B&B Thursday Update 8/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Beth and Stephen show up at Forresters' to take Donna to lunch. She’s not there, so they wait. Stephen laments how much Eric has cost his family. The man took Beth away from him, then Brooke and now Donna. But he’s in a coma now, there is nothing to be bitter or scared of, he can’t harm them anymore. Beth reminds Stephen that Eric has made their daughter very happy. He agrees for now, but eventually he’d break Donna’s heart when he goes running back to Stephanie as always. Stephen realizes he is coming off as bitter, but says he has reason. She pouts slightly and makes a point that they were having such a good time.

Stephanie sits by Eric’s bedside. The European specialist she has sent for comes in and she asks about the prognosis. She thinks he has been here long enough to come to some conclusion and asks that he be realistic. Vaguely he tells her that many people give up too soon. Comas are very frustrating when they become lengthy, but there is no way to predict what might happen. And unfortunately she can not will Mr. Forrester to recover. She was hoping to hear something a little more definitive. She wonders will they know when it’s time. Eric definitely would not want to be kept alive by machines. The doctor suggests they take him off the ventilator. He will be closely monitored and if that doesn’t help, they will put him back on the machine. It isn’t something she has to do immediately. She returns to her spot by the bed, lovingly holding Eric’s hand up to her face as she ponders what to do.

At the office, flanked by Felicia and Thorne, Ridge tells Brooke of his decision to make amends with Donna. Brooke has to tell them she was just at the hospital and Eric’s attack didn’t just happen, something triggered it. This might be a wild goose chase, but Bridget is testing the blood to see if someone might have tried to kill Eric. Marcus thinks it was Owen. Felicia adds she is sure Donna is also behind it. Brooke will not listen to them talk about her sister that way. She admits Owen may have drugged Eric, but she knows her sister was in no way involved. Felicia points out that Owen has no control over the company, only Donna does. That’s enough for Ridge. He charges that Donna must be part of it.

Owen staunchly defends himself to Marcus and Donna that he didn’t do this. He did not try to kill Eric. Marcus insists he is the only one who could have done it. Donna wants to know if Bridget is sure that Eric was drugged. Bridget answers that yes, they found potassium and it’s in everybody’s blood, but Eric’s was flooded with it. Too much can make your heart race and cause cardiac arrest. They all argue and Marcus throws a punch at Owen sending him to the floor. At that moment Lt. Baker and son, Charlie, arrive and insist on knowing what’s going on. Bridget tells everyone that she called the police on her way over. Marcus is glad and says they should have been called. He points his finger at Owen and tells Baker that this man tried to kill Mr. Forrester.

Stephen tells Beth that he is sorry. Of course she is right, there is nothing for him to be upset with. The man is in a coma and there is no more he can do to them. Beth states that she for one hopes Eric comes out of this all right, as Donna needs her husband. Stephen shares that he walked in on them once in this office. In the middle of the work day, they were having sex right there on the couch. She points out they are in love. Stephen insists it is not a sight a father soon forgets. And there are other bad memories, but Beth doesn’t want to get into it. He admits that is all in the past, and he can’t let it get to him. Eric has been such a thorn in his side for so long, but not any more. He tells Beth, “he can’t hurt me and he can’t hurt my family.” He states that he’s ruining it. He’s allowing this big dark cloud to hang over his head. She replies that it just seems a surprise as he has managed to become a completely different person. He says yes they both have. It’s because they are home with their beautiful family. He confesses that he has never stopped loving her, not after all these years. He maintains that when he is with her, he feels free……free to be the man she has always wanted him to be….the kind of man she deserves….the man who wants to take her in his arms and hold her and never ever let her go. They share a kiss.

Bridget turns over her toxicology report to Lt. Baker and explains there is no way to positively prove how that much potassium got into Eric’s system. Marcus gives his theory, and Donna has to admit that it was about an hour later after Eric drank the martini that he just collapsed unconscious in bed. Baker asks about the bottle and Marcus is only too happy to add that Owen poured out the gin and got rid of the bottle…..very convenient. Baker surmises that Owen has free reign of the house, so this theory is very compelling but without the gin bottle they need to look around. This can not be pinned on Owen or anyone else without some evidence. Donna agrees to the search. If her husband was drugged, she needs answers.

Bridget calls Brooke and confirms the toxicology reports. Eric’s system was drugged. In turn Brooke tells the family, and Felicia repeats again that it had to be Owen and Donna. They all rush to the house to be there with the police. They walk in and Donna tells them don’t start anything. Stephanie states that Donna is responsible in some way. Felicia tells her not to play dumb just because her plan didn’t work. Donna is shocked that they would believe that she actually drugged Eric. This is ridiculous and how dare them try to say she did! Marcus defends her. It was Owen. And Felicia, of all people, should know what a low-life Owen is. Brooke thanks Lt. Baker for saying they should just leave the detective work to the police.

As they argue back and forth, Charlie bounds down the stairs holding some lingerie and another small packet of plastic. Lt. Baker looks at it and asks Bridget if she recognizes it. She does and says by the numbers on it, looks to be potassium chloride…..the drug in her father’s system and not easily traced. Charlie says he found it in the lingerie drawer upstairs. Donna denies that she knows anything about it although it is her lingerie drawer. Stephanie asks if this is enough to arrest Donna. Ridge announces he wants her out. Marcus is livid; it can’t be his mother. It was Owen, he must have planted it.

Baker says they will run fingerprints on it, but in the meantime he needs to take Mrs. Forrester in for more questioning. She struggles amid innocent protests, but Charlie grabs her by the arm and starts carting her out. Owen blurts out to leave her alone. She is right. She didn’t do it. He is the one they want. He tried to kill Eric Forrester.

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