B&B Tuesday Update 8/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the office, Marcus continues trying to convince Brooke that Owen might have poisoned Eric with the gift bottle of gin. She tells him she wants him to think about this as those are serious accusations. And he did agree with Donna not to take Eric off the respirator so he did not want Eric to die. Marcus nods, but that was just to throw everyone off. It depends on what Owen is after in the long run. Marcus states that he is at the house now so he’s heading there to look after his mom.

In Eric’s room, Bridget listens as Ridge fairly beats up on himself for pulling the plug on his dad. He knows now he could have killed him. He tells his comatose dad that he wants him to know how horrible he feels. If he made a mistake, if he misunderstood then he is sorry. He laments he doesn’t want Eric to die, but he also didn’t want him to suffer either.

Steffy wants Marcus to meet her at the hospital and he tells her he has to take care of something first, then he will be there. She thinks he sounds stressed and he says he will explain later.

At the Forrester’s, Donna is stopped by Owen who asks where is she going. She wants to grab her purse and go somewhere, anywhere, probably the hospital. She can’t just sit there and do nothing. Owen repeats again that she has done everything she possibly can for Eric. She’s made him happy and any man would be happy to be with her. Marcus walks in and finds Owen with his hands around Donna’s waist. He grabs him and pulls him away and tells him to stay away from Donna and then to his mother to stay clear of Owen. Donna doesn’t want Owen to go, but Marcus says if he doesn’t that he’s going to punch him in the face.

Jackie comes to visit Eric and seems surprised to find the room filled with so many. Ridge invites her to come on in and have some time with Eric as visiting hours are not up yet. Alone, she tells Eric that none of this would have happened if he’d made a life with her. It breaks her heart to see him like this….such a strong, vibrant man and a very good friend.

Donna assures Marcus that Owen is protecting her and means no harm. And if it weren’t for Owen, Eric might be dead right now. He kept her from making the biggest mistake of her life. They argue as Marcus wants to throw him out on his ear and Donna doesn’t think he deserves this treatment. She even shows Marcus the dinner that Owen made her. Frantically, he asks if she ate it, is she okay, is she dizzy. He then wants to know where is the bottle of gin that Owen gave Eric at the pool party. She explains that Owen poured it out as she was trying to numb her pain and Owen knew she would be making a mistake, so he poured it out in the upstairs bar.

Marcus gets Donna to admit that Eric took a drink of the martini that night with that gin just before his heart attack. She didn’t, she hates the stuff as it tastes like rubbing alcohol. Marcus surmises that she must have told Owen that as he would not have risked hurting Donna too. Donna asks why is he asking all these questions, it’s making her nervous. He confesses he thinks something was in Eric’s gin. She’s aghast that Marcus would think that Owen would actually poison Eric. She won’t believe it. Marcus says he needs time to prove it and begs her not to tell Owen he is suspected. And if he comes around again, call the police. This is important. Whatever she does, do not let Owen near her.

Brooke tells Ridge that she is going into work today and she hopes he will take the kids to camp. He asks her to let him know if she sees Steffy and Marcus hanging around together. She admits she saw Marcus earlier and she doesn’t think his first priority was Steffy. Marcus sees Steffy briefly at the hospital and he swears he won’t say anything until he knows for sure. He asks Bridget if they can talk in private. He wants her to check her father’s blood. When she says they have, he warns they need to check it for poison. And he fills her in on the pool party and the gift of gin from Owen. She doesn’t want to believe this either, but he begs her just test the blood. The way that Owen has been setting this up, if Eric dies, he can get the widow and the fortune.

Brooke flirts with Ridge and he asks what would he do without her. And why aren’t they married yet. He should have dragged her to the altar when his dad got married. It might have been the last chance to get married with his dad standing right next to him. She tells him it will happen, they will get married and when they do Eric will be right there beside him.

Marcus maps out how Eric was a healthy man until that night. If anyone could deal with family tension, it was Eric. So someone or something pushed him over the edge. He pleads with Bridget that he needs her help. His mom could be in serious danger from Owen. If Marcus is right, then Owen is one sick, vicious man.

Donna realizes that Owen is back in the house. He asks if they are alone. Was Marcus badmouthing him again. He assures her whatever he has done, he has done for her. She can trust him. She says she wants to. Owen sees it is not going to be easy, Marcus has got him wondering about Owen again. Maybe he’s lucky though, maybe he should thank him cause he is lucky to be on the mind of such a beautiful woman. She laughs nervously and he asks if she is going to ask him to leave town again. She answers no. That’s good, he says, as they are a team and not to lose faith in him. They are in this together, he’s right by her side all the way, “ just you and me.”

Marcus sits by Eric and talks over him. He wants to know what Owen did to him. What does he have planned for his mom. Marcus says he is trying to look out for her, but she’s just not getting it. She has trouble seeing the bad in people. Now he’s got Bridget working on it. They are going to stop Owen and then Eric can come back to his mom. He confesses the way Donna loves him and Eric loves her, it’s like she’s never felt like this before…being accepted for who she is. He thanks Eric for loving her and looking out for Marcus too. Now it’s time that he returned that favor.

Marcus turns and sees Bridget and asks what did she find. He asks if he was right about Owen poisoning Eric.

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