should know what a low-life he is! Lt. Baker suggests they leave the police work to, um, I don’t know, the police? The sibs ignore him and rant on. Charlie comes downstairs with some of Donna’s unmentionables & a mysterious vial. Bridget says the “numbers” indicate that it’s potassium chloride! Donna denies any knowledge of anything but unmentionables in that drawer. Well, they’ll check for fingerprints at the police station but this is enough evidence to haul Donna downtown. She’s being dragged out kicking and screaming when Owen suddenly pipes up, confessing that he was the one who poisoned Eric, not Donna! Everyone freezes with their mouths hanging open... except Owen whose expression can only be described as calculating...

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